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The video from inside the car where LaVoy Finicum was shot has been released, and what was seen is sure to incite anger nationwide. The video shows LaVoy Finicum and the people in his car driving away from a police group who had pulled them over, and then crashing into a snowbank to avoid hitting a roadblock. As Finicum approaches the roadblock you can hear the shots being fired at the vehicle and see the passengers react to the FBI shooting at them as they were driving. Finicum crashes and immediately comes out of the car as a shot is coming through the back seat window on the drivers side. LaVoy comes out of the car with his hands up and is shot after just a few steps, causing him to reach for his wound. He then reaches for it again, turns around and is gunned down by the FBI agent behind him. The FBI then proceeds to fire upon the people in the car several times despite absolutely no provocation to do so. The video shows definitively that Finicum was shot with his hands up and that the first reaction of the FBI once the car was stopped was to shoot at it. The only question that remains is how will the patriot community respond to this act of aggression by the FBI?

Video from Inside LaVoy's Truck – Enhanced Audio

BREAKING! Massive cover up. — First shots fired before they even stopped. Goverment lied, patriots told the truth! He sacrificed himself to save others #JusticeForLaVoy SHARE EVERYWHERE!Harney Sheriff David Ward – Treason.Deschutes Sheriff Shayne Nelson – Treason.Governor Kate Brown – Treason.Oregon State Police – Treason.FBI – Treason.

Posted by Bundy Ranch on Tuesday, March 8, 2016