Defense Attorney Cries Foul After Open Carry Activists Receive Felony Convictions

A Michigan lawyer claims that the civil liberties of his client was violated in the court of law. Two open carry activists made national news after they open carried firearms into a police office while filing a complaint. They were convicted of felony charges last week based on technicalities.

“They did nothing illegal yet were met with extreme violence at gunpoint,” attorney Nicholas Somberg said. “They knew that they were within their rights to do what they were doing.”

41-year-old Brandon Vreeland and 24-year-old James C. Baker broadcast an open carry display while inside a police office in Dearborn, MI as they were filing a complaint back in February. Although they technically broke no laws with their demonstration, they were still promptly arrested for their stunt.

Police had to examine all of the recorded video to create specious evidence in order to violate the 2nd Amendment rights of the two controversial libertarian protesters. Both men were eventually convicted of illegally carrying a concealed weapon. Somberg’s client, Vreeland was convicted of misdemeanor disturbing the peace and resisting arrest charges as well.

“There was no lawful basis to arrest Brandon in the first place. There has to be a lawful arrest for him to be detained,” Somberg said.

Presently, Somberg and his client are mulling an appeal to this ruling. He believes that Baker’s valid concealed pistol license will likely cause his conviction to be overturned. He believes that a judge’s apparent lack of experience led to a highly irregular turn of events cause Baker’s valid CPL to be thrown out, and does not anticipate for that to happen again during a potential appeal.

Somberg recorded a livestream of his own with two of his associates on Monday to discuss the case in full detail. Anyone looking for additional details about the case can find them on his law office’s Facebook page.

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