Alabama Women Hold Demonstration To Fight Media Spin Against Judge Roy Moore

Embattled Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore has been hit repeatedly since allegations of sexual improprity were released by the media last week. Although most of the Republican Party and much of the conservative movement has turned against him, Moore is not about to back down. He is intent upon clearing his name and now he has support. A large group of women demonstrated today to vouch for the man’s character.

A group called ‘Women For Moore’ appeared outside of the Alabama state capitol on Friday. They vouched for Judge Moore, believing the man has exhibited good character throughout many years as a public servant while expressing their view that this is another establishment-backed witch hunt to keep a decent man from office.

“We personally know Judge Roy Moore. Our goal is to cut through rumors circulating on the internet,” said Becky Gerritson, organizer with the Wetumpka Tea Party.

Joining dozens of women who attended the rally, Kayla Moore took the podium to defend the record of her husband, who she is standing behind fully amidst charges that she believes are pure fiction.

“He will not step down. He will not stop fighting for the people of Alabama,” Mrs. Moore said. Mrs. Moore blames the fake news for cooking up these allegations against her husband, and believes that Alabama voters will be wise enough to see through those lies.

“To the people of Alabama, thank you for being smarter than they think you are,” Mrs. Moore said.

Judge Moore’s lawyers conducted a press conference this week poking holes in the unproven accounts of the accusers, who waited nearly four decades until an opportune time to come forward with their damaging allegations. This has lent credence to Moore’s supporters that the accusations are little more than a later-than-usual October Surprise designed to ruin Moore’s Senate chances..

“If you are a liberal and hate Judge Moore, apparently he groped you,” Judge Moore’s campaign released in a statement. “If you are a conservative and love Judge Moore, you know these allegations are a political farce.”

With Judge Moore standing strong in the face of the controversy and continuing to build support, it will ultimately come down to the Alabama voters to decide on Dec. 12 who they want as their next Senator.

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