The Ultimate Rebuttal to Feminism?

Last month, famous feminist Youtuber Laci Green caused something of an outrage amongst her fanbase when she began associating with fellow internet personality Chris Ray Gun. Mr. Ray Gun is not only a man, but a man who holds double-plus ungood political opinions. He has even been accused of being a member of that most loathsome of political ideologies: the alt-right. For the record, Mr. Ray Gun has never actually referred to himself as being a Richard Spencer devotee, and has criticized white nationalism, but some of his output does show that his politics lean more or less in the direction of the reactosphere.

While in this relationship with this man, Ms. Green’s politics seem to have shifted with her becoming more open to conversing with those of the “red pill” persuasion, and tepidly accepting some (not all) of their viewpoints. This is what her former fans are so angry about. She may have not only engaged in a sexual relationship with this awful man, but she actually may have cottoned to a few of his political opinions!

That’s a completely irrational response. Surely, those two things are completely coincidental and unrelated. Right…?


While I’m not entirely sure if either party has explicitly stated they are in a relationship, her sudden about-face from hardline feminism to tepidly embracing the red pill and openly leaving radical feminism (comparing it to her divorce from Mormonism) is rather suggestive. More to the point, the idea of a woman becoming less of a feminist after getting a good, hard rogering is more than just a bad joke or abstract conjecture—it actually has happened before.

Allow me to introduce you to Alisa Valdez, a dyed in the wool feminist writer until a studly alpha male plowed her. After a hot injection of masculinity, she renounced her feminist past completely with a book titled The Feminist and the Cowboy: An Unlikely Love Story. She was more than prepared to accept the fact that her attraction to this–dare I say, barbaric gentleman–was entirely natural, and what her womanly essence truly wanted. After all, she explicitly stated in said book that feminism had “covered her eyes with a dreary shroud of lies…men and women are different.”

She was more than prepared to accept that feminism had fed her a pack of lies until the handsome brute dumped her. This caused her to engage in a maelstrom of justification and excuse-making–the most coherent of which boiled down to “I was lying because I’m insane.” A complete 180 in personality was followed by another 180, and she ended up right where she started. This seems a bit odd for a strong feminist woman to do, but of course, feminists can be remarkably feminine when they need to be.

Just like Alisa Valdes discovered, men and women are different, and there are certain goals that both sexes–even the most dysfunctional exemplars of those sexes–want in a relationship. You may have to dig deep into their psyche, but deep down even the most narrow-shouldered, scraggly-bearded “nu-male” wants to be dashing, commanding, and all in all “treading the thrones of the Earth beneath his sandaled feet.” Even the fattest, problem-glasses-wearingest, rainbow-haired feminist ultimately wants to be beautiful,fashionable, and swept off her feet by a man, as deftly illustrated by the Sailer Law of Female Journalism.

With all this being said, could it be that a viable option is to quite literally sex the feminism out of feminists?

Bearing in mind of course, Laci Green is well above-average in terms of feminist pulchritude. My plan to eradicate the world of feminism is much easier said than done. Perhaps one of my readers would be willing to take one for the team?

Larsen Halleck is best known as the fitness and nutrition writer for Return of Kings, but also writes at his own website The Barbaric Gentleman, and also makes Youtube videos

You can follow him at his aforementioned website and Youtube channels, as well as on Twitter, and on Gab

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