Considering Foreign Policy Issues: Sanctions & Statements!

Too often, Liberty-minded conservatives make the mistake of claiming certain leaders to be neocons without truly understanding what this means. Obvious answers on who are neocons can be agreed upon by all: John McCain. Lindsey Graham. Eric Cantor.

But the Liberty Movement must rethink certain issues and consider having allies. That does not mean compromising our values but being willing to consider certain issues from a different perspective.

First, we need to stop calling anybody who supports sanctions on certain countries neocons. While some may argue justifiably that sanctions are unnecessary and costly to the United States, they are a more peaceful alternative to going to war. Consider sanctions liked dealing with a schoolyard bully by refusing to make any interactions with him. That is a preferred action to punching him which is the equivalent of going to war.

Does that mean that if you oppose sanctions you should support them? By no means. But do think carefully before you begin calling anybody who supports sanctions a neocon. They are in truth looking out more for the safety of the United States.

Read more about economic sanctions here: Link

Another area in which some in the liberty community have attacked leaders for being neocons have been in the area of their words. They claim that blasting nations for being evil and committing crimes against humanity will lead to war. Never should we intervene and send troops or invest money or weapons in an area where the United States role is not clearly defined. But neither should we refuse to call evil what it is: evil.

The Liberty Movement is truly the movement of freedom and sane foreign policy. But we must learn that a sane foreign policy does not just include a refusal to be involved in foreign entanglements, but must also allow respect for those who call out against the evil in this world. Women and children are getting killed in the Middle East. Boko Haram is on the lose kidnapping girls and forcing them into their radical religion. Latin American drug cartels are causing chaos on the streets. There are evil leaders and terrorists around the globe, and while we cannot and should not be involved in all areas, we must not condemn those who speak out against this evil.

Some may cry peace, peace, but is there peace for the women, children, and people in this globe who are ruled by ruthless leaders and caused grief by the actions of terrorists?

Neocons seek to invade lands and kill more than they save. They want to build nations and will always refuse to find ways to get us out of these countries.

National Defense Conservatives may not be members of our movement, but we must keep them as allies and not drive them away. Because truly, they will be the ones to prevent us from going to war while calling for peace in the world.

Refusing to recognize this difference will be the detriment of our movement. We do not have to compromise our values, but we must consider the views of our allies if we are to succeed.

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