The Women’s March and sexist assumptions about abortion views


The Women’s March has been an enormous moment in politics and likely will be remembered by history as a prominent moment in political resistance. Across the country and in the nation’s capital, concerned citizens and angered activists are swarming to allow their voices to be heard. Americans are utilizing their right to assemble and speak freely to protest issues that are important to them.

With that said, just because they have the right to free speech doesn’t mean there’s a moral justification to what is being spoken.

The women’s march is presented as a moment of defiance against Republican President Donald Trump, who some perceive as opposed to women’s rights and women in general. This is a claim advanced by a number of factors. The Access Hollywood recording that leaked towards the end of the election cycle is a big part of the reason, in which President Trump can be heard making some crude remarks. Then there is President Trump’s support of an unborn child’s right to life, which many on the left label as being opposed to women.

The hubris of many involved in this movement, as well as the pro-abortion crowd, is astounding. When it is said that opposition to abortion is opposition to women’s rights, it makes a couple of assumptions.

First, that no unborn children are female. By saying opposition to abortion is standing against women, it assumes that only male children are murdered. If it is known that female children are aborted, then this claim only belittles unborn female children. Defense of human rights at that point is even more selectively enforced, which is even more disturbing.

Second, that all women agree on abortion. The arrogant assumption of liberal activists who support abortion is that every female believes one way. It’s a simplistic way to view any group of people, whether it be a specific sex or certain minority.

But given we live in an individualistic society, any group of people is bound to be diverse. The United States is a melting pot of cultures, sexes, sexual orientations, religions, political views, etc. As a result, no one group of people will think the same way. As a result, the assumption that all women believe a certain way is not only ignorant, it’s also sexist.

Similarly, CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill recently described blacks meeting with President Donald Trump as being “mediocre negroes.” Hill arrogantly asserts a standard for helping the black community, which at that point brands the entire race as thinking a certain way. It is inherently racist.

Is it difficult to believe that not all African Americans are liberal progressives? Is it as hard to believe that not all women are leftist abortion supporters who believe they have the right to end an unborn child’s life? An individual’s views and perspectives are more likely dictated by experiences, as opposed to their skin color or genitalia.

The Women’s March would more appropriately be named “Liberal Feminist’s March” because they’re not defending all women. They’re only standing for the progressive agenda and exploiting an entire sex for the purpose of the cause.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


  1. If you want to understand this crap start with Freud and see how his ideas were incorporated by Marxists who see sexualization of the culture as key to an open society. They see children and family as vehicles of oppression and male domination there is no right or wrong only power struggles and power relations just like Marx class warfare by other groups.

  2. I agree but I think you are giving the march way too much credit:

    “The Women’s March has been an enormous moment in politics and likely will be remembered by history as a prominent moment in political resistance.”

    I figure it will be forgotten in a week.

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