Is Steve Bannon The Secret Guest For Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit?

Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit begins tomorrow, and youthful conservative activists will be convening from across the country to listen to a roster of speakers that includes Donald Trump Jr, James O’Keefe, Dinesh D’Souza, Sebastian Gorka, Tomi Lahren and dozens of other national Republican leaders.

One name notably absent from the list of speakers is former White House chief strategist and current Breitbart News executive director Steve Bannon, the man largely responsible for orchestrating Trump’s electoral victory last November.

A flier was widely circulated showing that Bannon was appearing on the program, but an updated flier removed Bannon from the picture. A TPUSA activist implied in a social media post that the original flier was a mistake or forget, and that Bannon may be attending as a secret guest.

“He was never confirmed. He either was photoshopped in to the flier that was circulating, or he is a secret speaker,” said Lauren Kasle, a TPUSA organizer at Arizona State University, in a Facebook post.

Bannon is widely being blamed for Roy Moore’s shocking loss for the U.S. Senate in Alabama by the Republican Party establishment. If he does attend TPUSA, he will address the state of the populist anti-establishment Trump movement in the wake of this startling defeat.

The events begin tomorrow in West Palm Beach, FL and continue until Dec. 22. Up to 3,000 conservative activists aged 15-25 are expected to attend this third annual event.

“Students who attend this retreat will hear from guest speakers, receive first-class activism and leadership training, and participate in a series of networking events with political leaders and top-tier activist organizations,” the event description said. “Be part of the largest gathering of young, conservative students!”

The Liberty Conservative will be providing detailed coverage of the event. Please stay tuned for the latest up-to-date information about what is happening at this extravaganza.

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