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Rand Paul Backs Canadian Truckers, Calls For Trucker Protest In The U.S.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has called for the expansion of the ongoing Canadian trucker protests to the United States in an interview with the conservative media outlet Daily Signal. The libertarian Senator praised the Canadian truckers for their large-scale civil disobedience against the authoritarian vaccine mandates imposed by the government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, adding that “it’d be great” if U.S. truckers followed in their footsteps to protest Joe Biden and the Democrat Governors imposing similar draconian restrictions south of the border. “I’m all for it,” Paul stated. “Civil disobedience is a time-honored tradition in our country, from… Keep Reading

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Rand Paul, Thomas Massie Back D.C. Restaurant For Rejecting Vaccine Mandates

Leading congressional libertarians Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) have showed solidarity with a Washington restaurant which had its liquor license revoked by D.C. authorities for not enforcing COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates by publicly dining there. “I’m proud of the owner for not submitting,” Paul told Reason Magazine in an interview. “Congress has allowed you to make these rules, and you’ve shown yourself unsuitable,” says Massie, speaking of D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. Big Board is a sports bar and restaurant based on H-Street in Washington, D.C., a city which has enforced some of most draconian mandates… Keep Reading

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Salvadoran President Bukele Predicts Two Other Countries Will Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

El Salvadoran President Nayyib Bukele has boldly predicted that two other countries will follow in El Salvador’s footsteps and make bitcoin legal tender. Under Bukele’s rule, El Salvador has embraced bitcoin, becoming a hub for the cryptocurrency all around the world. Besides adopting it as legal tender in September, the country’s wealth fund has also invested heavily in the cryptocurrency, expressing faith in the innovative technology, despite routine fluctuations in its value. “What has been called by international organizations as ‘The Bitcoin Experiment’, is nothing more than the world watching how mass adoption changes a country’s economy. If it’s for… Keep Reading

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Matt Gaetz Blasts Democrats For Obstructing Marijuana Legalization

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), a prominent advocate of marijuana legalization, has stated that the delay to it being legalized is a result of obstruction by the Congressional Black Caucus and their allies in Democrat leadership. Gaetz blasted the 1970 Controlled Substances Act during an episode of his hit ‘Firebrand’ podcast. “It made marijuana and other psychedelics more illegal than hard drugs such as the illegal, opioid-based drug heroin,” Gaetz said. “In the Congress, there are countless bills introduced to end the federal prohibition on marijuana. Why is it still a Schedule I drug, making it more illegal than opioids?… Keep Reading

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Hungarian Prime Minister Blasts EU For Forcing LGBTQ Agenda On His Country

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has blasted the European Union for its attempts to impose the LGBTQ agenda on the central European nation of Hungary. “The European Parliament and the European Commission want that we let LGBTQ activists and organisations into the kindergartens and schools. Hungary does not want that,” Orban declared on his formal Facebook profile page. “Here Brussels bureaucrats have no business at all, no matter what they do we will not let LGBTQ activists among our children,” the conservative leader added, describing the threat that the  European Union officials pose to the sovereignty of the Hungarian nation. Keep Reading

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Kavanaugh, Barrett Side With Supreme Court Liberals In Christian Florist Case

Two of the Supreme Court justices appointed by President Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, sided with the liberal wing of the Supreme Court in the case of Arlene’s Flowers v. Washington, which concerned the constitutionality of state level mandates for Christian florists to provide flowers for gay weddings. Kavanaugh, Barrett, the Bush-appointed John Roberts, and the three liberal justices united to ensure the Supreme Court would not hear this case, thereby affirming a lower court judgement. Meanwhile three conservatives judges indicated that they had supported hearing the case – Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and another Trump appointee, Neil Gorsuch. Keep Reading

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Far-Left Candidate Charles Booker Announces Senate Run Against Rand Paul

Far-left Democrat Charles Booker has announced his bid for U.S. Senate in Kentucky against incumbent Senator Rand Paul. The announcement makes Booker, an ally of radical socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VI), the first Democrat to announce a run in this race. It remains to be seen whether another, more establishment Democrat will also run for Senate. Democrats currently hold the Governorship in Kentucky with Gov. Andy Beshear, but have struggled to compete in federal races. Keep Reading

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Rand Paul: “In All Likelihood”, Coronavirus Came From Wuhan Lab

