Khizr Khan politicizes son’s death for Democratic gain

The Democratic National Convention was a wreck. After the left criticized Republicans for failing to contain the #NeverTrump rebellion, the Democrats had their moment and it was worse. While Senator Bernie Sanders sold his soul for political favor in pushing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, his supporters were standing firm in opposition to Clinton. Jill Stein banners were seen, Senator Sanders’ supporters booed party leadership, and progressives protested outside of the convention.

As the general election officially begins with Donald Trump leading the Republican Party, the Democrats have fallen apart.


Aside from the chaos, there was also the resignation of Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz triggered by a massive dump of e-mails between party leaders by Wikileaks. Among these files was proof that the Democratic National Committee all along had been in the bag for Clinton.

All of this could be forgotten however, if only the Democratic Party could just find its moment. Enter Khizr Khan.

Khan is the father of a soldier who died in Iraq and also a Muslim. He took to the stage to use his dead son as a political pawn against Trump and the Republicans. Repeatedly ripping policy points, Khan pointed out his son would have been banned by Trump and largely opposed. It was a strong speech that captivated even those who don’t normally follow politics, because it hit hard at home. While not everyone can relate to losing a child, many more can relate to having a child and knowing what that child means to them.

For parents, losing a child is beyond devastating. Khan and his wife likely felt an incredible amount of loss in this tragedy.


But in that case, why would Khan speak at the Democratic National Convention? The Democrats had come together to celebrate the nomination of Hillary Clinton. Clinton has a long history of supporting conflicts that endanger our troops and on questionable terms. Among these is the invasion of Iraq.

The Iraq conflict was where Khan lost his son.

Nothing can be taken away from the sacrifice of any soldier and nothing should be. Regardless of the reasons why a government engaged in war, it is the fault of the political leaders and not the soldiers. From Vietnam to Iraq, history has later shown after the fact that ambitious leaders eager for war will distort current events and stretch the truth to achieve their political goals.

Even if it means endangering the lives of soldiers.

This is why it is important to understand the hypocrisy in Khizr Khan’s defiant stand against Donald Trump. He’s playing politics, which is every American’s right, but he is also playing politics with the memory of his son. At the end of the day, Trump is likely not the politician most favorable to Muslims, but he is one who has spoken against the Iraq conflict. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton voted in favor of the Iraq conflict.

Would a Muslim ban had wrongfully discriminated against Khizr Khan’s son? Absolutely. But the Hillary Clinton-supported invasion of Iraq got his son killed. Which is worse?

On that point, why would Khizr Khan speak at the coronation celebration of Hillary Clinton?

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


  1. It is right to honor Captain Khan’s sacrifice. It is a fact, however, that in slightly different circumstances he could have died purely due to sectarian violence in the same place, due only to his Muslim Religion.

    Perhaps Capt Khan’s commitment to These United States of America was different from that of his father, Khazr. Being a Muslim does not disqualify one from being a patriot of our country, but being a strict devotee of the letter of Koranic Law DOES disqualify one from being a patriot.

    The Koran may be considered as a “holy book”, but even more, it is a law book by which lives must be lived. It is a constitution that, if not followed, is to result in the death of non-adherents. This alternative constitution is entirely in conflict with The United States Constitution. They cannot coexist.

  2. It has been 12 years since his sons death, so how long will he use it for political gain?/ His wife is in such mourning that she can’t speak, so how does she get along without speaking for 12 years?. Phonys, both of them.

    • you are so far into your denial of reality that you slander parents of a slain solider and think that is ok because that’s what trump does. So please tell us, what is the acceptable amount of time for mourning a death – because I think it lasts a lifetime and never ends

      • I lost a brother in the war and it is painful, but I never got to the point that I couldn’t talk about it after 12 years. You cannot use it forever to gain political points. That was to shield the fact that Muslims don’t let their wives speak. Khan should never have trashed Trump at the convention because Trump always hits back, even though what Trump said was nothing compared to Khans hatred. Khans loss is not an excuse for him to spew hate.

