The Liberty Conservative Endorses Rand Paul For President

When we founded The Liberty Conservative in May of 2014 our mission was to promote the vision of less government and more liberty in achieving true prosperity for all through interviewing and endorsing candidates who shared those ideas, as well as bringing on several outstanding writers to help us in the spread of those ideas. From our first interview with congressional candidate Tom McMillin to our interview with Senator Ted Cruz and our many other congressional and activist interviews our goal has been to inform you to the best of our ability where the candidates stand on issues which are important to liberty voters and help you determine through tough questioning who the best choice is for your support in the many state and federal elections that we have covered.

This presidential primary has been a whirlwind of activity for the liberty movement and conservatism at large, with the rise of Donald Trump causing many to question the future of the limited government vision of the conservative movement. People have complained of media bias from all sides (including, for the first time in recent memory, Fox News) and the fury over the fecklessness of the Republican establishment has sent the base into a fever pitch of anger. Their anger is completely justified. They have watched a Republican establishment that is so interested in self preservation that they have willingly facilitated the decline of the country and ushered in the Obama agenda. They have watched workforce participation reach forty year lows and the national debt climb to near $20 trillion. It has become apparent to anybody paying even a modicum of attention that the political class in Washington will not solve the problems the nation is facing, and that a radical scaling back of the power of the federal government is necessary.

The liberty movement is in a prime position to capture the fervor of this national sentiment, as the core of our philosophy centers around scaling back the size and power of a federal government which has been so abusive in recent years. But the question we face is which candidate is going to scale back government most and have the greatest chance of being effective in their attempts to do so?

The answer to this question, in the opinion of The Liberty Conservative, is Senator Rand Paul. Senator Paul has not only introduced a five year balanced budget that eliminates four federal departments and cuts hundreds of billions of dollars, he has advocated for this plan for years and comes from the intellectual tradition which proves he will follow through. He has introduced the most pro growth tax plan in American history, a plan which would cut top tax rates by more than half while implementing generous standard deductions so that every American receives a substantial tax cut. He has advocated for a sound monetary policy that emphasizes the perils of loose money and the follies of federal reserve policy over recent decades. He has advocated for criminal justice reform in a bold and vocal way on numerous occasions during this primary. He has advocated on behalf of ranchers who are under the thumb of the thugs at the BLM, calling for land management to be returned to the states. He has been the boldest and most consistent voice for our second amendment rights of any candidate. He has been a bold and principled advocate against foreign intervention and the neoconservative foreign policy. He has been the leading voice against the violation of the 4th amendment rights of Americans. He has advocated for life in ways that have left his political opponents speechless. He is the only candidate who is willing to defend the entire bill of rights. He is also the only candidate who will hold the line on all spending, including military spending.

There are some other candidates who have made overtures to libertarian voters, and their positions in our favor should be appreciated and rewarded. But as the votes begin to be tallied and people are asked to make a choice, the choice for voters who value limited government is clear. Rand Paul is the candidate who has been the most consistent advocate of free markets, civil liberties and a non interventionist foreign policy. He has laid out clear and specific plans which would solve the nation’s fiscal mess as well as the crisis of lawlessness in our government. His candidacy is a unique opportunity for libertarian ideas to have a major voice on the national stage, and if he becomes the Republican nominee it will lead to a libertarian revolution in the GOP the likes of which we have not seen in over 100 years. For all of these reasons and more The Liberty Conservative  endorses Senator Rand Paul for President of the United States and encourages you to vote for him in the upcoming Republican primary.

Rocco Lucente is the Editor-at-Large of The Liberty Conservative as well as the chairman of the Town of Ulysses GOP and a county coordinator of Campaign For Liberty in New York.

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