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Communists Attack “Unite The Right” Organizer, Demand The Destruction Of America

Communist terrorists attacked “Unite the Right” principal organizer Jason Kessler today as he tried to address the public during a press conference, and then held a display of their own demanding the destruction of America and the capitalist system herein.

Kessler was attempting to defend the 1st Amendment and the cause of free speech when deranged leftist individuals started yelling in his face to deny him his basic civil liberties. He was punched in the face by a communist terrorist as he attempted to flee the podium. Afterward, members of the leftist terror group gloated on livestream about their open conspiracy to destroy the American system.

“Right now, there is a plan. We have a plan for how to defeat them, and I’m not talking about how to defeat a couple of Nazi’s in Charlottesville,” an organizer boasted. “I’m talking about how to defeat their whole system. They have military forces, they have a whole mighty power that they unleash on people all over the world. All of that is going to have to be defeated to uproot this capitalist system that spawned Trump and Pence.”

While the mass media is deliberately omitting details about leftists instigating violence at yesterday’s rally as well as law enforcement putting the entire city at risk by standing down, alt-right leaders are standing their ground and remaining civil in the face of extreme adversity–still believing that they have the moral high ground after their rights were violated yesterday.

“The state and the police actively collaborated with Black Lives Matter, an organization responsible for the murder of 5 cops last year,” Mike Enoch of said in a Tweet.

“This is the kind of stuff fuelling (sic) white supremacy today,” video blogger and refugee stopper Lauren Southern said in response to an anti-white Tweet from neoconservative atheist Sam Harris. “Media and even “skeptics” won’t judge whites equally. Held to harsher standard.”

Many lawsuits are expected to be filed in the wake of the carnage that was “Unite the Right.” But one thing is crystal clear, the communists and socialists will not be backing off one inch in their frenzied quest to destroy everything that Americans hold dear.


  1. Good analysis. thanks. The fake news media wants everybody to focus on a few national socialists (Nazis) while communist terrorists try to bring down civilization.

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