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has said that “in all likelihood”, the COVID-19 virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, rather than from animal sources, in a recent interview with Fox News. During an appearance on Fox News’ Unfiltered show, Sen. Paul noted that the coronavirus was not particularly infectious among animals. “When you look at COVID-19, it doesn’t even seem to infect bats very well,” he said. It doesn’t infect an intermediate animal. They checked 80,000 animals at the wet markets in Wuhan. None of the animals at the wet market would accept COVID-19 or were positive for it. But… Keep Reading

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Rep. Massie Blasts Reporter That Demanded To Know His Private Vaccination Status

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) blasted a reporter after the reporter demanded to know his private vaccination status during a press conference. During a press conference hosted by Rep. Marjorie Greene (R-GA) on the Fire Fauci Act, which Massie is co-sponsoring, a reporter requested that Massie reveal his vaccination status. “Well, first of all, it’s none of your business, but I’m going to tell you,” Massie said. “I’m not vaccinated.” Keep Reading

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Jordan, Cammack Found Campus Free Speech Caucus

A new Campus Free Speech Caucus has been launched by Republican members of the House of Representatives, according to a press release by the Young America’s Foundation. The new caucus is to be spearheaded by Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), two conservative members of the Freedom Caucus, and is being supported by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF). Jordan explained his reasons for starting the new caucus in his statement. “The First Amendment is under attack on campuses across the country,” Jordan said. “Every day, students and faculty are forced to self-censor out of fear that they… Keep Reading

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Allen West Speaks Out On Flag Day: Texas “Is About An Indomitable Rugged Individualism”

Allen West spoke out on the importance of Flag Day to Texans, especially in the modern political context, in a statement issued by the Texas Republican Party. West noted the publication of a new book titled ‘Forget the Alamo‘, by a left-wing author who attempted to desecrate the memory of the Texas patriots who stood against Santa Ana at the Alamo. West blasted the authors and called for a spirited defense of American history. “This assault against The Alamo by these three individuals is exactly why we need monument and historical marker protection in Texas,” West wrote in his statement.… Keep Reading

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Donald Trump Endorses Ted Budd For Senate in North Carolina

President Donald Trump has backed Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) in the competitive race for U.S. Senate in North Carolina. Budd is running against former Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC), who was previously interviewed by The Liberty Conservative, as well as former Gov. Patrick McRory in a race to replace outgoing Sen. Richard Burr. McRory is considered the most moderate candidate in the race, while Budd is associated with the conservative Freedom Caucus, which allied itself closely with Trump during the latter three years of his presidency. Budd’s views on issues such as immigration and many foreign policy issues line up closely with… Keep Reading

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Ted Cruz Blasts Seth Rogen On Twitter

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has clashed with comedian Seth Rogen on Twitter, calling Rogen a “moron” in a recent tweet exchange, according to a report by The Hill. “All jokes aside, @Sethrogen is a moron,” Sen. Cruz tweeted early on Sunday. “It’s your party that believes in govt power: to shut your business, to oppress your faith & to censor your speech. Anyone who disagrees, they try to cancel. BTW, a lot of folks in Hollywood are conservative — & muzzled by the fascist Left.” Keep Reading

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Biden To Prioritize Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

President-elect Joe Biden is immediately demand Congress grant legal status to an estimated 11 million illegal aliens in the United States, according to the Associated Press. Biden has announced this will be the focus of his early administration. He plans to put forward legislation for consideration by Congress, given that Democrats now control both the House of Representatives and the Senate, following the victories of Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the Georgia Senate runoffs. Keep Reading

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Massie, Biggs To Trump: “Listen To Your Gut Instincts” On Afghanistan, Iraq

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) have written a joint letter to President Donald Trump calling on him to immediately withdraw all troops from the “endless wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Thank you for leadership and effort to bring our troops home and end the endless wars. We, the undersigned, respectfully request you immediately withdraw all U.S. military personnel from Afghanistan and Iraq,” the Congressmen wrote. “Throughout your entire Presidency, you have worked tirelessly to Make America Great Again.  We are confident you will repeat this feat again after this pandemic. However, the United… Keep Reading

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Rand Paul Backs Manny Sethi for U.S. Senate in Tennessee

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has endorsed Manny Sethi for U.S. Senate in Tennessee, according to a report by the Nashville Tennesseean. “Tennessee deserves a true conservative who supports President Trump, is pro-liberty, and will fight out-of-control federal spending,” Paul stated in his endorsement message. “I believe Dr. Manny is the right choice. Like me, he’s a physician, not another politician. We need more outsiders in Washington, and I’m proud to endorse him today.” Paul is the highest profile endorsement that Sethi has received so far. Sethi is running to fill the open Senate seat being vacated by incumbent Sen. Lamar… Keep Reading

