Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio Considering A Run For Jeff Flake’s Senate Seat


Senator Jeff Flake has drawn the ire of conservatives for some time now. His dogged ‘Never Trump’ positions have become tired for allies of the Trump Administration’s agenda and he’s been personally called out numerous times by Pthe resident himself. To their luck, he will be retiring from the United States Senate. When Senator Flake is gone, allies of the President will be looking to not only keep a Democrat from winning, but ensure a Republican wins who is an ally of the Trump agenda.

The White House is known to be actively assessing the situation in the Senate. The Washington Post previously reported a meeting was held Tuesday to discuss various races. During this race, Maine Governor Paul LePage’s name surfaced as a potential candidate.

Now another potential ally may be up, which would be good news for President Donald Trump. Former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio revealed he is seriously considering a run for the seat currently held by Senator Flake.

Arpaio has been a consistent target of the left for his tactics in addressing illegal immigration, which at times has been labeled harsh. He has been accused of racial profiling and other similar practices. Because of this, he was later held in contempt of court for refusing to stop. President Trump caused a controversy after pardoning Arpaio earlier this year.

It had been previously speculated that Arpaio would run for the seat of Republican Congressman Trent Franks, who announced recently he would be resigning from Congress after discussing surrogacy with female staffers. The comments had prompted an Ethics investigation.

In fact, Arpaio spoke favorably of Franks, who stated he had not intended to offend anyone, but would step aside anyway. In an interview with the Daily Beast, the former Sheriff described Franks as a great man and a great friend, before noting his exit was a huge loss for Arizona.

After Arpaio’s defeat last year, Democrats may rest comfortably knowing the popularity of this divisive figure has diminished. On the flip side, the involvement of the White House in Senate races could mean heavy resources being poured in to back Arpaio’s run. You can never count a fighter like this out.

The only problem at this point would be a potential split of the conservative vote. Former State Senator Kelli Ward is already in the running and has been building up for some time now. Arpaio may have the support of illegal immigration opponents, but there would be a risk of splitting the right-wing vote here. Ward has run as a pro-Trump candidate for the United States Senate before and has the bona fides. A split here would enable Democratic victory at a time when Republicans need to keep picking up seats.

Either Ward or Arpaio would be considered an ally to the Trump Administration agenda. After a year of legislative losses and failures to pass prominent legislation, both chambers of Congress need a shift. Not only in leadership, but in numbers. Flipping a seat held by Flake to someone like Joe Arpaio or Kelli Ward would be a major gain for the Trump Administration.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


    • Sally Dawson Simmons Ageism exists for a reason. It’s based on real-world experience. Completely disregarding Arapio’s corruption and moral bankruptcy -like that time he hatched a phony murder plot to frame an innocent man – he’s also unlikely to even live to complete a single term. He’s likely to fall asleep during meetings, forget key facts, be unable to work long hours, etc etc etc. This is just a reality of old age and is a perfectly fair observation. If donors are going to be expected to put money into a candidate, they should focus on someone who is likely to actually live out a full term.

    • PETA aren’t animal activists, they are terrorists. They want to end all human interaction with animals. They terrorize farms, zoos, private owners, steal dogs, etc. They interfere with conservation efforts all over the world. And what does a Hawaiian judge have to do with anything?

  1. UP with Joe … I hope you make it , Joe .. You Will be a positive influence and are even good for those who don’t like you … I suggest to my friends that it is not so much about being ” likable ” , as it is to be steady about doing the good and right thing s … God bless you , Joe …

  2. Joe Arpaio lost his office in 2016 due to incompetence. He clearly loves reading about himself.
    Should anybody wish to read about the dozens of sex crimes his office failed to investigate visit:

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