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Where Are All the Right-Wing Intellectuals in Academia?

You might have had the privilege of taking a course on Friedrich Nietzsche or Martin Heidegger in the Philosophy Department here at Cal – or perhaps you had the good luck of studying H. P. Lovecraft or D. H. Lawrence in an English course. If you were lucky, you might have heard tell of Arthur Schopenhauer or Oswald Spengler’s influence on these writers and philosophers. Undoubtedly their politics came up in passing – and certainly you heard them dismissed as racist, nativist, sexist, and every other slur under the sun. But did your professor or graduate student instructor have you… Keep Reading

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Despite Threats of Violence, Ben Shapiro Will Speak At Berkeley

A form of leftist tyranny in the age of Trump is to adopt and practice the popular slogan of African-American activists, “no justice no peace,” by so-called anti-Fascist groups organized against Trump’s “fascism.” To their credit, African-American activists usually, but not always, organize around this slogan to protest actual events, frequently involving alleged wrongdoing committed against blacks by the police. “Justice” means the police officer, if proclaimed innocent of such “crimes” by juries, must go to jail. The “no peace” part of the slogan carries with it the threat of violence if such a demand is not met. It is… Keep Reading

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The Fascism of the Lawless Left

The birthplace of the free speech movement, UC Berkeley, was desecrated recently by a platoon of masked cowards who set fires, smashed windows, and assaulted peaceful people who had gathered there to hear a talk by infamous internet maven, Milo Yiannopoulos. Their efforts were successful: Milo canceled his appearance and the perpetrators of the inexcusable violence faded into the night. Not a single arrest was made in a stunning instance of law enforcement joining the lawless to make a mockery of the rule of law. These terrorists are not some modern version of good Samaritans, they are mercenaries, they are… Keep Reading

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