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Thomas Massie Crushes Establishment Primary Challenger In Landslide Result

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has defeated Republican primary challenger Todd McMurtry by a seismic margin of 88% to McMurtry’s 12% as of Wednesday. Although the votes have not yet all come in, this represents a landslide result in a race where many establishment analysts suspected Massie was vulnerable. Massie’s victory is likely due to his reputation as a man of principle, as well as his accessible and constituent-driven approach to politics, which has left him with a strong support base in his district. Keep Reading

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Ron Paul Supporter Wins Republican Primary In Georgia’s 9th Congressional District

State Rep. Matt Gurtler won the first round of the Republican primary in Georgia’s 9th congressional district on Tuesday, according to a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Gurtler came first in the primary, receiving 21.5% of the vote. He will now face a run-off election on August 11 against second place candidate Andrew Clyde, who has not sought political office before. Former U.S. Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA), another libertarian-leaning candidate, came in fourth place with 13.4%. Given the district is safe Republican, the winner of this runoff will almost certainly go on to represent the district in the U.S. House… Keep Reading

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Long-time Rand Paul Aide Takes Senior Post On Trump 2020 Campaign

Sergio Gor, the long-time Communications Director for the Senate office of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), announced on Wednesday that he is joining the Trump presidential campaign as the new Chief of Staff to the campaign’s Finance Committee. “Thrilled to be joining Team Trump as Chief of Staff to Trump Victory Finance Committee,” he wrote on Twitter. “National Chair Kim Guilfoyle has revolutionized fundraising & bundling. I couldn’t be with a better team as we advance to victory with Donald Trump.” Keep Reading

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Rand Paul Endorses Corky Messner for U.S. Senate In New Hampshire

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has endorsed Bryant “Corky” Messner for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire, according to a report by WMUR. He ascribed his endorsement to Messner’s support for a limited government, libertarian-leaning agenda. “One of my favorite things about New Hampshire is the ‘Live Free or Die’ spirit of independence and liberty,” Paul said in a statement. “Having more senators in Washington who embody those ideals and can amplify that message in Congress is needed now more than ever. Fortunately, with Corky Messner, the Granite State has a candidate who is prepared to do just that.” Keep Reading

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Massie: Defunding Police Is The Absolute Wrong Thing To Do

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) challenged leftists calling for defunding the police, describing it as “wrong” in a Friday interview with Charles Payne on Fox Business. “Defunding the police is the absolute wrong thing to do,” Massie said. He then went on to rationalize his argument by suggesting defunding police departments could lead to an increased military role in law enforcement. “Listen, we have a healthy history in this country of separating our civilian police mission from our military mission,” Massie said. “The military does one thing well, and that is to bring overwhelming deadly force to the enemy, using tactics… Keep Reading

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Massie Defends The Constitution: “No Authority” For Mass Surveillance, Mandatory Vaccinations

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) challenged forced vaccinations, mandatory face masks and contact tracing during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in a Friday tweet. “There is no authority in the Constitution that authorizes the government to stick a needle in you against your will, force you to wear a face mask, or track your daily movements,” Massie wrote. “Anyone who says you have no right to avoid those things fundamentally misunderstands the 9th Amendment”. Keep Reading

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Rand Paul: Subpoenaed Emails To Expose Lobbyists Using Hunter Biden For Government Access

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has suggested that subpoenaed emails will expose lobbyists exploiting Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, for access to the federal government, during an interview with The Charlie Kirk Show released on Thursday. “There is evidence that they, in all likelihood have email exchanges, saying, hey, let’s use Hunter Biden to get access to the State Department,” Paul told the host, Turning Point USA chief Charlie Kirk. Keep Reading

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Rand Paul, Andy Biggs: Fauci Has “Emasculated The Medical Care System And Ruined The Economy”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) took on National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director Anthony Fauci in a scathing USA Today op-ed published on Thursday. “Fauci and company have relied on models that were later found to be deficient. He even has suggested that he can’t rely on any of the models, especially if the underlying assumptions are wrong. Yet, Fauci persists in advocating policies that have emasculated the medical care system and ruined the economy,” the members of Congress wrote. Keep Reading

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Amash Ends Presidential Exploratory Committee: “I Will Not Be A Candidate”

