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As the Former Editor In Chief and Co-Founder Of The Narrative Times News Foundation Joshua Heckathorn has spent years inquisitively involved in politics and media. His main goal he commonly iterates is to “Promote a freer American Society”. At times he has drawn both controversy and praise from various public figures in that advocacy. Lastly, among his many passions are Economics, History and Theology.
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Profit And Pleasure: The Tragedy of Human Trafficking And The Power of Pornography

It was a small solemn room in which many were seated with serious expressions. Around me sat clergy of many faiths, from Nuns to Coptics to Evangelicals. All gathered to hear a panel at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference in DC centered around on a little recognized epidemic. The daunting discussion was on the Human Sex Trafficking of young women, girls and boys across the United States and the world, paramount to a new sexual slave trade ensnaring millions. The stories shared brought shock or sadness to some and seething anger to others. A Coptic Orthodox Priest with a… Keep Reading

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