Christians Bullied at Michigan “March 4 Trump” Event by Green Energy Lobbyists


Anti-Christian organizers tainted the largest “March 4 Trump” rally in the state of Michigan on Saturday after the primary event organizer denied scheduled speakers to speak at the rally, leaving many attendees feeling like their rights had been trampled upon in the state Capitol.

Mark Gurley, Michigan Republican Party Grassroots Vice-Chair, was not even allowed to give the opening prayer by the event organizer, Tammie Trescone Schwartz. He had to give the prayer session with a portable microphone and speaker system brought to the event by a fellow activist. In addition, Pastor Phil Smith and Dave Agema, former State Senator and RNC Committeeman from the state of Michigan, were not permitted on stage to speak, apparently due to their Christian conservative beliefs.

Gurley is an outspoken critic of radical Islam and wanted to specifically highlight the aspects of Trump’s agenda pertaining to keeping America safe from this threat. Jim Chiodo, a founding member of the West Michigan Republicans who was also banned from speaking by Schwartz, noted that “there was next to no mention of Trump’s travel ban from Islamic Countries or even the words Islamic Terrorism” at the event, leaving attendees to feel that the rally lacked substance and authenticity.

Different activists who dealt with Schwartz personally say that she was not only incredibly difficult to deal with in the weeks leading up to the rally, but she also did not know basic information about the Republican Party of Michigan. Several individuals attest that she could not even name the Republican Governor of her state. She repeatedly claimed that she did not want “all that Jesus talk” at “her rally” before taking to social media to accuse the folks she censored of racism without any proof. Schwartz had the permit for the rally in her name and used that as leverage to control attendees, going so far as to threaten to cut the electricity or even hand the stage over to Democrats if patriots did not obey her commands.

Schwartz worked with recently-elected Macomb County Republican Party chairman John Wolfsberger to shut grassroots conservatives out of the event. In an email exchange, Wolfsberger decreed that Agema would be bumped from the March 4 Trump event and replaced with Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley, a “Never Trump” Republican who urged Trump to quit a month prior last year’s election. It appears that Wolfsberger attempted to confuse a naive and overwhelmed event organizer in an attempt to co-opt the event on behalf of the corrupt state party establishment, but under the pressure, Schwartz ended up canceling Calley at the last minute as well. All sides were left with bad tastes in their mouths due to Schwartz’s incompetence.

Wolfsberger claimed that Schwartz was “fearful of her job” if she allowed Agema (pictured above next to Gurley and two Oathkeepers) to speak at the March 4 Trump rally

In spite of the series of strange, anti-conservative actions being taken by the event organizer, the front group pulling the streets for the event firmly stood behind their deranged underling and issued a statement further denigrating and insulting the Christian conservatives of Michigan.

“Main Street Patriots will not put up with being bullied by the radical left, nor will we put up with the bullying and threats from the very extreme radical right,” Main Street Patriots Co-Founder Ralph King said.

“It is unfortunate that some of Mr. Agema’s supporters have resorted to attempted bullying of Main Street Patriots about Mr. Agema not being allowed to speak. They have threatened to take over the Lansing Spirit of America Rally on March 4th,” Main Street Patriots Co-founder Debbie Dooley stated in spite of the fact that her lackey Schwartz openly promoted Agema as a speaker at the event.

Schwartz advertised former RNC Committeeman Dave Agema as a speaker to drive attendance to her rally, before denying him a stage to speak when he showed up.

The callous and inaccurate comments from these outsiders have raised some serious questions about why an out-of-state group was running the rally in the first place rather than local grassroots activists. A deeper look into exactly who the Main Street Patriots are sheds some light on why leftist tactics and anti-Christian attitudes are so prominently displayed by their activists.


While most tea party organizers fight the pernicious left-wing influence upon our great nation, Debbie Dooley set out to strengthen that influence. The co-founder of the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots, Dooley betrayed her limited government, constitutionalist roots to push leftist public policy across the country by creating her “Green Tea” alliance. The official website of Occupy Wall Street has raved about Dooley’s work to enforce green job mandates onto the unsuspecting residents of Georgia:

“Southern Company isn’t rushing to jeopardize its lucrative business model by embracing alternative energy. But thanks to Green Tea efforts and a Public Service Commission vote of 4 to 1 in July, the company will be required to obtain 525 megawatts of additional solar power by 2016…”

“We don’t need taxpayer funded government subsidies and renewable energy mandates,” AFP Georgia wrote in a statement on the Georgia solar plan. “The government has spent $14 billion since 2009 propping up renewable energy projects. They wouldn’t have to do that if the technology was more market ready.”

Solyndra Conservatives like Dooley and her “Main Street Patriots” front group are not content with merely enforcing green energy mandates in Georgia, but want to expand those anti-free market policies to other states as well. According to a Guardian report, Dooley has been working with the left to take on conservative organizers to enforce these mandates in Florida as well.

When Dooley took her carpet-bagger routine to Louisiana, she drew the ire of the legitimate tea party activists of the state. The Tea Party of Louisiana released a caustic statement denouncing Dooley’s lobbying efforts on behalf of subsidies and mandates for solar panels. They accused her of pushing a “program that takes tax money from schools, hospitals, and roads” and funneling those resources to a glorified corporate welfare scheme. It seems as if Louisiana activists have similar disdain to Dooley and her minions as the conservative activists in Michigan.

Dooley portrays herself as an ordinary, courageous woman of the people who is only concerned about leaving a better world for the generations to come. “I have a grandson, Aiden, who is seven. He’ll know I fought for energy choice and freedom, he’ll know I fought for a clean environment for him, so he wouldn’t have a polluted world. I see it is my legacy to him,” she said to Guardian reporters.

