University Employs Private Eye To Dig Up Prosecutable Dirt On Conservative Student

When college campus leftists use visual displays, no matter how offensive, to make political points, the administration files this under “protected free speech.”

As usual though, a double standard is at work when conservative college students engage in, no matter how mild the presentation, their own form of performance art. With the usual politically correct justification of protecting the feelings of any who might be offended at such displays, college administrations act swiftly and decisively, and more often than not, conservative students are forced to pack up their displays.

In the case of Regis University, these efforts to “silence” such visual statements have become so desperate that it is now revealed that the administration secretly employed those whose job description usually centers around digging up dirt on adulterous husbands or wives.

Initially, Regis tried official means to prove that a “Social Justice Bake Sale” designed by a conservative student in March to show how the left prioritizes one race and gender over another via a menu charging Asians and whites much higher prices than homosexuals and Muslims, not only “violated university policy” but also “federal law.”

In typical dictatorial fashion, the school “blocked” the access of the student, Alexander Beck, the president of the conservative group the “Young Americans For Freedom,” from the university’s twitter account. Having exhausted all official means, it is now revealed that Regis hired a private eye to dig up prosecutable dirt on Beck.

But the investigator, Jody Luna was of an independent and legally-minded sort, and after an extensive investigation, she concluded that Beck had not violated any university policy and/or federal law.

Beck, who had the full weight of the University against him, amazingly was not surprised by Luna’s conclusions:

“I always knew that I had not only principle, but school policy on my side.”

But given Regis’ determination to stop Beck to the point of hiring what they hoped was “heir hit man, one is left to wonder how many other universities are secretively using private detectives in an effort to stifle what, when constructed by the politically correct, are energetically protected.

Beck’s victory could be a fluke, and the “David vs. Goliath” nature of leftist academia against conservative students may be worse and more loaded than we thought.

Ron Capshaw is a Senior Contributor to The Liberty Conservative from Midlothian, Va. His work has appeared in National Review, The Weekly Standard, and the American Spectator.

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