The Fascism of the Lawless Left


The birthplace of the free speech movement, UC Berkeley, was desecrated recently by a platoon of masked cowards who set fires, smashed windows, and assaulted peaceful people who had gathered there to hear a talk by infamous internet maven, Milo Yiannopoulos. Their efforts were successful: Milo canceled his appearance and the perpetrators of the inexcusable violence faded into the night. Not a single arrest was made in a stunning instance of law enforcement joining the lawless to make a mockery of the rule of law. These terrorists are not some modern version of good Samaritans, they are mercenaries, they are harbingers of what they claim to fight: fascism.

The terrorism inflicted at Berkeley mirrored the violence of identically masked terrorists who wreaked the same spineless mischief in Washington, D.C. during the inaugural rituals of our latest president. Throughout the course of the contentious election season, the same craven and horrifying behavior was present at Trump rallies where provocateurs burned cars and destroyed storefronts and physically attacked many of those in attendance.

There’s no reason to believe this trend of violent suppression of free speech and association will end anytime soon. Yvette Felarca, leader of BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) and “mastermind” of these acts of terror has alluded to an escalation of violence against anyone who dares speak their mind against the ever more radical left wing of our national politics.

The galling irony of this trend is that the provocateurs style themselves as “anti-fascist” protesters under the awkward moniker Antifa. This self-proclaimed opposition to fascism is a poorly constructed subterfuge and could only be embraced and promulgated by those who are ethically, morally, and intellectually bankrupt. It was the fascist blackshirts under Mussolini who practiced the political thuggery currently at work by those goons at UC Berkeley. The broken windows of storefronts across the country, in our capital, and at Berkeley, hearken back to the rise of the Nazis; in our modern political climate, every anti-conservative protest is a riot and every riot is Kristallnacht.

The oldest trick in the political playbook is only a slightly more nuanced version of “he who smelt it, dealt it.” Don’t want to be called out for being a leftist fascist thug? Point the finger to the right and call them fascists first. The spotlight will shift from you to them, the ball will be in their court, and you can then say whatever you like. You can then behave however you like. Even if your behavior passes every litmus test for what fascist thugs behave like, you’ll be instantly absolved of guilt.

Who could these people be? It’s unlikely we’ll ever know the exact identities of all of them though perhaps some may be brought to justice for their crimes. But there’s plenty we can know about them already.

  • They either have no grasp of history, which means they’re ignorant, or they do understand what they’re doing in which case their Antifa title makes them hypocrites and liars.
  • As evidenced by their hatred of Milo and other conservative speakers it may easily be deduced that they are leftists, if they have any political affiliation at all; they’re either zealots or individuals naturally inclined to criminal violence. Regardless of which is true – both may be true – they are a collective menace to society.
  • Another character trait of these terrorists is they seem to have plenty of time on their hands. The Daily Mail has reported that 92% of left-wing political activists in Germany live with their parents, and one-third of them are unemployed. None of us should be surprised to find similar statistics for the left-wing extremists propagating violence and destruction in our country.
  • Their organization belies leadership and financing; one need not look much further than Refuse Fascism, the Tides Foundation, and Alliance for Global Justice, groups financed by George Soros that in turn provided tens of thousands of dollars to Antifa.

The similarities between Antifa and actual fascism don’t end with using violence to terrorize and achieve political goals. The Left has controlled the vast majority of our media for decades and continues to exert effort to expand their influence in the reporting of news and the suppression of inconvenient facts. The Left is enthralled with internal threats such as the 1% and external dangers such as the over-hyped hazard of global warming. It was a radical leftist president who expanded our military activities into seven countries, signed indefinite detention into law, spied on our journalists, failed to close an extra-judicial prison in Cuba, militarized our police, abandoned the minorities who elected him, and used the IRS to persecute his political enemies.

But the fascism of Barack Obama was not a new advent in our politics. Politicization of non-partisan institutions, police brutality, renditions, and the corporate cronyism that blurs the line between big business and state was not unique to his two terms in the White House. The United States of America has been steadily creeping toward fascism since the interventionist welfare-warfare state under FDR.

We don’t boast about our fascism the way shameless regimes of the past did. We hide under the window dressing of democracy and free-market capitalism. But our innovative system of democracy has been debased by the self-preservation instincts and rule-making of oligarchs in the two major political parties. Our market economy has been stifled by tens of thousands of regulations and restrictions which have removed control from business owners and placed it in the hands of faceless bureaucrats in our capital. The Lincoln Memorial and the rostrum in the House of Representatives both bare the fasces emblem, a not so subtle clue to the true nature of our country’s governance.

America is a fascist state – if not completely, then almost entirely.

Our nation is a shadow of what it once was and has become a warped facsimile of the tyrannical governments we helped tear down in the middle of the last century. The thugs at UC Berkeley would have us believe they are righteous freedom fighters but, in reality, they are the new face of fascism in America. They would drag us further back to the worst indulgences of statism all the while chanting some vapid mantra about “moving forward”. We don’t brag about our fascism because, for the most part, we’re unaware of its presence among us. We don’t brag about it because if we were aware, we’d be ashamed. Or we’d become like the Berkeley terrorists and just lie about what we really are.

Original artwork by Jesse Comeau

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.

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  1. Just unbelievable.

    Yvette Felarca may be the most dangerous individual in our nation and she’s a Middle School teacher!