After a three week presidential exploratory committee, Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) has ruled out a Libertarian Party presidential bid. “I’ve spent nearly three weeks assessing the race, appearing in media, talking to delegates and donors, watching the Libertarian Party’s convention plan unfold, and gathering feedback from family, friends, and other advisers,” Amash said. “After much reflection, I’ve concluded that circumstances don’t lend themselves to my success as a candidate for president this year, and therefore I will not be a candidate.” Keep Reading

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Massie Rails Against Big Meat’s Foreign Monopolies As He Advocates For PRIME Act

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) slammed big meat’s monopolies in an interview with Blaze TV‘s Matt Kibbe on Wednesday. “80 percent of all the meat that is consumed in the United States goes through four companies, and these companies have monopolized the meat processing business in the United States,” Massie said. “Two of them are wholly owned entities: one’s owned by the Chinese and one is owned by the Brazilians, and what we have now is not really the product of capitalism, this isn’t an efficient result of capitalism.” Massie went on to suggest removing onerous USDA regulations on meat sale… Keep Reading

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Dr. Rand Paul Challenges Fauci: You’re Not The “End-All”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) challenged National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director Anthony Fauci in a Senate hearing on Tuesday. Paul, a medical doctor by profession, encouraged Fauci to focus more on restarting the American economy, which has taken a massive blow since lockdown measures were implemented across the country. “I think we ought to have a little bit of humility in our belief that we know what’s best for the economy, and as much as I respect you, Dr. Fauci, I don’t think you’re the end-all,” Paul said. “I don’t think you’re the one person that gets to… Keep Reading

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Rand Paul Reveals Biden Ordered The Unmasking of Flynn’s Private Conversation

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) revealed on Twitter that former Vice President Joe Biden ordered the unmasking of General Mike Flynn’s private conversation with the Russian Ambassador to the United States, after requesting the names of the Obama administration officials involved from Director of National Intelligence Rich Grenell. “Declassified documents reveal V.P. Biden ordered the unmasking of General Flynn’s private conversation,” Paul wrote. “Anyone think that Biden might have abused his power to go after a political opponent…[?]” Keep Reading

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Rand Paul: Pass Massie’s PRIME Act To Rein In “Onerous Red Tape”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has urged Congress to pass the PRIME Act during an interview on Thursday. “The onerous red tape doesn’t make us safer. What it does is it creates a monopoly,” Paul told Local 12. The PRIME Act, which was originally written by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), would allow the in-state sale of meat by processors to grocery stores and restaurants without USDA approval. The bill was introduced in the Senate by Paul and Sen. Angus King (I-ME) in May 2019. However, it has been revived following the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has caused problems for national meat… Keep Reading

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Rand Paul Suggests Obama “Knew About The Corruption” Of Hunter Biden

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has suggested that former President Barack Obama “knew about the corruption” of Hunter Biden while in office, during a Wednesday appearance on Fox News. “There’s been rumors for quite a while that people within the Obama administration knew about the corruption problems with Hunter Biden, that they warned the Vice President and maybe even the President about it,” Paul told Fox News’ Ed Henry. “I think that there could be a smoking gun, that there’s actually a record of some of these complaints that were going on at the time.” Paul went on to directly accuse… Keep Reading

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Amash Polling At Just 5%, Lower Than Gary Johnson In 2016

The first major national poll to include prospective Libertarian Party candidate Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) appears to show Amash doing worse than 2016 Libertarian nominee Gov. Gary Johnson (L-NM), according to the Monmouth University Polling Institute. The results show Amash polling at a mere 5% in a three-way race against Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Trump polls at 40% and Biden at 47% in the same poll. By comparison, Johnson polled at 11% in Monmouth’s equivalent Spring 2016 poll, and subsequently declined in the polls as voters consolidated behind the major party nominees in the 2016… Keep Reading

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Amash Condemns Protesters For Exerting 2nd Amendment Rights

Prospective Libertarian Party presidential candidate Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) has condemned anti-lockdown protesters for “bearing weapons” during their protest at the Michigan state capitol, in a Sunday interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. “When we protest, we have to do it in a way that is appropriate,” Amash said. “I think it’s a terrible idea to come into the Capitol with weapons, bearing weapons, knowing that it might be perceived as some form of intimidation towards legislators – I denounce those things.” Keep Reading

