The total insanity of the decision not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton

Though many are predictably outraged over the announcement that the Federal Bureau of Investigation will not recommend criminal charges for Hillary Clinton, nobody is surprised. There isn’t a lot of faith in the United States Government or the justice system anymore, but the American people still had hoped there was at least just a shred of integrity remaining.

Apparently not.


The press conference held by director James Comey was odd. In it, he stated that the State Department acted very carelessly with sensitive information, but there was nothing criminal about the mishandling of top secret information.

People have gone to prison for less.

Consider that the United States government will throw regular Americans in prison because of a naturally occurring substance like marijuana. Possession and use of marijuana can result in an individual’s entire life being ruined because of the strength of the laws.

But carelessly mishandling sensitive and top secret information is no big deal.

Consider that Chelsea Manning sits in prison right now after leaking sensitive top secret information. The difference between Manning and Clinton is the intent. Manning leaked information considered disturbing and risked her career and life to be a whistleblower. Clinton merely acted selfishly and carelessly for her own benefit.

Which one got the law thrown at them?


Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden currently is in hiding in Russia out of fear for his life because the United States government could never be expected to treat him fairly. His crime? As a whistleblower, he exposed a wide range of programs being utilized against the American people to invade their privacy and violate their constitutional rights. Clinton didn’t act in the interests of the American people or the betterment of society, but merely for her own selfish intentions.

Which one got the law thrown at them?

The federal government is quickly becoming everything it never was supposed to be. The country is ruled by a privileged oligarchy and the common people’s rights do not exist. If any other person had mishandled sensitive top secret information, what would have happened? We already know from the cases of Manning and Snowden that whistleblowers acting with good intentions will be mistreated.

Apparently Manning and Snowden’s crime was caring about the common American.

Being a pot smoker or possessing or selling pot will be enough to land someone in prison, but not having a poorly protected and mismanaged private server with top secret information on it. When did the United States of America become so far gone?

We now know at least, as expected, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will not hold Hillary Clinton accountable. The end result is James Comey and Loretta Lynch will have safely found job security in a Clinton Administration, and in the short term, the upcoming press conference with President Barack Obama will be a joyful occasion for Clinton.

The rest of the world outside the privileged elite is left wondering where justice went wrong. Is the process broken? Is the hope for a fair society dead? The implications are deeply disturbing.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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