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Denial and Dudgeon in the Millennial Generation

The following may seem a little harsh, but please keep in mind that everything I’m about to write is out of genuine concern for our friends on the left, particularly those of the millennial generation. They say children are our future and with that in mind, I’ve become increasingly concerned about the mental health and well-being of people my age, and even those who are younger. At first glance, it appears as though our liberal friends have lost their collective mind. My first real memory of politics was watching George H. W. Bush mop the floor with Michael Dukakis back… Keep Reading

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Snowflake Generation: It’s Not Political Until It’s Personal

“There’s too much ‘presentism’ right now.” Or so says Camille Paglia, the fearless academic whose views on biology and modern culture can be called anything but trendy. Ignoring the realities of man and man’s history has been a feature in modern academia. A problem for students who are willing to engage in honest and open discussions about everything from sex to politics. But to young adults whose personal history of apathy can be traced back to their parents’ indifference to the wisdom of their elders, going off into the big, wild world for college means moving from mom and dad’s… Keep Reading

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‘Hate Spaces’: The Need for Real Choice in Education

During a book-signing event, English author and self-styled atheist Philip Pullman was asked to comment on the “shocking” title of his then-new book: “The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ.” “Yes,” Pullman answered, “it’s a shocking thing to say. But no one has the right to live without being shocked. No one has the right to spend their life without being offended,” he concluded. The sentiment shared by Pullman is correct because government-sponsored protection from offensive speech should be seen as nothing but an immoral act. But in this case, the offended party could choose not to buy his book,… Keep Reading

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Disagree? No, you’re just an ignoramus.

The Left’s totalitarian ideology doesn’t lend much credence to diversity of thought, viewpoint, or opinion. While leftists on college campuses are gunning for diversity of skin color and ethnicity, they decry opposing views as physically harmful. Both students and faculty retreat to the cocoon of so-called ‘safe spaces’ to shield themselves from the scourge of dissent. What’s more, those with minority opinions can’t just disagree with the Left. They clearly must be liars or deniers. From the lack of free speech on college campuses to the media condemning ‘fake news’, there is no room for opposition to the leftist narrative.… Keep Reading

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