Students for Rand Director Cliff Maloney To Lead Young Americans for Liberty

The liberty movement received very exciting news today, as Cliff Maloney Jr announced that he has been promoted to the Executive Director position at Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), the largest libertarian youth organization in the country. Cliff brings a wealth of experience from within the liberty movement, most recently as the national director of “Students for Rand”, Rand Paul’s youth outreach campaign. Students for Rand was one of the parts of the campaign that worked best, organizing over 500 chapters and creating a nationwide campus apparatus. Before this Cliff was a regional director for YAL after having been the Pennsylvania state chairman in 2011-2012.

Young Americans for Liberty is the largest and fastest growing campus liberty organization in the country. With a rapidly expanding network of over 700 chapters in all 50 states, YAL has flexed their muscle on campuses across the country as well as at events such as CPAC, changing the narrative and helping to create a more liberty leaning youth than has ever existed before. With over 20 events across the country in April 2016 alone and big names such as Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz attending their annual conferences, YAL has become a liberty movement institution that is as foundational to our success as any activist organization.

This hire should be very well received by liberty activists who either are in college, have recently left college or have just been involved in YAL. Chances are, if  you have been involved in YAL in any serious capacity, you know Cliff and have seen how hard he has fought for the liberty movement. Between his work with YAL, the Igor Birman campaign and the Rand Paul campaign Cliff has as much “street cred” as any young American for liberty in the country. He has been at every CPAC I have attended, thrown YAL state conventions in several states, and nobody in the organization has been more responsive to the constantly changing needs of liberty youth activism. It was because of this that he was able to organize such a great youth movement in a campaign that otherwise seemed disjointed.

“I’m blessed to be taking on the role.” said Cliff Maloney in an email to The Liberty Conservative “We owe the credit of YAL’s success to the hundreds of thousands of youth activists who realized our ideas have the ability to create solutions for society’s greatest problems. It’s those activists, committed to winning on principle, that give me hope for YALs future. I’m just lucky to be a part of this broader movement for liberty.”

Rocco Lucente is the Editor-at-Large of The Liberty Conservative as well as the chairman of the Town of Ulysses GOP and a county coordinator of Campaign For Liberty in New York.

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