Obama Failures Demand Universal Outrage, But Few Dare Speak Up

The country seems to be ready to burst into a civil war. But not over the 44th President of the United States and his legacy of war, abuse of power, and irresponsible health policies. Instead, media outlets seem to suggest that people are sick and tired of “Russian interference,” seeing President-elect Donald Trump as a foreign threat, ready to trigger the dawn of a new fascist regime. From concentration camps to the end of freedom of speech, Trump has been accused of everything under the sun. But especially, he has been accused of standing for particular policies that Barack Obama himself implemented — and with gusto.

Where have these media outlets been these last eight years?

Have they not noticed Obama’s unconstitutional embrace of drone warfare? Or have they missed out on his bending of engagement rules, effectively allowing more civilians to be killed as a result of the war on ISIS? Perhaps, they slept through his decision to expand — not curtail — the growth of the U.S. surveillance state. If anything, they seem to have forgotten about the Democrat’s war on free speech. More recently, they seem to have even ignored his decision to turn his back on peace by instigating the new Cold War.

As these same publications choose to repeat the mistakes we saw in 2003, they also reveal themselves. To many in the press, Obama deserves a pass because someone worse is about to take over.

Mimicking their dear leader in what can only be called a political version of the Stockholm syndrome, these publications accept assertions without evidence, just because the all-mighty intelligence agencies working on behalf of the United States government “seem to believe” Russia was involved in foul play. The same agencies, mind you, which are under the command of President Obama.

In the meantime, these publications find the courage to accuse other, much less powerful and profitable outlets of reporting nonfactual stories. But what they fail to report is their own bosses’ history, some with CIA ties. A fact that is seldom disclosed.

Backed by their pet Democratic candidate, these publications ignore reality and ethics, stirring the population and pushing them into fearing the worst. Are they readying us for war?

They wish.

There’s no war on the horizon. No major shows of strength threatening our existence. But what Obama has produced has been nothing but a legacy of aggression. Of kill first, ask questions later. And of terror maintenance.

Trump is imperfect and vulgar. He’s crass. And yes, he lacks Obama’s suave demeanor. But in a moment of clarity, the incult loudmouth looked into the camera and told Americans everywhere he was ready to be friendly with nations that are friendly to us. He told us Iraq was a failure, and that Russia was not out to get us. The unskilled, unprepared politician borrowed from Senator Obama’s promises, telling us he would deliver change.

Whether or not Trump is able to deliver real change is a different story. But like Obama, he was given a chance.

While we stay vigilant and report on his mistakes — while hoping we may find reason to report on what he gets right — we must also strive to report on what’s true.

Picking who’s better is a question of opinion, but helping an administration start a war in the name of a failed candidate and her loyal party is just irresponsible. The media has a loud voice. It causes damage.

To libertarian-leaning individuals across America, the 2016 election was just more of the same. But as the media and the Obama administration scream “War!,” we must not back down from bringing the attention to what matters: policies and their real-world consequences.

Letting sentimentality steer our politics is a mistake. After all, only children cry over spilled milk. It’s the adult’s job to explain to the child that what’s gone, is gone. There’s no reason to hang on to these illusions of a better past when real issues being raised now due to the past’s mistakes are not receiving enough attention. Stop carrying water for a president who has made your life worse. He’s undeserving of your affection, but in serious need of your criticism.

Born and raised in Brazil, Alice always knew America was her home. From the moment she first lived in the United States as a 14-year-old up until now, she has never stopped fighting to make it freer.

She lives in Compton, California and writes for The Advocates for Self-Government and Anti-Media.

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