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Rand Paul To Join GOP “Civil War”, Support “Constitutional” Candidates In 2018 Republican Primaries

Rand Paul is planning to join the uprising against the establishment by endorsing candidates in the upcoming 2018 Senate primaries, according to a Sunday interview with MSNBC‘s Kasie Hunt. Paul described a “civil war with the GOP”, between establishment elements and those aligned with the Republican grassroots. “I’ll be part of this – I’m going to be involved with primaries around the country,” Paul said, suggesting he will play a role in the 2018 revolt against the Senate establishment. Asked if he would endorse challengers to incumbent Senators, he made clear that he is “not going to be opposing colleagues… Keep Reading

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Rising Liberty Star Eric Brakey Announces Maine US Senate Run

The liberty movement has seen our political momentum stagnate in the past year, and with activist groups all over the country antsy to get back to the work of winning elections it appears a key race for our cause has arisen from the far Northeast, in the old Ron Paul 2012 stronghold of Maine. It is here that state senator Eric Brakey has announced that he is running for US Senate, challenging Independent Angus King for his seat. Brakey will be running on a libertarian platform that has arguably led to his enviable record of winning in traditionally Democrat areas, as he got… Keep Reading

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