The Story of Ahmed’s Clock: A Politically Opportune Tale of Racism in America


14 year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrived at his high school in Irving, Texas hoping for praise from his teacher after he created a digital clock out of a pencil-case. However, the strange-looking, beeping device with wires caused alarm among MacArthur High School administrators, who reacted by calling the police. Irving Police officers subsequently placed Mohamed under arrest for suspicion of creating a fake bomb.

The arrest, and subsequent outrage among many on the left, prompted an invitation to the White House by President Obama and to Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg, an internship at Twitter, and thousands of messages of support on social media. The Daily Beast responded by calling Mohamed “the Muslim hero America’s been waiting for.”

Instead of assuming (correctly, in my view) the arrest was merely an issue of the Irving Police Department and public school district overreacting, the far left immediately sought to paint the arrest as an act of racism that can only occur in an intolerant state like Texas (despite the fact the clock Mohamed brought to school bears a striking resemblance to an improvised explosive device).

Where is the outrage among “Progressives” for six year-old Elijah, a first grader in Colorado Springs, who was suspended from school for pointing his fingers in the shape of a gun at another student?

How about Nickolas Taylor, a 10 year-old middle school student in Milford, Massachusetts, who was suspended for pointing his fingers and mouthing laser sounds at another student in the cafeteria?

There was no White House invitation (nor an invitation to a Pop-Tart manufacturing facility) for Josh Welch, a second grader in Baltimore who bit his Pop-Tart into a shape resembling a gun and pointed it at another student. Welch, who reportedly suffers from ADHD, was suspended from school for two days.

No invitation to a natural history museum for Alex Stone, a Summerville, South Carolina high school student who was arrested and suspended after writing about killing a dinosaur with a gun for a class assignment. Stone’s attorney, David Aylor, described the situation perfectly: “This is a perfect example of ‘political correctness’ that has exceeded the boundaries of common sense.”

There was no public outrage for the five students sent home from Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California for daring to wear shirts depicting the American flag on Cinco de Mayo.

No reasonable person can look at the situations described above and claim white children are being targeted and punished for ridiculous issues solely based on their race. The far-left, however, imply it is only possible to be the victim of overzealous discipline in public schools if you are not white.

As Kyle Smith writes in the New York Post: “The main difference between the Ahmed Mohamed case and the others is that the mainstream media and the leftist point of view it presents just can’t let go of Ahmed. Ahmed is too useful to their narrative to be a one-day story.”

He continues: “Instead of being credited with enlightenment for being the only white-majority country ever to elect a black leader, now we’re told that everything is about racism.”

The Ahmed Mohamed case puts on clear display the tactics of the far-left: blame every ill in society on racism in order to promote racial division, balkanizing our society into segments that only identify with our own group rather than as a collective society. They seek to ensure we are either too busy fighting with each, or too afraid to interact with each other for fear of being labeled a racist, sexist, homophone, etc, to notice our government has been hijacked by off-shore corporate and banking interests who seek to amass power at the expense of us all.

Clifford Cunningham is a freelance writer from Massachusetts. He served two terms as a City Councilor in his hometown near Boston, leaving office in January 2016. He also contributes to Infowars.

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