Will Steve Bannon Be The Key To Defeating Senator Angus King?

Since being elected to the United States Senate, former Maine Governor Angus King has become a prominent member of the upper chamber. His popularity in Maine goes without saying. Despite not being officially supported by a political party, he was elected twice to Governor in the nineties and then beat out both major parties for U.S. Senate. Given he caucuses with Democrats and is dominantly liberal, he is a target for Republicans and grassroots conservatives alike.

But can he be defeated? With a lack of a serious and credible candidate, not likely.

According to reports, Steve Bannon is setting his sights on Maine, among other states. Bannon is known to be working on various elections across the country, most prominently targeting Republican incumbents who oppose the America First agenda.

Although a LePage is being courted for a candidacy, it is not Governor Paul LePage. Bannon reportedly wants his wife, Ann, to consider running.

Gov. LePage has been speculated for months as a potential candidate. Despite stating he was not going to run, many conservatives continue to urge him to reconsider. His political path is similar to President Donald Trump’s. When Governor LePage first entered the Republican primary in 2009, he was seen as a distant long shot without a chance of succeeding. But he rose to the challenge and not only secured the nomination, but won the gubernatorial election as well.

This made the President and Governor natural allies, and a likely person of interest for Bannon.

But like the President, Gov. LePage has a history of getting himself into trouble with his mouth. His background is in business and not politics, thus making him a stranger to the games politicians play. Journalists despise him and liberals are frequently triggered by him.

Ann LePage has largely avoided getting mixed up in politics and has a more favorable reputation than her husband. In running for office, that could be significant. Could a LePage be the key to defeating Senator King and will Bannon be the difference in either one’s decision?

In some was, it’s fascinating that Bannon is taking an interest in the Maine senatorial election. His stated focus is on Republican incumbents who are complicating the President’s agenda. While Sen. King is no ally of the President, he also isn’t a Republican incumbent.

The opportunity here is enormous for the America First agenda though. Gov. LePage has been an ally of the President and worked hard for him. He shares a number of qualities with the President, including a straight-shooting style that takes no prisoners and pulls no punches.

The Senate has also become increasingly problematic for the President, frustrating both the Trump Administration and House Republicans alike. Bannon could make a difference in defeating Senator Angus King by himself. But in getting a credible replacement for King in the race who aligns politically with the President, it could become a huge difference for the future of the America First agenda.

Will Gov. Paul LePage or his wife Ann LePage enter the race against Senator Angus King?

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


  1. Totally dismissive of Maine State Senator Eric Brakey a Liberty Republican with a proven record of accomplishment. This blog is more about pushing Trump than it is about liberty. Senator Brakey got Constitutional Carry passed for ME and he is exactly the kind of candidate to beat a King.

    • Brakey lacks the name recognition across the state to be a viable candidate for United States Senate. Being a State Senator who throws good soundbites to libertarians on the Internet isn’t enough.

      Paul LePage has staged two statewide upsets when he was viewed as the underdog. Before serving eight years in Augusta, he was a Mayor who also ran a popular Maine business.

      Neither LePage may have the Internet libertarian support, but they do have a better shot in a Maine election.

  2. Perhaps. If so, I’m sure he’ll be replaced with a big government populist so it won’t be an improvement. If he’d like to help replace him with a constitutional conservative then I’m all for it.

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