However, Dooley’s paymasters and the interests they represent reveal a much different story. The story of a cunningly deceitful activist who saw an opportunity to re-brand herself as a populist Tea Party reformer while pushing environmental policies straight out of the far-left handbook.

Back in 2015, Reuters blew the lid off of the scam being perpetrated by Dooley and other “conservatives” on the dole to lobby on behalf of leftist environmentalist causes:

Floridians for Solar Choice, a group Dooley helped found to qualify a rooftop solar initiative for the 2016 Florida ballot, has received about 95 percent of its funding – more than $360,000 – from the Southern Alliance For Clean Energy (SACE) and its political arm the SACE Action Fund, traditional environmental groups with long records of climate change activism…

The SACE Action Fund, for example, describes itself as “striving to make clean energy solutions to climate change a top priority.” When asked by a reporter for her views on global warming, Dooley responded: “That’s not something I am thinking about or taking a position on.”

“You start talking about climate change and global warming and people will tune you out,” she said. “But you talk about monopolies and competition and the need for security against a terrorist attack, they will listen.”

In actuality, the Main Street Patriots are a front-group for the exact same “Green Jobs” agenda that Obama aggressively pushed as President. This is a group whose members proudly spits in the faces of legitimate grassroots conservatives across the country, shoves leftist policies down the throats of unsuspecting voters with deceptive rhetoric, and commonly works to co-opt the legitimate tea party and freedom movements to line their own pockets.

Patriots would be well-advised to be on guard against infiltrators and usurpers such as Dooley and her Main Street Patriots or be prepared to receive incredibly disrespectful treatment at what is supposed to be their own rallies. There were no further reports of serious tension or strife at any of the dozens of March 4 Trump rallies taking place across Michigan.


  1. I guess I am Trumps biggest supporter because now the media are treating me the same. Now I am getting up and personal experience with the DISHONEST MEDIA!! Looks to me that they are pointing out the wrong group and using the Lords name to lie. Trump includes ALL Americans these people that spread all these lies do not what to include ALL Americans, this was a Pro-Trump rally. All I asked that no racist or anti-gay remarks were said and some people Refused. Actually, the people spreading these lies are using Trump for their own Agenda and are not true Trump Supporters!! Before people question and attack they should get the real story then they wouldn’t sound so foolish!

    • Yeah, the Christians at the event were very disgusted by your bigoted behavior. They spoke out about your shameful actions, and you’ve been exposed. Just conduct yourself with more honor and integrity in the future, then you won’t have to lie to cover yourself like you’re doing right now,

    • Shane G Trejo Yea ok a Bigots calling me a Bigot to funny, go back and join all the other DISHONEST MEDIA! You don’t even know what religion I am. I did speak with honor and integrity sorry if the people you associate yourself with wanted to express “Anti-gay” and “Racist” remarks. Like I said Before people question and attack they should get the real story then they wouldn’t sound so foolish! Have a Blessed Day!

    • Tammie, you need to learn the definition of personal responsibility. You made your own bed with your behavior, now you have to live with it. I don’t think any patriot or conservative or Trump supporter in Michigan will want anything to do with you after how you conducted yourself this past weekend.

      • I beg to differ. Main Street Patriots is just getting started and we are proud of the job Tammie did… We have a big list of activists in Michigan that want to become active with us.

  2. Since why are lies and deception Christian values? Your little cabal of allies have been outright deceptive and told lies about me, Tammie and what went on at the rally.

    Main Street Patriots Spirit of America were NOT religious rallies . If you think we were going to sit by and let a little group of anti-semites, bigots and racists hijack the rally you were mistaken. I did research on your little group of allies. Tammie approached me about the controversy surrounding Dave Agema. I researched Dave and was shocked he was ever elected a RNC member. I told her we did not want him speaking under any circumstances. If you and your friends have an issue with that, then take it up with us. Tammie was just following our instruction.

    Btw, I am actually one of 22 national co-founders of the national tea party movement that began in 2009. I have never received one dime in pay for my tea party activities. You will look extremely foolish trying to portray me as anything other than a right wing conservative.

    We were very clear from the beginning that our rallies were going to be inclusive and positive. We had prayer at our Atlanta Rally to open it. The man that I asked to pray was Chair of the Trump Campaign’s National Diversity Coalition, who happens to be a very close friend. He said a very positive, non-offending prayer.

    I am a Christian, and in fact, I am an Independent Baptist preacher’s kid. I can debate anyone, anytime on what the Bible says. I fought for Religious Liberty Bills in Georgia and called for a boycott of companies that blocked the religious liberty bill..

    You outright lied about me being a solar lobbyist. I have never been. My approach toward energy is an all the above approach. I supported drilling in Anwar, support Keystone, support coal, fossil fuel, etc.
    I support a free market approach toward clean energy, including solar. I also think it is past time to unplug electric monopolies. When you attacked me for being a co-founder of Floridians for Solar Choice, you also attack the following groups that are also founding members of Floridians for Solar Choice.

    Christian Coalition of America
    Libertarian Party of Florida
    Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida
    Republican Liberty Caucus of Tampa Bay
    The Tea Party Network

    You guys have no shame. If you think for one moment we will be bullied by the likes of you and your friends, then think again..

    • The fact that you stand by Tammie after her unhinged and embarrassing public display is, quite frankly, shocking. Thanks for owning up to creating this entire mess and dividing the conservative grassroots in Michigan to satisfy your own self-serving agenda. You have really demonstrated your lack of character with your own words.

      Also, notice how neither Debbie nor Tammie have directly rebuked or disputed any of the facts mentioned in the article. It’s very telling.

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