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Jeff Peterson II is a anarcho-capitalist and a student of the Austrian School of Economics via Mises Academy. When he is not studying economics, philosophy, or critiquing the Left, he is either working for Intercontinental Hotels Group as a site specialist or helping run a family business.
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In Defense of “Vulgar Libertarianism”

One difficult aspect of living as a libertarian in a less-than-free society is that we cannot describe to our opponents with absolute certainty how a genuinely free market would look. We are left to rely on thought experiments and the examples of existing businesses models to compare to the State. If I want to discuss how state intervention raises the costs of healthcare, for example, I may compare it to the cell phone industry, which must do the opposite in order to compete in the marketplace. Should we reach the conclusion that the higher prices are the result of government,… Keep Reading

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The ‘Left’ in Left-Libertarianism

In recent years the political philosophy of libertarianism has gained in popularity and interest.  Libertarianism as a philosophy concerns itself with the justified and unjustified use of force in society.  The guiding principle behind libertarianism is the “non-aggression principle” in which “aggression” is defined as the initiation or threat of violence against persons and their legitimately owned property.  This is the scope and focus of libertarianism. One of the compelling aspects of libertarianism and the non-aggression principle is that it is clear, specific, and fundamentally simple to grasp.  Identify interpersonal actions and determine if said behavior qualifies as aggression between… Keep Reading

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The Bastardization of Knowledge

Friedrich August von Hayek published The Use of Knowledge in Society in the American Economic Review in 1945. With the world turning towards central economic controls, Hayek set out to describe what he called “the problem of a rational economic order.” Hayek’s emphasis here is how a system of economic order is to overcome the problem that much of the information relevant to decision-making is dispersed among many individuals; often among those not in direct communication with the decision maker. However, a decision about the use of resources will inevitably be made by a decision maker. Hayek describes planning as… Keep Reading

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How to Become a Left-libertarian

Hello, comrade. Are you a millenial? Are you a former or current democrat that is fed up with the two primary parties?  Did you recently attend an International Students for Liberty Conference? Are you looking for something new and edgy? Did you study sociology, gender studies, Marxist theory, or post-modernism, and little to no economics in college? Do buzzwords like “exploitation”, “domination”, and “solidarity” invoke emotion for you? Do words have no meaning to you? Are you looking for a special group who identifies with your interests to join? Well, look no further! Here at the Alliance of the Libertarian… Keep Reading

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Yes, the World is Round

Economic premises do not claim or suggest any judgments about what is right and wrong, or good and bad. So, for instance, economics does not tell you that unemployment is “bad”; it just points out the inevitable consequences of, say, a minimum wage law.  Thus, economics can and does say that if your goal is to help more poor people, you probably don’t want minimum wage as the final and ongoing solution. Every now and again you will come across an individual who will invoke an “ought” or a “should” when it comes to economics, or shrug off economics because their favorite “solutions” don’t… Keep Reading

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Words, What Do They Mean?

Among the various sects of libertarianism, one has been receiving a certain amount of undue attention: “left”-libertarianism. As an anarcho-capitalist, I have my disagreements with left-libertarians, and am curious as to why they are generating the amount of interest they are. One reason for this may be their mode of communication. Attempting to decipher much of the libertarian left’s vocabulary is akin to reading a horoscope. Their success may, in large part, be credited to their refusal to pin down definitions. Without unambiguous definitions, one may simply apply his own interpretations thereby rendering the content far more relatable (much like… Keep Reading

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Some People Just Want to Watch the World Bern.

My question to Bernie Sanders supporters: When someone in Bangladesh observes your lifestyle, it seems as incredible to them as that of the 1% seems to you. Why are they not entitled to help themselves to your things, the way you consider yourself morally entitled to help yourself to the goods of the American rich? In your answer, avoid moral irrelevancies like national borders; can we tolerate inequality just because it’s cross-border? Extra credit: take a picture of yourself divesting yourself of most of your goods in the name of global equality. -Thomas E. Woods With every election cycle there… Keep Reading

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