Massie Defends The Constitution: “No Authority” For Mass Surveillance, Mandatory Vaccinations


Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) challenged forced vaccinations, mandatory face masks and contact tracing during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in a Friday tweet.

“There is no authority in the Constitution that authorizes the government to stick a needle in you against your will, force you to wear a face mask, or track your daily movements,” Massie wrote. “Anyone who says you have no right to avoid those things fundamentally misunderstands the 9th Amendment”.

The 9th Amendment to the Bill of Rights states that the “enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” This makes clear that the other amendments to the Bill of Rights, including the 4th Amendment, still apply, regardless of whether there is an ongoing state of emergency.

Massie also tweeted about FISA telecommunications surveillance, which he similarly described as unconstitutional.

“How do you call something LEGAL when it’s not CONSTITUTIONAL?” he asked.

He went on to quote an op-ed about the ongoing debate over FISA reauthorization, which noted that “the federal government has the legal authority to access … Google searches, along with reams of internet browsing history, all without a warrant from a judge”.

“The whole notion of using secret courts and false warrants to spy on citizens is an anathema to our Constitution as well as a violation of fundamental rights that precede and supersede any government,” Massie continued. “Just End FISA.”

A hallmark of Massie’s campaign for re-election to Congress has been his commitment to constitutional principles. His strict constitutionalism has earned him the title of “Mr. No”, due to the large number of bills he has voted against.


  1. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is that rare member of congress who has a backbone and knows what liberty is. Cast in the role of Ron Paul (not Rand) he is sure to delight those of us who hate the dumbing down of the electorate.

    • Part of the genius of Our Constitution is that it encourages participation Of the people at-large. I.e. citizen/voters=OF Government~lawmakers,‬
      ‪Us as Occasional representatives! ‬
      ‪Rotation may be the only Long term generational ‬Solution!

      Flushing the entrenched party puppet politicians Will take time!
      Representative democracies are long-term experiments in self governance!
      Rotation is a democratizing catalyst like voting that will give us the opportunity to educate ourselves and our children’s children’s children in The art of self governance, this will also take time!
      I think you understand this! Representative democracy’s require transparency massive intelligent Multicross generational participation and long-term generational teaching, learning And cross generational

      But most of all intelligent long term intelligent participation! It’s not as simple as just throwing the bums out!
      those who choose to govern must spend time living as one of the Government not the governors.
      Out of politics and concentrated government power, before holding any Government office again!
      Can we see the educational benefit of Rotating citizens in and out of concentrated government power! Lawmakers must be rotated back to being one of the people for a time to reconnect and decompress from wielding concentrated government power before holding any office again?
      Isn’t this what our founding fathers meant by a government of the people!
      As Thomas Jefferson and John Adams Feared! I believe they both understood that voting would not be enough to control big government!
      Jefferson was not the only founding father who feared The total abandonment of the Principle of Rotation in our Constitution would end in abuse!
      ‪It’s 2020 their fears have been realized!‬

      ‪The principles of rotation will help us cultivate patriot statesman that will more likely Remain loyal and not violate the peoples trust!‬

      The principles of rotation makes we the people the government and the solution!

  2. Wow! I wish we had more people like him in our Congress and Senate. He’s got all the right stuff

  3. Hi Tom,
    I do think that we all need to go back to “Our Constitution” for guidance and to see truly how “Limited” the Federal Government should actually be. The “Closer” to the “Sovereign People”, the better. Now I realize that there are more and more people wanting to consider, The “Convention of States”. That would allow each State to act together on certain issues. This may however take away various checks and balances that keep us from going “too far” in any single direction.
    Some feel that the Governor’s of each State should be the “Overseer” of each much like they are now with the virus.
    It does make sense in that the Governor’s and Mayor’s of each State would know more about their State than Washington as a general rule.
    The bottom line is that if we want our votes to count, then we need to know the issues in each State and vote accordingly. However, having Illegals voting by mail, along with deceased people, does not breed trust with The American People.
    Now, with the corruption exposed with the FISA Warrants, etc., and the unmasking of General Flynn, someone(s) will need to pay. Equal Justice Under the Law! How does our Government expect the US to continue to pay taxes and to be in accordance with our laws if people at the top, i.e., Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and many more if they are not punished with prison, etc?
    People are watching AG Barr very closely to see what Justice will look like.

    As you state, how much is the Federal Government going to act in Unconstitutional ways? How many “Rights” violated? Who helps us get them back, or who fights to keep the Government from stomping on the Constitution?

    So far You Tom. I hope you bring friends along with you.
    Thanks for your efforts.


  4. These representatives have the interest of the people at heart. I we had more representation of this caliber our country would not be in the mess that it is right now, They care about the people not just themselves!

  5. It is so nice to see that Massie defends the constitution rightly and explains the importance of the individual’s fundamental right to agree or not agree for vaccination.

  6. Everyone seems to be missing the most valid point. US Citizens are 14th amendment property. Blacks did not gain rights, Whites gained servitude. We are all property. All constitutional issues are overcast, just read any case law, with 14th amendment rights. your 1st amendment right comes from the 14th amendment. (Heath of Atlanta Motel v. US) commerce includes “the movement of persons through more states than one.” …”Mr. Douglas; “it is rather my belief that the right of the popel to be free of state action that discriminates against them because of race, like the right of the PERSONS to move freely from State to State occupies a more protected position in our constitutitional system than does the movement of cattle, fruit, steel. and coal across state lines.
    What does this tell us… It tells us that the judges don’t even know what a human being is, or they do know and they know they are not talking about natural/living/private man. They are labeling us as vessels in commerce (cattle, fruit, steel, coal)
    So cattle have no right to not be vaccinated. Yes any court today will probally say that.
    My position is that despite any benefits i accept,
    The contract with the state is void due to non disclosure and duress. I should not be forced to waive rights to contract with the government which exists to protect my rights I would be dead or in jail by now if i didn’t have an ID or i didn’t have a car to go to work or i didnt sign something to get to a doctor. I don’t have a choice, that should be clear to all of us clear thinkers. And even if i rescind contracts with the State they will still arrest me for not having paper work or any other victimless crimes. Or if we plead not guilty andfight their tyranny we know they will add more charges and more torture in the concrete cells. Its a fact we all live with. So the point here is stop acting as if these are Article 3 courts these are article 1 courts that do not respect our inalienable rights. Maybe leaders should adress this.

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