        • laulau -try to keep up on the news. His wife explained why she didn’t speak because of the emotional pain and then went on to write a great editorial for the Washington Post – so much for your, “Muslims don’t let their wife’s speak.” Two women who lost sons gave speeches at the RNC but their husbands didn’t speak – did you assume it meant their religions didn’t permit husbands to speak? You trumpites are amazing…you start out with a belief and then try to
          make all the facts fit that belief- no matter how convoluted and contrived

          • Nobody asked the fathers of the Bengazi killings to speak and they told the truth, and didn’t make up things lie Khan did.. Muslims are known to consider women as unimportant slaves. Isn’t it in the Koran? Anyway, what trump said was not as offensive as what Khan said. He does not know what Trump reads, so it is stupid to say he does.

          • laulau – so what is the lie that you think Mr Kahn told? Guess you have never read the Bible as it has equally ugly statements about women – are you going to assume all Christians consider women as unimportant slaves too. Try reading about the numerous witch hunts republicans in Congress conducted on Bengazi – without one accusation gaining any credibility…but people like you don’t let facts get in the way, which is why you support trump

          • Bert, you are behind times, you better get caught up about what was really going on. Oh that’s right you have SELECTIVE READING.

          • The lie the Muslim told was that Trump never read the Constitution.

            Soldiers in Bengazi nearby said they never got an order to help, yet there were hours of pleading for help sent to the State Department.
            Try not to be so sarcastic when commenting.

          • If Trump has read the Constitution, you sure would not know it from his statements and positions.

          • What does the Constitution have to do with anything Trump has sais or done concerning controlling immigration.

          • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

          • That has to do with AMERICAN CITIZENS and any current resident here legally. We could STOP ALL OR ANY IMMIGRATION at ANY TIME. Nothing THIS DEMOCRATIC HACK HAD To say had anything to do with anything Trump has said or done.

          • Sorry, the Constitution applies to everyone whether you are a citizen, legal, or illegal national. We could stop all immigration at any time; however, you cannot target a group based on there religion because that would be a violation of the first Amendment. You asked the question, I answered………

          • Wrong. Some protections of the Constitution do attach to anyone currently in this Country. However anyone in this Country Illegally is committing a crime and should be sent back. Someone can’t come to this Country and say I WANT FREEDOM OF RELIGION you can’t send me back. Again NOTHING TRUMP SAID OR DID OR PROPOSED HAD TO DO ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE KHANS> Research it he is a Democratic Hack that was intentionally used by the Democrats which is more despicable than anything.

          • I have no problem with controlling the boarder. However, it has been our policy as a nation to allow illegal crossing for the last 50 years +. So, I have a hard time demonizing people that want to come to America to better themselves when we do not enforce our own boarder. If a foreign national commits a crime or want welfare, send them home, but lets not demonize a whole group of mainly hard working people over a very few bad apples.

            Honestly, I could careless about the Khans. However, Trump does have a problem with following the Constitution.

          • Actually it hasn’t been an ” Official Policy” as it is now to allow illegals to flow across our Borders. Do you see whats going on in Europe since EU with people flowing wherever they want??? Sheriffs in the Counties of Az will tell you we have no borders for 70 or more miles into the US. Anyone who doesn’t believe that RADICAL ISLAMIST TERRORISTs aren’t infiltrating this Country are living in Disney World. Hispanics that illegally come to this Country from Mexico and South America live as cheap as they can and send most of their money back home where 100 US Dollars are worth more than a thousand. There is an old saying that goes like this ” Democracy is the worst form of Government there is BUT it is the best one we have. I’m more of an anti Clinton/Liar/Criminal/Communist than I am a Trump supporter, however I feel that we need a non lifetime politician more than ever. Just research before you make your decision on Election Day from other sources of a Liberal Media that has pushed the Obama Clinton agenda rather than objectively reporting the facts. I have been in positions where I have taken an oath to uphold the US Constitution and Obama/Clinton are 2 of the worst. Just ask yourself this? If you were a Billionaire, which Trump is , although in debate how many Billions, living in a 3 story penthouse in NYC would you take a pay cut to run for President???? He would make a lot more money staying where he is rather than running for President.

          • I lived in San Diego 40 years ago, the movement across the board was likely easier back than.

            Trump is feeding his ego, he is no saint.

