Another Child Used as a Political Pawn: “We Have to Kill Donald Trump”

In another shocking case of children being manipulated by their parents to push a political agenda, a video recently posted on YouTube appears to show a mother and father instructing their 3 year-old daughter to say repeatedly “We have to kill Donald Trump.”

The video, which was analyzed by author Mark Dice, shows the mother and father prodding their child to say she wishes to kill Donald Trump. “Why are we going to kill Donald Trump?” the mother asks, to which the child responds, “Cause he’s bad.”

The father asks, “Why is he bad?” to which the child responds, “Cause he wants to take away our family.”

Clearly, the child is being used by her parents to perpetuate the false narrative that Donald Trump is planning to deport every Hispanic person in the United States, regardless of immigration status, if he is elected President, when he has made no statement to indicate as much. Such a gross distortion of Trump’s position on illegal immigration is nothing new, and has been used by race-baiting organizations to galvanize opposition to his candidacy.

Sadly, the image of children being used as political pawns, threatening violence or shouting obscenities at Donald Trump and/or his supporters, is nothing new. Prior to the Indiana Republican Primary on May 3rd, a crowd of anti-Trump protestors, including many young children, were caught on video shouting obscenities at passing Trump supporters. One child can be head, and seen, yelling repeatedly “F*** Trump” and “Viva la Raza.” Comments like the former are indicative of the racist propaganda pushed by organizations like La Raza and MEChA.

In November of 2015, a Pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC ran an ad in which Hispanic children are forced to read a profanity-laced script declaring Donald Trump a racist. “Republicans use offensive words,” one child in the video says, “so here’s a few of our own: ‘F*** you racist f***!’” Two other children say, “When you say Mexican immigrants are rapists, murderers and drug dealers, you know it’s racist code for words like: spics, wetbacks and beaners.”

Deport Racism PAC is “dedicated to fighting anti-Latino, anti-Arab, anti-muslim and anti-immigrant racism in the 2016 election,” according to its website. “ will work to turn out the Latino and progressive vote and give a voice to people Republican candidates try marginalize and use as scapegoats.”

The PAC itself is registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) by Luke Montgomery, a pro-LGBT and pro-amnesty activist (who once legally changed his name to “Luke SissyFag” to call attention to homophobia) also responsible for the pro-Hillary Clinton website

As I have stated in previous articles, race-pimping organizations like La Raza (“The Race”) and MEChA (“Chicanx Student Movement of Aztlan”), funded and supported by globalists like George Soros, are promoting racial division in the United States by laying the blame for all of the ills in the Hispanic community, as well as in Latin American countries, on white people and Capitalism. The globalist elite promote Balkanization and Socialism as a means to foment civil unrest, resulting in the breakdown of our society and the elimination of our collective national identity.

Clifford Cunningham is a freelance writer from Massachusetts. He served two terms as a City Councilor in his hometown near Boston, leaving office in January 2016. He also contributes to Infowars.

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