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Rep. Massie: 9th Amendment Is Most Important Part Of Constitution

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) expressed his belief that the most important part of the United States Constitution is the Ninth Amendment during an interview with  One America News Network’s Liz Wheeler on Thursday. “The Ninth Amendment is the most important amendment, or even part of our Constitution,” Massie said. “It basically said that just because they’ve listed some of your rights, in the Bill of Rights doesn’t mean that you don’t have other rights. In fact, all of the other rights that aren’t listed are yours as well.” Keep Reading

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Is Cellphone Location Data Protected By The Fourth Amendment?

When the Bill of Rights was drafted and ratified, the United States of America was a different time. It was undoubtedly a simpler time. When privacy protections were passed, it was very clear at the time. The government would need a warrant to enter your personal property or search you personally. Any search could not occur without authorization from a judge. Technology poses a new challenge for the courts. Given how close the world has become due to it, security has new concerns. But do these security concerns trump the Fourth Amendment? The Supreme Court is now considering a case… Keep Reading

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