          • We don’t want a saint. We want a plain speaker, who is strong enough to:
            • get rid of all the illegal aliens that are sponging of off our welfare, and • to round up all the dangerous refugees and resettle them back in the Middle East in safe-zones that cost 1/12th of what it cost of supporting them here.
            • we want him to work a miracle and get jobs returned.
            • we want the vets taken care of
            • and get rid of Obamacare.
            • we want our laws obeyed
            • and our full Constitution honored.
            • we want them to get their grubby little hands off our gun rights, as no one is giving them up, I suspect without bloodshed.
            • we want our military rebuilt.
            • we want laws written making it illegal to bring communism or any of its many forms into America.
            • we want Hillary and Obama arrested and convicted of crimes against American.

            While Trump does that we need to work at cleaning out the corruption in the Houses. Anyway that is a start.

          • haha i think ive made this exact comment 10+ times. thank you for resotoring my faith after i scrolled through too many of these comments

          • it is not a “policy” to break the law. Otherwise, i’d be out robbing banks cause i sure could use the money.



            This part of your COMMENT, QUOTE “but lets not demonize a whole group of mainly hard working people over a very few bad apples.” EXPOSES YOU AS A SOCIALIST LIBERAL !!! I ASK YOU, IS THERE ANY LIBERAL WHO HAS NOT SAID THIS? MILLIONS OF LIBERALS !!! A LITTLE OVER THE TOP WOULDN’T YOU SAY??? REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, SPIN, SPIN, SPIN !!!






            “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE !!!”

            Trump vs. Kahn GOLD STAR FAMILY CONTROVERSY 8-05-16



          • Not true. There are a few rights reserved for citizens. Among them are the right to vote, the right to hold most federal jobs, and the right to run for political office.

          • Sure, those are privileges for citizens, and thus those rules also apply to foreign nationals. Other wise they would not be a privilege. Your statement contradicts itself.

          • No those are exceptions. No illegal can legally vote, hold most federal jobs, or run for politely office.

          • Not true, you are following into a trap of generalizations. When considered minutely there are excepts that are then bases for other laws. They feed off of each other, so to speak.

          • Not totally rule. They have a bill in the House right now try to make that so. I for one am totally against the bill. We must protect our right to refuse anyone with a dangerous religious ideology.

          • Really, as a child, I could literally walk into mexico without going through a check point.

          • You know you have won the argument when someone does not have a rational argument and the only thing they can think of is resorting to name calling.

          • because there’s no point talking to somebody like you. you are a brainwashed demo.

          • read Chapter 2, Section 212 of the Immigration Law of 1952 where it says that people who are members of ANY group that advocates the violent overthrow of our form of government and Constitution will NOT be allowed to enter this country as an “immigrant.” That means EVERY SINGLE Muslim that has been let in is ILLEGAL to be here, and if they became citizens, it is NOT VALID because their citizenship was illegally granted.

          • Not totally rule. They have a bill in the House right now trying to make that so. I for one am totally against the bill. We must protect our right to refuse anyone with a dangerous religious ideology.

          • Well, Zigman,


          • First, let me just point out that you should have clearly used all capital letters because that would have made the impact of your statement all that much more impressive.

            Second, I’m not defending the President. In fact, I have stated in the past that the President’s and Hillary’s war in Libya was/is unconstitutional because no decoration of war has been made. Congress is at fault here also for not excising their Constitutional responsibilities. A similar argument could be made for Syria also.

          • The USA has under no obligation to allow anyone to immigrate they do not want to accept.

          • True; however if you make any law (including immigration laws) that targets a group bases on Religion, that that law is thus unconstitutional.

          • not for a NON-CITIZEN. What is it you don’t understand about our Constitution being for our citizens? do you think we would use our Constitution in France? Haiti? Belgium? OR I N V A D E R S ? ? ? ?

          • It seem you are the confused, the Constitution applies to all citizen (even if they are out of the country) and persons in our boarder and territories. Laws must conform with the Constitution including immigration laws.

          • i am not confused. i am saying that the constitution does not apply to an ILLEGAL ALIEN. they are NOT citizens.

