Why the Jeff Sessions Hearing Was a Complete Waste of Time

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ hearing before the Senate intelligence committee was a complete waste of time. All Sessions did was reiterate the same talking points that the White House has been conjuring up for months. Other than that, much of the hearing was a confirmation of former FBI Director James Comey’s claims last week, and Sessions’s repetitive defense of Trump’s firing of Comey. Generally, there was no new information that pushed forward the Trump-Russia investigation. Perhaps the only information divulged quasi-relevance was Sessions’s confirmation of Comey’s private talk with Trump and his concern about being left alone with the president.

While Sessions did confirm that Trump had a private meeting with Comey, this information does not bring the Trump-Russia investigation forward. Of course, virtually everyone has heard what Trump’s words to Comey were in the meeting last week, but nothing that was said qualifies as illegal or unconstitutional. While an argument may be made about Trump’s behavior and unethical tendencies, that argument cannot be made for impeachment. Simply put, Sessions’s confirmation of this private meeting does not indicate any criminal wrongdoing within the Trump Administration.

Another highlight of the testimony this week was that Sessions admitted Comey had concerns about being left alone with the president. This information was the most notable because it strengthens the argument that Trump is erratic. Although these revelations may cast doubt on Trump’s leadership ability as President, they do not lead to the possibility of impeachment because of collusion with Russia. This entire ongoing investigation is supposed to be based on the belief that Trump is guilty of working with the Russians in an illegal manner. Those who are vehemently opposed to Trump will continue to demand hearings regardless of whether there is anything concrete. With that in mind, it is quite obvious that this week’s circus on Capitol Hill was irrelevant.

From a political perspective, there was no takeaway moment that could be used by any side of the aisle to support their argument. The lack of any kind of political moment in this hearing rendered it completely useless. This leaves us at same place we have been since Trump’s inauguration. Trump is still in office, there is still no evidence of collusion, and the left continues to awe everyone with their far-fetched conspiracy theories. Is anyone surprised that leftists have written article claiming that this hearing was incredibly important? Considering their record, I don’t see how it could shock anyone. Nevertheless, anyone who looks at the hearings objectively has to realize that it is useless and will not lead us anywhere.

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