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Jacob Floam
Jacob Floam is currently a sophomore at Fordham University studying International Political Economy with a concentration in international business. Mr. Floam’s experience ranges from City Council races in New York to a gubernatorial in Virginia working as a field operative in several campaigns in both states. Jacob is also the Executive Vice President of GrowPAC , a pro-growth, free market promoting federal Super PAC which supports candidates nationwide. He is also the Secretary of the Fordham College Republicans and is a resident of the Washington, D.C area.
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Ralph Northam’s Contempt For Rural Virginians Will Doom His Gubernatorial Chances

The 2017 Virginia Gubernatorial Election has brought upon the Commonwealth a sort of an anti-2016 atmosphere. Two level-headed candidates are, for the most part, cordial to each other as they spar on the debate stage. Ralph Northam, the Democratic nominee is consistently polling just ahead or within the margin of error of four to six points. However, these polls do not reflect a disturbing degree of voter contempt for Democratic nominee, the current Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Mr. Northam, a former physician from a portion of Virginia’s rural coastline with a grandfatherly southern draw, seems to care only for the… Keep Reading

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