    Yvette Felarca, a liberal democrat spokesman for the organization “By Any Means Necessary”, was recently interviewed on the Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (02-13-2017) and I encourage all Americans to watch this interview as it clearly shows the real threat progressivism brings to America and all of our basic freedoms. By all means, check YouTube or any other source to watch this segment, as it’s a window into what is poisoning this country.

    She is a Berkeley Middle School teacher and openly endorses violence against fellow Americans who don’t share her, or other progressivist’s views. Watching the interview and listening to her comments you can tell she is mentally unbalanced and one can only wonder how she is allowed, legally or ethically, to teach children at any school in the United States.

    Through her eyes, as with most progressives, she sees anyone in disagreement with the progressive ideology as being “misogynistic”, “homophobic”, “bigoted”, “Islamophobic”, “racist”, “sexist”, “xenophobic” and so on down the list. With an amazing amount of close-mindedness people such as Felarca openly seethe with hate and hysteria against any individual that views the world in any manner that doesn’t mirror their own.

    It’s disgusting to watch these people, so hypocritical, preach these radical viewpoints and in the case of Yvette Felarca, endorse tactics of violence against those whom they deem non-progressive. Felarca has been filmed physically assaulting a man with a protest sign on the street that culminated in a full on beat down of the man, including being stomped on while he lay in the street. And Yvette Felarca didn’t have any issue with what she did even though the beaten man had his arms in the air the entire time…he never fought back, he never struck anyone, he was just standing on the street with a sign!

    Why this woman isn’t in jail after the assault is a question for California Law Enforcement. But anyone who watches the video of her actions can see, without question, that she used violence to object to the protester’s sign. And during all of the media interviews after this incident, she advocated the use of any tactics, including violence, to “shut these people down.” Not coincidentally, those same words were used by Sally Boynton Brown, a candidate for the open DNC Chair position when she stated that she viewed her job would be to “shut other white people down” as they obviously don’t realize that by being born white, they have “privilege” and therefore are in denial that they are “racially prejudiced.” There is a clear ideology and methodology to these progressive liberals and it’s simple – if you don’t share their viewpoints than they will berate you, assault you and “shut you down” for not thinking the same way they do!

    These are dangerous, unstable people who have kicked down the door and, literally, taken over the Democratic Party!

    Terrified Democrats have done little to fight against this corrupted ideology that has polluted their party. Their party is in disarray and failing as these radicals with their hysteria and fear tactics push around the common sense Democrats within the party. It’s a boon to the Republican Party, adding members to their rolls, and most likely at this rate greatly increasing their election successes in 2018 and 2020, and quite possibly far beyond that if the Democrats don’t regain control of their party and its platform.

    A good example of what’s occuring is the story of gay New York journalist Chadwick Moore who left the Democratic Party because of the close minded radical progressives. He’s a registered Republican now. He was unable to make sense of these Saul Alinsky loving progressives and their tactics, literally they pushed him out of the party with their narrow ideology and for not accepting him when he didn’t share their group think. His story was recently published in the New York Post, give it a read for some real enlightenment.

    You can’t force society into a neat, outlined political platform that lies to people, claiming to be inclusive but only if you follow the talking points to the letter! Nothing is more un-American and closer to Communism than that!!

    When I was young and liberal, we protested, we were always at odds with Washington in our ideology and so forth, but we were peaceful and never thought of forcing our opinions on anyone, nor would we have ever beaten another protester who’s views differed. And things got done, the old way. Look at the “social reform” in the 1960’s and 1970’s, that kind of progress doesn’t come easy but it wasn’t attained through violence, vandalism and shouting down others. These new tactics are those of left wing terrorists, and such methodologies rarely, if ever, work. It’s the peaceful, positive approach that effects change, not radicalism, particularly uneducated radicalism. Whenever you see these vandals tearing up a city and the media arrives to ask them questions about their, cause and checks their insight into politics, you find people who haven’t voted, people who can’t tell you who the VP is, people who are clueless about foreign policy and geo-political issues and so on. You find yourself rolling your eyes when they talk and wonder to what amount of damage does their lack of knowledge do their cause.

    As an older, wiser Independent I find myself feeling empathy for the Democratic Party and lament the days when it actually was relevant, fresh and with a strong platform. The new direction is a failing path and the trees are closing in! Even Bill Clinton recognized this on the campaign trail but whenever he spoke out, the campaign “shut him down” and issued a statement saying that he had “misspoke.” It will be a long, hard journey for the Democrats as they try to dig out from this one but unfortunately as it is, their party has been infiltrated with politically correct “warriors” of all cause, fresh from their re-education camps or what we normally call university. And the kicker is, the younger generation is coming out of those universities without applied knowledge of anything other than general liberal arts.

    Media groups such as MSNBC and CNN don’t know what direction to go, they are intimidated by these “activists”, so they try to stay tuned to their ideology and report in reflection of that, but in the end they’re wasting their time as the progressives just throw them into the same basket, labeling them “big media”, just like “big banks”, “big pharma” and all of the other labels upon which they slap “big”, meaning it has to go and be “reformed.” But who’s going to do the reforming when the backbone of your movement is packed full of violent and uneducated people who can’t even see their own hypocrisy. Their minds and skill-sets are built for nothing more than hate of government, hate of capitalism and hate of those who dare to disagree with them. Party of “inclusion?” I think not. The reality is, they behave as the “fascists” they claim to disdain. Their methods and approaches are becoming increasingly similar to those very fascists and the most frustrating thing about the entire movement, is that they themselves are blind to this.

    So we can all watch the neo-progressives march forward as the “blue dog” and moderate democrats flee the party for the more stable, and sane, Republican Party!

    God Bless America.

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