          • Karen, this might help, read Chapter 2, Section 212 of the Immigration Law of 1952 where it says that people who are members of ANY group that advocates the violent overthrow of our form of government and Constitution will NOT be allowed to enter this country as an “immigrant.” That means EVERY SINGLE Muslim that has been let in is ILLEGAL to be here, and if they became citizens, it is NOT VALID because their citizenship was illegally granted.

          • No, Karen, Zigman is correct. Our Constitution does apply to illegals but with some exceptions.

          • read Chapter 2, Section 212 of the Immigration Law of 1952 where it says that people who are members of ANY group that advocates the violent overthrow of our form of government and Constitution will NOT be allowed to enter this country as an “immigrant.” That means EVERY SINGLE Muslim that has been let in is ILLEGAL to be here, and if they became citizens, it is NOT VALID because their citizenship was illegally granted. 3

          • I tried using this before any no one takes it seriously, but I like you, still believe it is suitable in MANY ways. In fact not a single illegal would be allowed to imigrate because they are paupers. Illegals are also bringing in epidemics of TB, leprosy, and polio just to name a few. The refugees are bringing epidemics of measles. All these things should exempt them from being admitted into the United States.

            However once they’re here the United States doesn’t do anything to try to handle it. This is the problem you have with fast tracking these people into America. There is no time for diseases to surface. Nor is there time to give appropriate inoculations.

            Here are the three pages in question and the link to the whole file.

          • Again not totally true, as Shariah is unConstitutional, so it is not, and cannot, be protected due to its tenants.

          • read Chapter 2, Section 212 of the Immigration Law of 1952 where it says that people who are members of ANY group that advocates the violent overthrow of our form of government and Constitution will NOT be allowed to enter this country as an “immigrant.” That means EVERY SINGLE Muslim that has been let in is ILLEGAL to be here, and if they became citizens, it is NOT VALID because their citizenship was illegally granted. The End

          • Zigman, it is not a religion, never has been anything but a cult with blind followers. You might want to read the following; read Chapter 2, Section 212 of the Immigration Law of 1952 where it says that people who are members of ANY group that advocates the violent overthrow of our form of government and Constitution will NOT be allowed to enter this country as an “immigrant.” That means EVERY SINGLE Muslim that has been let in is ILLEGAL to be here, and if they became citizens, it is NOT VALID because their citizenship was illegally granted.because if we follow this law as we are supposed to, it will disallow entry to the whole Muslim Cult as the the whole MUSLIM cult is made up to destroy every race and religion and dominate the world with ISLAM and Shira Law. Muslims then are illegal as their cult scripture plainly states it is their duty to kill non muslims and to advance ISLAM by any means.

          • right on that hubba! i keep asking why khan referred to it? But you know it doesn’t really matter. demons will say anything and think the sheep won’t notice! well, the sheep are noticing!

          • 1. Trump stated he wanted to issue an executive order mandating the death penalty for cop killers which is a violation of the Fifth Amendment’s due process protections.

            2. Trump wants to stop the so called “anchor babies” which is a violation of the 14th Amendment and even take their Citizenship which the Constitution simply does not grant anyone the ability to do.

            3. Trump wants to seize assets of foreign nation’s funds so they cannot send money back home, this would be a violation of Congress’ constitutional power over the regulation of foreign commerce.

            4. Stop immigration of Muslims and possible forced registration which would be a violation of the First Amendment because it targets individuals based on their religion.

            5. Trump stated he would loosen libel laws to allow public officials to sue the press more easily, which is of course another violation of the First Amendment.

            6. Trump commented about going after the judge in the Trump University case, which is of course a Violation of the Separation of Powers in the Constitution.

            These all show Trump’s contempt for the Constitution.

          • Wow. , but can’t he change some of these laws? I think he means to change some laws. We can’t let terrorists come here Muslim isn’t a religion tho.?…a cult..
            People sue the Enquirer all the time. So???… He meant that people should be able to sue publications that lie.
            So, when Mexicans here send money home, he can’t fine them?
            We have the death penalty for certain crimes…why not for killing a cop ?

          • I’m sorry, I guess you do not understand what the Constitution is or how it is applied.

          • Yes you are correct, but I have never heard Trump talk about amending the Constitution. I apologize for my comment above (I’m going to amend it).

