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Heroic Father Charges at his Daughters’ Sexual Predator Larry Nasser in Court

The father of three daughters who had been all molested by Larry Nassar charged at the sicko former USA Gymnastics physician in a Michigan courtroom Friday in a chaotic scene that ended with the dad tackled on the ground, in handcuffs. “You son of a bitch!” Randall Margaves yelled to Nassar throughout his sentencing hearing in Eaton County moments before he ran towards Nassar. Before the stunt, Margraves requested Judge Janice Cunningham — who’s overseeing the hearing — to “grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon.” “Yes or no,” an indignant Margraves said to the judge. Keep Reading

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Manufactured Misogyny: Why You Should Still Ask For Her Hand In Marriage

Recently, the wildly out-of-touch rag, Cosmopolitan released an article on why men should stop asking their girlfriend’s fathers their permission to marry their daughter. The article claimed, “…those of us who want a more egalitarian society must take a hard look at how wedding rituals undermine that goal.” The author claims that much of what gets pegged as romance in today’s society is actually undercover sexism. She also claims that the only thing more sexist than asking for a woman’s hand in marriage is for a woman to take her husband’s last name. Before I get into how truly incorrect the author… Keep Reading

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