Firm Linked to Globalist George Soros Funded Anti-Trump Republicans

Employees of a hedge fund founded by globalist billionaire George Soros donated thousands of dollars to numerous high-level anti-Trump Republicans in 2016, according to a report by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Soros Fund Management was originally founded as a hedge fund by George Soros in 1969; in order to avoid reporting requirements under the Dodd-Frank Act, Soros reformed the fund into a family office in 2011.

The Soros Fund once acted as an advisor to the Quantum Group of Funds, a privately owned group of hedge funds based in the Cayman Islands and Curaçao in the former Netherlands Antilles. It was documented that the globalist Rothschild family, along with other wealthy European families, once placed $6 million into the funds.

Through his Open Societies Foundation, Soros has funded everything from Black Lives Matter and gun control to open borders and climate change. He has also taken credit for fomenting the civil unrest that led to the ouster of the Russian-backed Ukrainian government and the nation’s ongoing civil war.

While employees from the Soros Fund, now managed by his son Robert, have a well-documented history of supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, a report from the Center for Responsive Politics has cast light on support they provided to numerous high-profile Republicans.

Employees tied to the Soros Fund donated $36,800 to Republican candidates during the last election cycle, along with tens of thousands more to Super PACs and campaign committees.

The single largest Republican recipient of Soros-linked cash was House Speaker Paul Ryan, who regularly made his dislike of Donald Trump known during the presidential campaign.

Ryan received $10,800 from employees at the Soros Firm.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who ran unsuccessfully against Trump for the Republican Party’s nomination, received $3,500 from employees tied to the firm, including a $1,500 donation from Scott Bessent, an executive who ran Soros’s personal fortune for over four years.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio received $2,700, while Ohio Governor John Kasich and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush received $2,700 apiece as well.

Arizona Senator John McCain received $2,500, while former House Speaker John Boehner received $2,600 before resigning in the face of a revolt by Conservatives in the Republican caucus.

Former Representative Joe Heck, who withdrew his endorsement of Trump and subsequently lost the Nevada Senate race to Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, received $2,500.

Carlos Curbelo, a Florida Representative who has broken with the Republican Party on issues ranging from abortion and immigration to climate change, received $1,000.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, New York Representative Dan Donovan, and California Representative Ed Royce were the only Republicans who supported Trump and received money from employees tied to the Soros Fund.

“This story is a fake,” Matt Wolking, a spokesman for Rubio, told Breitbart News. “Senator Rubio has never received any contribution from George Soros. And he has never received any contribution from the Soros company because, among other things, companies can’t donate to federal candidates.”

It is noteworthy that Soros Fund employees were drawn to support establishment Republican who generally support amnesty for illegal immigrants and large-scale free trade deals while neglecting Republicans who lean towards Libertarianism or Populism.

However, nearly all of the Republicans who received Soros-Linked cash are united by one overarching principle: their vehement opposition to Donald Trump and his agenda.

Clifford Cunningham is a freelance writer from Massachusetts. He served two terms as a City Councilor in his hometown near Boston, leaving office in January 2016. He also contributes to Infowars.


  1. Soros has always tried to hide his payments and donations behind his employees or other shell organizations. He did that back in 2008 and 2012, too. Soros is known for using all kinds of shells to try to cover his tracks. Wouldn’t surprise me if he also donated to terrorist organizations in the Middle East through difficult-to-trace back channels. The guy would make a perfect SPECTRE villain in a James Bond movie.

  2. $2,700…is that all? That’s not enough for dinner anywhere in that league.

    That’s nothing.

    Soros must be charged with RICO.

    He has to be brought to justice.

    Must be a top priority immediately.

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