          • You can change the articles by amending the Amendments. A example of that is the 17th Amendment.

          • True, the Constitution Trumps all other laws. It is also why Shariah is illegal in America and can never be made legal.

            Quote Excerpt: Conclusion in its entirety
            The U. S. Constitution and Sharia Law…
            In conclusion, it is clear from the writings of several of our earliest presidents, as well as the texts of the nation’s founding documents, that American principles are not at odds with – and imperiled by – some “radical” or “extreme” version of Islam. Rather, it is the mainstream doctrine of shariah that constitutes the threat to the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms it enshrines. That incompatibility has several practical implications: For one thing, the shariah legal code cannot be insinuated into America – even through stealthy means or democratic processes – without violating the Constitution’s Article VI Supremacy Clause, which requires that the Constitution “shall be the supreme Law of the land.”

            Even more reprehensible is the willingness of some among America’s elites, and it would appear even a subset of its elected leaders, to accede to these groups’ increasingly insistent contention that shariah is compatible with the U.S. Constitution. In fact, based on shariah’s tenets, its core attributes – especially its intolerance of other faiths and disfavored populations and its bid for supremacy over all other legal or political systems, there can be no confusion on this score: As the Framers fully understood, shariah is an enemy of the United States Constitution. The two are incompatible.
            End Quote

          • 1) Laws are passed that require mandatory penalties all the time. The laws are applied after conviction. Bill Clinton signed anti-crime legislation that put massive numbers of Blacks in jail. According to Hillary it was to remove the predators from the streets. It put a generation of black men in jail.
            2) There are bills in the House to repeal the automatic anchor baby law, as America is one of the few countries that still have it. Most all the others stopped it years ago. We are LONG over due to repeal the law ourselves.
            3) Trump said he would change a rule under the USA Patriot Act antiterrorism law to cut off a portion of the funds sent to Mexico through money transfers, commonly known as remittances. Totally legal.
            4) Immigration proceedings are matters of administrative law, not criminal law. (As a result, the consequence of violating your immigration status is not jail but deportation.) And Congress has nearly full authority to regulate immigration without interference from the courts. Because immigration is considered a matter of national security and foreign policy, the Supreme Court has long held that immigration law is largely immune from judicial review. Congress can make rules for immigrants that would be unacceptable if applied to citizens. Furthermore the refugees are embedded with ISIS. Bringing them into America is aiding and bedding the enemy, an enemy that through their Shariah/Islam supports the overthrowing of our government, thus bringing them into American qualifies as treason. By Section 110 of Article III. of the Constitution of the United States.
            5) Americans can already sue the press for liable, so this is a non-issue.
            6) The judge assigned to his case has numerous serious conflicts of interest. I looked into the case right after it came into question. Not all the suits were classaction and the first cases have already been dismissed.

            So no it is you who is ill-informed and trying to make something out of a lot of nothing.

          • 1. Does not change the fact that Trump Stated he would change criminal law with an executive order.
            2. There maybe bill in Congress; however, that does not make them any less unconstitutional.
            3. OK, so Trump plans to use Congress to immorally seize people’s money, that makes it so much better. The Unpatriotic Act has eroded many of our civil liberties and many parts of it and how it has been applied are also unconstitutional.
            4. The first Amendment still applies to immigration law.
            5. It has been clearly established that politicians and public figures are in a special category when it comes to liable laws.
            6. Does not change the fact that Trump essentially made threats to retaliate against the Judge.

            You kind of sound like Nancy Pelosi talking about the Constitution.

