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Are Corporate Earnings Affected Adversely By Hurricanes?

Earnings are the biggest driver of stock prices and valuation. This doesn’t imply companies are the sole determinants of their stock prices. Issues like geopolitics, the weather, and the economy get filed under systematic risk factors. These are the factors that are talked about in the news so much because they apply to all companies. It’s important to have a balance between reviewing the macroeconomic conditions and the company’s specific fundamentals. If you focus too much on the macro issues, you might miss out on companies that are doing well in spite of the macro challenges. Trends and headline issues… Keep Reading

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How Private Citizens Can Save Each Other During Natural Disasters

In recent decades, the growing answer to any and all problems is government intervention. While there is a time and a place in regards to various responses, there are limitations to government. When government does not recognize these boundaries and tries to outdo itself, it becomes wildly inefficient. In these instances, what should private individuals do when their fellow citizens are facing disaster? Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma has tested the limits of human ability, just as Hurricane Jose will. While media outlets, political pundits and internet warriors wage a political battle about climate change, there are private citizens on… Keep Reading

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Climate Change Alarmists Put Politics Before People During Hurricane Disasters

Tragedies and disasters are difficult topics for discussion. As they happen, people are displaced and it can even result in the loss of life. Both natural and man-made instances can be troubling for society to address. When do we address the situation and when do we discuss prevention in the future? The recent string of hurricanes is no change. Hurricane Harvey in Texas and now Hurricane Irma in Florida have renewed the climate change debate. With Hurricane Jose touching down across the east coast, this will only intensify. If there is indeed an issue regarding climate change, a scientific debate… Keep Reading

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