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Far-Left Celebrates The Death of Our “White Supremacist Nation”


Seeking to further promote balkanization and stoke racial tensions, many on the far-left have sought to categorize Donald Trump supporters (or anyone who promotes Nationalism) as racists who long for a return to 1950s America when segregation was legal and practically all of the political power was held by white American males. Unwilling to promote racial unity, the far-left has decided to begin planning a party to celebrate America’s ‘dying white majority” in a revolution that overthrows our “white supremacist nation”.

In a video posted on The Guardian’s YouTube channel, Steven Thrasher claimed that Donald Trump’s candidacy represents a racist backlash against the “bold advancement of progress” our country witnessed in electing its first African-American President. “When we voted against the odds to elect the first black president eight years ago, when we had a clear symbol that the country is literally becoming more black, why shouldn’t we have expected his successor to the meanest, whitest, most vile bigot possible?” he said.

Thrasher expressed profound longing for the year 2043, when our “white supremacist nation” becomes predominately non-white, in order for a “true revolution” to take place. “But till then, in its final 27 years, some of the dying white majority are so desperate to hold onto their dwindling power it’ll come as no surprise when they follow history’s powder and elect a reactionary, racist, sexist man. And that’s why a Trump presidency would be as historically American as the bald eagle, indigenous genocide, the three-fifths clause, mass incarceration, and apple pie.”

Andrew O’Hehir, writing for Salon (the same magazine that recently promoted a self-described pedophile), expressed concern that polling numbers may be inaccurate as many white Americans are not likely to publicly disclose their intent to vote for Donald Trump. For white Americans, voting for Trump is “a forbidden desire that is both liberating and self-destructive, not unlike the married heterosexual who has a same-sex lover on the down-low, or the executive who powers through the day on crystal meth and OxyContin.”

Citing the “prevalence of guns” in our society, high rates of suicide and obesity, the “widespread unwillingness to ignore or deny climate science”, and the “deeply rooted tendency of the white working class to vote against its own interests,” O’Hehir claims white Americans have an unconscious or semi-conscious death wish, which will be further expressed by voting for Trump.

Writing for The Atlantic, Derek Thompson cited three events as the main contributors to the economic anxiety and “racial resentment” felt by white Americans: the 1968 Presidential election, the 1979 peak in manufacturing employment, and the 2008 Presidential election.

It’s incredibly easy (and convenient) to pin the blame for white people’s frustration with our country’s increasingly poor economic situation on their apparently underlying racist core. The cause of their anxiety is not, contrary to the racist garbage promoted by social justice warriors and race-pimping organizations like Black Lives Matter and La Raza, African-Americans or Hispanics as a group; the policies of the elite, carried out by the establishment of both political parties, are responsible for the economic malaise and racial tension in our country today.

The welfare state was created in order to turn our country into a nation of dependent zombies who vote for anyone who promises them more “free” stuff. In practically every case, it is the Democratic Party that is the largest recipient of those zombie votes.

The trend towards globalization, promoted by both political parties through trade deals that benefit the wealthy corporate elite, has decimated middle class America.

The unending wave of illegal immigrants, who cross a border left open by design, are used by the corporate elite as cheap labor, driving down wages for all Americans; in addition, they are bribed by the promise of government support through the welfare state if they vote for the Democratic Party and its Socialistic policies.

Intolerant Social Justice Zombies Riot in California: Welcome to Aztlan ChPLo6eWgAAL9z4People of all races are taught, through popular culture, the education system and other propaganda outlets funded by globalist institutions like George Soros and the Ford Foundation, that all of the ills in their respective racial communities are the result of every other racial group.

I strongly suspect Social Justice Zombies and the dominant race-pimping organizations would scream “racist” if white people were celebrating the dying off of black people so they could maintain power. Instead, those who espouse some of the most racist rhetoric are given a platform to do so because they call themselves “liberal” or “Progressive”.

The far-left, in promoting racial division to balkanize our country, are doing the business of the global elite who seek to use the tension as a catalyst to launch a race-based conflict in order to justify the total implementation of a police/surveillance state.

Clifford Cunningham is a freelance writer from Massachusetts. He served two terms as a City Councilor in his hometown near Boston, leaving office in January 2016. He also contributes to Infowars.

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