When Leftists Attack

“So Rand Paul,   you’ve been beating your wife all these years,  when will you stop beating your wife?”   It’s a fair question, if you are a leftist media hack who just wants to score points for your cultural Marxist team, rather than engage in intelligent discussion.   On Rand Paul’s  initial announcement of his presidential candidacy, the leftwing media was out in unison trying to smear the biggest threat in the GOP primary to their top contender, Hillary Clinton,  who Rand is outpolling in key swing states.

Rand Paul handled himself masterfully in his interviews  and if I were advising him I wouldn’t change a thing and here’s why:   When  Savannah Guthrie of leftwing MSNBC  goes into her interview by trying to frame the discussion with misleading and false information Rand doesn’t allow her to control the discussion and makes sure he gets time to answer.  That is what he needs to do in every discussion with interviewers who have an agenda no matter what names the media may call him because how you frame the story will change the story.  Like most Americans,  I hate interviews that are biased and I hate being  lied to by the media, whether they are on the right or the left.


When you are on target, you will get hit by flak.  It’s a great sign when you as the anti-establishment candidate become a target of the left and right establishment.  What other candidate has two punk  neocon republicans,  John Bolton and Lindsey Graham, decide to run just to be a foil against you?  Which other candidate can get Buzzfeed, Mediate , MSNBC , The Guardian and CNBC to try to make much ado about nothing so much as a disagreement between a reporter and a candidate?  This is why we must stand with the only candidate who  can defeat the corrupt vast left and rightwing conspiracy that seeks to tarnish brave men like Rand Paul who are patriots, not politicians.

While Fox News’s Megyn Kelly was a little condescending in her advice to Rand Paul on how to handle the media, she  at least allowed him to point out flawed neocon foreign policy in Syria and and she defended him against the silly charge that Rand can’t handle strong female reporters.  Rand is an intelligent man and doesn’t let any reporter get away with biased reporting.   As one of the few interesting Republican candidates willing to  talk to leftist media outlets, he has to make sure that his dukes are up and ready to jab back if they decide to go hostile.  This  serves notice to reporters,  keeping  them honest as they will be  less likely to slant a future interview.

Now If you saw your fellow man being mauled by a bear or rabid dog, you would surely do something to intervene.  Today with the new media, Twitter, Facebook, comment sections etc. we the people can intervene  against a corrupt media and put them back in their place by flooding their comment sections and educating our friends and family as to the truth when it comes to Rand Paul.  Calls  to boycott advertisers of a Buzzfeed or an MSNBC and hammer them in the alternative media with winsome arguments can win over many a voter.  Rand Paul is going to need an army of internet warriors to help him in the battle of public opinion.  While the press is the only industry specifically protected in our Constitution as an important check on our government, when it runs amok, we the people must  be a check on our corporate media as we become the “new media” that Andrew Breitbart made famous.  Will you join the fight?


Reagan showed courage in standing up to leftist media who are  at war with the American people when he challenged the newspaper moderator who wanted to shut down his microphone.    Rand too shows great courage by being  ready to point out unprofessional media  behavior.  The media has turned much of our political process into a nasty meat grinder that purges  populists like Rand in favor of their  corporate anointed royals Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.   Rand will help return America to its more genteel  roots  by pushing back when the leftist media attacks, but he needs your help.  Will you answer Rand’s call and speak up for liberty and help to “defeat the Washington Machine and restore the American Dream?”

Mr. Hannosh is an Army Veteran, Former School Board President, History/Biology Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Former Candidate for Congress in California's 8th district, Pat Buchanan, Ron and Rand Paul supporter and activist seeking to put Americans first, not the establishment. Mr. Hannosh is married and has a daughter who he hopes will inherit an America that loves peace, liberty and freedom.

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