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Rand Paul Slams Gov. Beshear As “Drunk With Power”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has described Gov. Andy Beshear (D-KY) as “drunk with power” for his lockdown policies in a Friday interview with local radio network WBRT. “We’ve got a governor who is sort of drunk with power, and he’s deciding all the rules for opening your business, and it’s like ‘Who made him economic czar?” Paul told the host. “It’s a real big mistake to put so much power in a single person’s hands.” In particular, Paul criticized Beshear’s threats against churches that continued in-person services during the state lockdown. Keep Reading

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Rep. Massie: Pass PRIME Act To Put “America First”

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has called on Congress to immediately pass his PRIME Act in order to prevent wasted meat in a Sunday tweet. “Thousands of animals will be killed & wasted today instead of feeding families. Meanwhile Congress takes an extended vacation,” he wrote. “Pass the PRIME Act now to allow small American owned meat processors to catch the ball that the Chinese, Brazilian, & multinational processors dropped.” He continued in a second tweet, posted minutes later. “Farmers are going broke and shelves are going empty. Instead of just granting immunity from (American!) employee lawsuits to foreign owned companies,… Keep Reading

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Amash Promotes Judicial Activism To Stop Employer Discrimination Against “Transgender Americans”

Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) has suggested that federal law should be reinterpreted to extend existing employment protections against discrimination on the basis of sex to discrimination against transgenders, in an interview with Forbes on Friday. “I would protect transgender Americans under the protections that exist for sex,” Amash. “I think that people can take the term ‘sex’ that’s in federal law and interpret it to mean things beyond what it traditionally meant.” He went on to suggest the courts could play a role to increase the scope of these laws. “Sometimes, we have to catch up to the law,” Amash… Keep Reading

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Trump: Anti-Lockdown Protesters Are “Very Good People”, MI Governor Should “Make A Deal”

President Donald Trump has praised the anti-lockdown protesters in Lansing, Michigan and urged Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) to “make a deal” with them and partially reopen Michigan. In a Friday tweet, Trump said the unrelentingly pro-lockdown Governor should “give a little” to the demonstrators. “The Governor of Michigan should give a little, and put out the fire,” Trump wrote. “These are very good people, but they are angry. They want their lives back again, safely! See them, talk to them, make a deal.” Keep Reading

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Amash: My Candidacy Will “Pull More People From” Trump Than Biden

Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) has admitted that he believes his candidacy will take more votes away from Republican President Donald Trump than from Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden in a Friday interview with Reason. When asked by reporter Nick Gillespie whether he would take more votes from Trump or Biden, Amash expressed his belief that he would take more votes from reluctant Trump voters than Never Trump Republicans planning to vote for Joe Biden. “If you look at Trump voters who are…Let me put it this way, Republicans who don’t like Trump but are still voting for Trump, versus… Keep Reading

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Amash: “I’m Not Opposed” To UN, It’s a “Positive Venue”

Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) has stated he is not opposed to the United Nations  (UN) and other globalist institutions, describing it as a “positive venue” for U.S. global engagement, in a Friday interview with Reason. “I’m not opposed to bodies where countries from around the world come and meet like the UN and can engage and discuss things,” Amash told Reason‘s Nick Gillespie.  “That doesn’t mean that we should give those bodies authority over U.S. citizens to decide laws for our people, but it does mean that these can be positive venues where countries can come together and hash things… Keep Reading

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Amash Denounces Anti-Lockdown Protests

Prospective Libertarian Party presidential candidate Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) has denounced anti-lockdown protests which took place in state capitals across the country in a Thursday interview with the New York Times. Amash said although he supported the right of the demonstrators to protest and was sympathetic to their cause, he disapproved of the way in which they conducted themselves. “I don’t sympathize with the way they did it. I don’t think it’s wise to ignore guidance on social distancing. I think that a lot of them are wrong about their belief that there’s no risk at all,” he said. Keep Reading

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Rand Paul Calls For Flynn Pardon

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has called on President Donald Trump to pardon former General Mike Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Advisor, in a Thursday tweet. “This is egregious and unacceptable behavior. I believe ⁦[President Trump] should pardon Gen. Flynn,” Paul wrote. The tweet linked to an article in The Hill exposing FBI entrapment of Flynn. The article claimed the FBI counterintelligence director, who was involved in the investigation into Flynn, had written a note which suggested the goal was to get Flynn to lie so that he could be fired or prosecuted. “What’s our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him… Keep Reading

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Justin Amash: “Biden Is A Better Person Than The President”