          • 1) He probably wouldn’t need to use an executive order, as the public and Congress are fed up with cop killing. He could present his request and Congress could give it to him. Especially if the killings continue, and rightly should. In any case crimes against police already cop to a high level of punishment.
            2) There is nothing unConstitutional about blocking anchor babies. It was a concessional gift, nothing more. A child should only be given unconditional citizenship, if he or she is born of an American Citizen. Look Americans are sick of illegal aliens abusing us. We are not going to tolerate it any longer. If they want to come to America immigrate legally or get out. We are a land of laws, and we want those laws obeyed. We are cleaning the Houses out of anyone we feel is corrupt or working for foreigners over AMERICANS. If it were up to me I’d fire the majority of their asses right now! They are pathetic excuses for elected officials and far too many are on the take.
            3) Trump is not immorally seizing people’s money, he is holding it until Mexico pays for the Wall. Look it is done all the time in government between countries, it’s called sanctions.
            4) The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices. It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely. It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government. That said Shariah is the exception due to its core values, the main ones are it’s tenant supporting the overthrowing of our government, and its bid for supremacy over our Constitution. To be exact over Article VI, Supremacy Clause, which states that not law is higher in our land than the Constitution.
            5) A special category but not exempt from our laws. For example none can sue a sitting president. However Congress has actions available to them to bring justice including impeachment, if the crime is egregious enough—only for “Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”
            6) I would have to know what Trump said exactly to be able to comment on that.

            I have been studying the Constitution of late, because the Obama administration has been violating it, and I have been helping supply possible avenues in which the State’s can sue the administration.

          • so how would you explain the crap that obuma and hellary have done and will do?

          • I’m not saying they are any better. (This replay is for all your comments to me) Cheers

          • right. and what did reading the constitution have to do with ANYTHING that was said? Unless maybe that we don’t have to LET ANYBODY IN THIS COUNTRY. Khan better be careful what he asks for.

          • jesus you suck now you’re trying to compare christianity to islam? I didn’t read anywhere in the bible where sacrifice is necessary to promote the religion. get off you liberal high horse have the decency to realize the politically correct corruptocrats are ruining our society and this was all a ploy setup by them to try and get trump to say something negative so they could get a boost in the polls. You want to vote for Crooked Hillary so she can take more of your tax dollars straight to the clinton foundation, paying for her pantsuits, throwing money at illegals and people not wanting to get jobs and eliminating the middle class go right ahead. Im just going to call you an idiot.

          • Try to keep up on the news. The Father is a democratic political hack, that is so far up the Clintons, DNC etc asses it isn’t funny. Their son was a hero but nothing that they attacked Trump for had anything to do with their son. Bill Clinton decimated our military in the 90s. Obama and Hillarys policies in the Middle East have caused more unnecessary deaths on the battlefield than any other CIC. Rules of engagement that you have to call and get permission to engage an enemy trying to kill you. When Benghazi was going on they had a Marine Response team changing in and out of uniform on the tarmac because they couldn’t decide if the wanted to offend Libyia or not. Again Trump had nothing to do with their sons death. The Khans and the DNC used their sons death for political purposes. The freedom of religion in our Constitution has nothing to do with who we admit as immigrants. We can stop all immigration tomorrow.

          • Don’t over play your hand, everyone knows a woman is consider chattel in the Muslim family. If he didn’t want her to speak he would control her. Muslim men beat their wives at will. Americans know more about Islam than you like to think. If you want to worship that cult it would be better if you moved to the Middle East.

          • His pain does not stop him from selling American Visas to people who want to come to this country. He has a vested interest in trying to make Donald Trump look bad. The Democrats exploited his son’s death, which he allowed them to do, to promote their agenda.

          • wrong. she didn’t speak because she was worried they were going to get caught in the truth of what he does for a living.

          • LMFAO Look at the polls were Hillary is ahead of Trump. Using a little common sense or good judgement what does that tell you. It tells me we have more stupid people in this country then not stupid , and I remember days when it was not like that. Nowadays people don’t care how corrupt our government is , if they did Hillary wouldn’t even get 1 vote.

        • absolutely correct. what did Trump say? Why is your wife just sitting there? WOW WHAT SLANDER! (SARCASM). come off it!!! Just like everything else. If Mr. Trump says it’s morning, they will make something out of it. KEEP GOING MR. TRUMP YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!!!!!

          TRUMP 2016

      • From the speech it seemed clearly a 1 or 2 year loss. From a rational viewpoint. It will get softer with time. The memory never fades, but a moment on national stage will definitely evoke strong emotions not normally felt. Hats off to sensationalism at its finest.

