If only there had been “Gun Free Zone” signs at Lexington


Today is that one day of the year where Americans come together over hot dogs and cheeseburgers to celebrate insurrection, secession and violent rebellion. While the meaning has long been forgotten to many, it still exists. The American Revolution resulted from tyranny that the founding generation attempted to remedy but eventually lost tolerance for as time grew on. Shots were fired at Lexington and the rest is history.

But how could it have turned out had social justice warriors and the gun control lobby been the ones dominating the time?

There might not even had been a revolution. Let’s cover a number of points about the rebel scum that dared rise up against their government in the eighteenth century.


First, there’s the first shots at Lexington. Was this violence really necessary? A bloody conflict could have been averted had a number of things been instituted. First, the existence of weapons of war on the streets resulted in a lot of violence. Where were the universal background checks? A lot of violence could have been saved if there were better audits of musket purchases.

Why not even a rebel watch list? The British could have benefited from a list of known dissenters and used a few bad people for cover. Does anyone really want to disagree with making sure criminals are dealt with? Due process is overrated.

Common people shouldn’t have weapons of war. There was the British military to ensure peace and order. Did they ever wrong the colonists?

If all else had failed with the universal background checks and the banning of certain weapons, the American Revolution almost certainly could have been stopped if Lexington had been a “Gun Free Zone.”

The biggest mistake that the British made was not making everything a clearly defined “Gun Free Zone”, complete with signs and everything. The rebels would not think of breaking the law had it clearly stated that guns were not allowed.

There were a lot of mistakes made by the British. The problem with the lack of more firm gun control laws was a clear result of them caring more about the National Rifle Association than the stability of the colonies. But when the horrible people in the gun lobby spend millions of dollars bribing the king and Parliament, senseless violence wins every single time.


The blood of the revolution is on the hands of those British leaders who were allowing themselves to be bought by special interest groups like the N.R.A. Had rebel watchlists been used to simply strip the colonists of their rights, there wouldn’t be any problems. Similarly, clearly banning certain types of muskets and displaying “Gun Free Zones” would go a long way to stopping violence.

We could all had been peaceful British citizens right now, happily never Americans. But the evil special interest groups pouring money endlessly into Parliament and other leaders got in the way. Imagine if the gun control lobby and the American left had been alive at the time of the founding generation.

The American Revolution could have been stopped before it started.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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