Prospective Libertarian Party presidential candidate Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) has praised his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, in a Thursday interview with Politico. “As I said before, I think that from a personality standpoint, I’d take Biden,” told Politico‘s Tim Alberta. “I think Biden is a better person than the president—I mean, by all appearances at least. I can’t speak to his personal life or any of that, but he seems to be a better person.” Keep Reading

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Trump: States Must Tackle Sanctuary Cities If They Want Stimulus Money

President Donald Trump suggested that stimulus money to states will be conditioned on tackling sanctuary cities at a Tuesday press conference. “The problem with the states is we’re not looking to recovery 25 years of bad management and take–give them the money that they lost. That’s unfair to other states,” Trump said. “Now, if it’s COVID related, I guess we can talk about it. But, we’d want certain things also, including sanctuary city adjustments, because we have so many people in sanctuary cities, which I don’t even think are popular even by radical left folks, because what’s happening is people… Keep Reading

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Trump Mocks Amash Presidential Bid: “I Like Him Even More Than Jill Stein!”

President Donald Trump mocked Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) in a Wednesday tweet following the latter’s decision to announce an exploratory committee for President. Trump sarcastically described Amash as a “wonderful candidate” in the tweet, before going on to ridicule him as a failed politician. “I think Amash would make a wonderful candidate, especially since he is way behind in his district and has no chance of maintaining his Congressional seat,” Trump wrote. “He almost always votes for the Do Nothing Dems anyway. I like him even more than Jill Stein!” Keep Reading

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Libertarian Party Chair Brags About Prospect Of Amash Handing Biden Michigan Win

Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark bragged about the prospect of a potential presidential bid by Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) handing Biden a win in Michigan in November in an interview with Detroit News on Wednesday. “Based on how [Gov. Gary] Johnson did in New Mexico, if the last Michigan contest was decided by 10,000 votes, I’m pretty sure having a Michigander … on the ballot just takes Michigan off the board for the president,” Sarwark stated. Trump won Michigan, a vital swing state, by a margin of just 0.23% of the vote in 2016. Keep Reading

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Amash Joined Libertarian Party On April 18, Making Him The Party’s First Ever Member of Congress

Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) has joined the Libertarian Party as a member, according to a report by Detroit News and a tweet by the party’s national chairman. The report stated that Amash joined the party on his 40th birthday on April 18, prior to his decision to announce an exploratory committee for President. Libertarian National Committee Chairman Nicholas Sarwark subsequently confirmed Amash’s membership on Twitter. Keep Reading

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Rep. Justin Amash Forms Exploratory Committee For Libertarian Party Presidential Run

Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI) announced on Tuesday that he is launching an exploratory committee for the Libertarian Party nomination for President of the United States. “Today, I launched an exploratory committee to seek the Libertarian Party’s nomination for president of the United States. Americans are ready for practical approaches based in humility and trust of the people,” Amash wrotewrote on Twitter. “We’re ready for a presidency that will restore respect for our Constitution and bring people together. I’m excited and honored to be taking these first steps toward serving Americans of every background as president.” Keep Reading

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Mike Lee Slams Pelosi’s Guaranteed Minimum Income Proposal

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has slammed House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for her guaranteed minimum income proposal, describing it as turning the United States into a “Western European-style socialized democracy” during a Monday interview with Fox News‘ Shannon Bream. “If we want to become a Western European-style socialized democracy, then that is the approach we should take,” Lee said. Keep Reading

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Rand Paul: Healthcare Public Option Is A “Lie”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) called out the so-called “public option” advocated by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden during a Sunday appearance on the Trump campaign’s War Room Weekly show. “It’s like most other lies that we hear: if you like your plan, you can keep it, was the original promise – but now this promise is if you like your plan you can keep it or you can get the government plan, it’s really not going to cost anything, I promise you, it won’t cost anything,” Paul told host Tim Murtaugh, the campaign communications director. “But it’s just not true.… Keep Reading

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Trump on Rand’s New Beard: “My Sons Have Those And I’m Not Sure I Approve”

President Donald Trump does not seem to be a fan of beards, according to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) during a Sunday appearance on the War Room Weekly show, hosted by campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh. Sen. Paul noted that he had talked to the President two days ago, and Trump had commented on Paul’s new beard, which Paul had grown while in quarantine after contracting coronavirus. “You look very distinguished with your beard – you know my sons have those and I don’t really approve of those – I’m not really sure what I think of that beard,” Trump told… Keep Reading

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