Climate Change Alarmists Put Politics Before People During Hurricane Disasters

Tragedies and disasters are difficult topics for discussion. As they happen, people are displaced and it can even result in the loss of life. Both natural and man-made instances can be troubling for society to address. When do we address the situation and when do we discuss prevention in the future?

The recent string of hurricanes is no change. Hurricane Harvey in Texas and now Hurricane Irma in Florida have renewed the climate change debate. With Hurricane Jose touching down across the east coast, this will only intensify.

If there is indeed an issue regarding climate change, a scientific debate should occur. But the problem with the climate change debate is that the topic has become intensely political. It’s difficult to simply discuss the facts in American society without bringing up the statism of Democrats or the opposition of Republicans. It’s a topic that’s turned from a matter of science to partisan political fodder.

Now as Florida prepares to be hit hard by Hurricane Irma, climate change alarmists are using the preparations to climb up on their soapbox. Hurricane Irma has been tracked as one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes in history and left a path of destruction in the Caribbean. The damage is projected to be significant throughout Florida.

When is the proper time to discuss why these massive hurricanes are occurring?

Florida Governor Rick Scott has been active in keeping Florida residents up to date. He’s also been adamant about preparedness and evacuation, depending on the area. Also on Twitter, he has put out a call for a thousand volunteer nurses to help in special needs shelters. Given the number of people under evacuation orders, displacement is going to be significant. Given that time is running out, it’s a need that needs to be filled immediately.

How did Internet trolls and climate change alarmists react?

Gov. Scott was attacked for skepticism relating to climate change. Despite the claim by many alarmists, it’s not a settled science. Also as previously noted, it’s a complicated discussion given the politicization of the topic. Regardless though, now is not the time for a debate. Preparations need to be in place. Shelters need to be prepared to receive people and rescue teams need to be ready to recover.

Political debates, no matter what they are, can take a backseat for a few days. Unless you’re a climate change alarmist, rescue and recovery efforts can take a backseat to their egotistical need to be correct.

This is a common trait over the most extreme and radical of doomsday climate change alarmists. Like Chicken Little, they believe the sky is falling and the world is going to hell. Unless we blindly accept their assessment of the world as canon and march in lockstep to their agenda, we’re responsible for the destruction of the world.

Ironically, the trolling of climate change alarmists insisting on being right distracts from saving lives. Do climate change alarmists truly care about saving lives? Or is the climate change agenda itself just another mere political tool in the endless partisan warfare within the political duopoly?

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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