A Choice Between Good and Evil


Human beings, regardless of race, color or creed, are blessed with the innate ability to sense when danger is approaching, or when something is just plain wrong. Some people refer to it as a “gut-feeling,” “instinct,” or “sixth sense” when, in fact, it is so much more than that. One can look to other examples in nature to see that our so-called gut-feeling is not uncommon. How does a bird, which has never flown before, know to fly south for the winter? How does a salmon know to swim upstream to spawn?

We are the product of all those who came before us, as we will be to those who come after us, and our ancestors’ experiences are a part of us genetically. That cycle grants us true immortality, for as long as we have children to pass on our experiences (and those passed on to us), we will live forever through them.

Our innate ability to sense danger goes beyond experiences passed on genetically from our ancestors. We are blessed by our Creator with the ability to discern right from wrong, and sense when good and evil surround us; many call that gift our “spirit”. Too often, many people pretend it is just a coincidence or a fluke when their gut-feeling turns out to be accurate, or choose to ignore it entirely.

I, for one, do not ignore my gut feelings or my spirit, and my spirit tells me that our country, and all of free humanity, are in danger. We are analogous to shipwreck victims in an ocean surrounded by sharks. Yet, while evil and danger are on the rise, good is on the rise as well; under Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

We can not say for certain what exactly is in store for our country, or humanity, though we know what many of the globalist elite have said what they have planned for us and we can see many things they are doing if we choose to look hard enough.

We, as Americans, have been very insulated thanks to the Founding Fathers and our ancestors, who (while not perfect) were the best of their time with a great vision for the country they sought to create. Though many look to highlight the negatives in our history, while glassing over the positives, we were the most inventive and prosperous nation with the most freedom allowed, because they knew that our rights came from God, not government.

Mindful of all the good and prosperity that was brought to us by those who founded this nation, it is that much more painful to see how far we have fallen. It is disheartening to see that our country has been hijacked by a globalist elite who hate free humanity, and have turned our beloved country into an evil abomination.

Not a religious person for the majority of my life, my coming to faith was a result of witnessing, through research and first-hand experience, all of the evil that has grown like a cancer in our world today. While evil continues to grown, my level of discernment has grown as well, as has my determination to expose and fight it.

People like Donald Trump, whatever one’s personal or political feelings about him, are one manifestation of that equal, but opposite, reaction. I believe Trump truly loves America and wants to make it prosperous again; I also believe he has a number of worldly issues, which is not uncommon. Very often, the people who have a lot of good have a lot of bad as well. It is the people who have all bad, but no good, who we must be concerned about. I believe he really wants to save America, both for our benefit and to satisfy his massive ego (which in the grand scheme of things, is not the worst character flaw one can have).

It is that point that brings me to my issues with Glenn Beck, and others like him who have sold out the Liberty movement to the globalist establishment for their own personal gain. The only individuals, or organizations, I have called out in the articles I have written are so flamingly evil that it is one’s duty to call them out. In the case of Glenn Beck, my spirt tells me he is a demonic con artist fraud who has manipulated his listeners to serve his own agenda.

In a famous case, Glenn Beck allowed photographer Jill Greenberg to put a chemical in his eyes to make it appear he was crying for a GQ photoshoot, and later joked about it. To his die-hard supporters, it was something to be ignored as nothing more than a smear against him by the “left”. Yet, Beck was sending a strong message to the establishment that he could put out a story confirming he was a fraud, and his supporters would ignore it. Conservatives, Libertarians, Patriots and Christians who put their faith in him would look past the story, just as those who support Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama ignore their many scandals.

To see him over the course of this Presidential campaign, manipulating religious Conservatives to vote (and fast) for Ted Cruz by claiming he was “anointed by God” or by portraying him as the second coming of George Washington or Moses is disgusting. Yet, through his delusional rantings, he probably  believes he is a soldier of Christ (when, in fact, he is an agent of the Devil).

As his media empire collapses, he has resigned himself for what increasingly looks like the suicide mission that is stopping Donald Trump, because stopping the rise of Nationalism and Patriotism is more important than maintaining his media empire. Beck has joined the long line of traitors who will lead their manipulated followers over the cliff, taking our country and humanity’s future with them.

Though my heart is sad for those who have been manipulated, my spirit knows that prideful, evil people always fall. And make no mistake, those who hold the real power over our government have a demonically evil plan for humanity.

As companies chop and sell baby parts for a profit, as our government builds an all encompassing surveillance grid backed up by police state under the auspices of fighting “terrorism”,  as the government, media and popular culture paint Conservatives, Libertarians and gun-owners as the main threat to national security (just recently, ABC‘s show Quantico depicted an American terrorist cell shouting “Make America great again” before committing a terrorist attack), and as parents get their children taken away by a judge for daring to claim that chemtrails are a real threat to our health, it’s hard to imagine can get worse – but it will.

It is not enough to subjugate humanity, for those who are truly evil seek to have you willingly give yourself to it. A vampires could not physically enter your home unless you invited him in first. In doing so, by willingly letting evil in, you lose your soul in the process. As William Shakespeare said, “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once.” Scared of the truth to their core, eventually the soulless masses will come to believe evil is good and good is evil – a sickening perversion of reality.

People who, themselves, have no sense of compassion, love and honor hate those traits in others. They pretend to care about people, but at their core hate and seek dominion over them.

The perverted pleasure those who lie to, and manipulate, people get is incredibly sickening, and watching it can make one physically ill. They are carnivorous buzzards, perched on a branch over the rest of humanity; they are traitors not just to America, but to their own species. I ask nothing more than for them to go be with the rest of their kind in hell, away from me, my family, you and your family, and all those who love the dynamic and free human spirit.

This Presidential election is not about Trump or Clinton, or the false left-right paradigm that we have been boxed into – this election is a choice between nationalism and the globalist establishment (the same establishment that tells you they know better than you which candidate should be President, or indicate they will support the opposing party’s candidate because that candidate is part of their power-hungry globalist cabal).

In the end, there is no future for any of us if we do not stand up for free humanity in the face of some of the most evil people our world has ever seen.

Clifford Cunningham is a freelance writer from Massachusetts. He served two terms as a City Councilor in his hometown near Boston, leaving office in January 2016. He also contributes to Infowars.

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