Conservatism Resurgent: The World Turns Right


Across the globe, in elections in the United Kingdom, Israel, America, India, France, South Korea among others, the people have begun to rise up against the forces of authoritarianism, the forces of hatred and the forces of division, turning their backs on the leftist, secular, divisive ideology and the parties and the corrupt politicians – Socialists, Progressives, Liberals and Democrats – who represent it. Increasingly voters are turning right, returning to conservatism that harbors values and ideas that form the foundations of morality, ethics, liberty and freedom.

In America, the Republican party benefited from the rise of the Tea Party – a grassroots response to the excessive authoritarianism of the Obama regime. The advent of the Tea Party heralded the return of Conservatism not only to the halls of Congress, but to local municipalities and state houses across the land in 2010, continuing in 2012 and 2014. While the media and the Left claim that the subsequent decrease in “Tea Party activism,” they willingly ignore that in the face of the vaunted Obama machine, Republicans increased their hold of Governors’ mansions, state legislatures, and Congressional seats each time.

Rather than retreat, the Tea Party was incorporated into the Republican Party. Before, Tea Party principles and ideas needed to be pushed from the grassroots up – now Tea Party ideals and principles are being proclaimed from the floor of the Senate by people like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and Rand Paul,  and from Governors’ offices by people like Rick Perry, Mike Pence, and Susanna Martinez; each of them pushing forward conservative ideology and ideas, inevitably becoming the true face of the Republican Party, and the brighter future of America.


In Britain, the Conservatives not only defeated the Labour party to retain power, they achieved a large enough majority to rule outright, no longer dependent upon forming a governing coalition with their former allies, the Liberal Democrats who were crushed in polls by the resurgent Tories and an increasingly rising force in the British version of the Tea Party, UKIP, the UK Independence Party, which received more votes than any other party after the Tories and Labour.

In Israel, in spite of the Obama regime’s efforts (even to the point of sending operatives to support the opposition), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not only won reelection, but did so with an increased majority of his party, reflecting a mandate for right-leaning rule from Israeli voters, who understand with increasing certainty that the dire threats (from Iran, ISIS, Palestinians and Hezbollah) to Israel’s continued existence must be confronted and challenged and defeated, not appeased.

In France, India and South Korea, voters recognized and rejected the repeated decades-long failures of socialist regimes, returning rightist, conservative parties and candidates to power as a means of stabilizing faltering economies, restoring principled, ethical leadership and increasing opportunities and prosperity for all, especially the poorest and most vulnerable.

Through it all, the media and the left have worked tirelessly to maintain a narrative that conservatism was in decline, that the right was in retreat, and that the shape of the world to come was inevitably, inexorably leftist. Citing hopeful poll after poll showing voters favored progressive parties and candidates, they schemed and to shape the elections and to motivate partisans to support failed causes. Election after election left them scrambling for answers, scratching their heads in disbelief and openly mourning on television:

One of the clearest and most telling indications of the leftist, elite media’s disconnect with reality is that in nearly every single case, they’re forced to run the same headline; We were surprised, and didn’t expect this:

Israel 2015

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud Party has won a surprise victory in Israel’s election.” (BBC)



“South Korea’s “Queen of Elections” has done it again. Despite falling approval ratings, and fears that voters would punish an interminable and badly botched cabinet reshuffle, Wednesday’s 15 by-elections (that’s 5% of the National Assembly’s 300 seats) brought a landslide for President Park Geun-hye’s conservative Saenuri party.” (Wall Street Journal)

UK 2015

“Prime Minister David Cameron has reappointed senior members of his Cabinet after winning a surprise victory in Britain’s election.” (AP)

But one of the most striking pieces of evidence that the American left has fallen victim to their own lies is that even though they knew that Barack Obama’s failed terms as president would conclude at the end of 2016, and that a new President would assume the office the following January. Despite this indisputable fact, the only candidates that the Democrats have thus far put forward as of this date are septuagenarian Bernie Sanders and soon-to-be septuagenarian Hillary Clinton.

History has shown time and time again that socialism – in all its labels, through all its re-branding and in spite of all the sycophantic regurgitations inevitably fails, and is always doomed to fail. Progressivism offers no progress, Socialism destroys society and Leftism is an old con practiced by old people with old ideas.

Vlad Davidiuk is a nationally recognized talk radio host, blogger, political analyst, and commentator, and has been a longtime activist in local, state and national politics whose work has been featured on NPR, CBS, Fox News and in the Houston Chronicle, as well as various online media outlets. He is the producer and host of The American Chronicles Podcast.

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