        • s k alexander – did you also feel the presentations at the RNC by a mother of a slain soldier and a mother of a slain police officer were also sensationalism – the double standard of trumpites is just amazing

          • I would suggest that u shouve that finger u pointed at me up ur ass. You prematurely shot ur wad. Thinking about your accusation of

          • s k alexander – well how can I possibly respond to such an intelligent, well thought out response – are you 10 years old – can’t you even engage in a normal discussion without resorting to a childish rant – I continue to lose respect for trumpites with every post people like you make

          • And what does your little SHIELD mean? Go play GET SMART somewhere else Jr G-Man. Stop posting from your Mommies basement and get a real job TROLL.

          • hubbabubba – why do you immediately regress to a child like state and start making inane, insulting comments when someone disagrees with you? Are you incapable of an adult to adult conversation? The hateful anger many trumpites demonstrate is very sad.

      • The clinton people used that family. How about all the other soldiers who died that weren’t Muslim ? Why was just that family there, because they were Muslim. He wants to stop “illegal ” immigrants. Clinton is a joke

        • Mr Kahn was invited to speak to demonstrate that Muslims love America too – so much that they are willing to sacrifice their life to protect it…did you miss that point? It was an effort to counter the hateful rhetoric of Trump concerning Muslims.

          • As usual you Libturds lie about what was actually said. Maybe you’re not hard of hearing, just hard of listening. Mr. Trump said to delay importing them until the problems with vetting are solved. Just that and no more. Maybe they will deliver a load to your home town so you can enjoy the unexpected up close. Hope they’ll leave your family alone. Maybe not. But then you will never be sure.

          • calm down and don’t get your panties in a bunch –
            I have several Muslim friends – do you personally know any – it might help if you took the time to get to know some…maybe visit a Mosque. I think you will find they are far different than as portrayed by so many hateful people who know nothing about them. I also plan to host a refugee family in the near future

          • I hope they thank you and cut your head off when they become established. We need less people with your perverted view. Can’t you or anyone understand AMERICA cannot accept the world’s population. They must be vetted and any committing crimes in the first 20 years will be deported. All nationalities must be vetted and go on a list like everyone else until they apply for legal immigration.

          • bushmaster – you trumpites are amazing – if someone disagrees with you, you go into a childish insulting rant – guess you really don’t believe in freedom of speech after all

          • Wow. You are something else. It is disappointing that people like you still live in America.

          • read Chapter 2, Section 212 of the Immigration Law of 1952 where it says that people who are members of ANY group that advocates the violent overthrow of our form of government and Constitution will NOT be allowed to enter this country as an “immigrant.” That means EVERY SINGLE Muslim that has been let in is ILLEGAL to be here, and if they became citizens, it is NOT VALID because their citizenship was illegally granted.

          • The Quran and the Sunnah have told me all I need and want to know. Also, conversations with converted (to Christianity ) former Muslims professed that no true follower of the Quran can ever be considered “moderate”. Else they would no longer be considered Islamic. You appear to have bought in to the Liberal BS.

          • Boy, you are so full of shit and you must be a MUSLIM. I almost threw up reading your first sentence. It was a complete Broadway Play orchestrated by HILLARY CLINTON and the KAHN’s were to stupid to know it or sold their son out to ISLAM and HILLARY for a future government job if HILLARY wins the election. Kahn’s wife couldn’t talk one day but hit the talk show sceene bubbling her garbage the next day. I am an independent and I don’t care about either of them and I am also retired from the military and the Kahn’s desecrated their son’s memory all for political,or financial gain.

          • bushmaster – so do you think the mother of the slain solider and the mother of the slain police officer also desecrated their son’s memory

          • I will only comment on the soldier, YES BECAUSE I BELIEVE IT WAS ALL DONE UNDER THE APPROVAL OF HILLARY CLINTON. After 12 years, to come out and attack anyone, shows they are prejudice and looking for more from HILLARY after the election if she wins. They sold their son and their soles to ISLAM and HILLARY.

          • Mr Khan was invited/ volunteered because he was a Democratic insider HACK. who then used his son’s death to push his own Democratic agenda which includes being an Obama/Clinton/Democratic/Sharia Law/saudi Arabia insider. he was there for one reason only and that was to use his Sons Death as an American Hero for a POLITICAL AGENDA that actually has nothing to do with anything Trump has said, done or proposed, but it was a DIRECT ATTACK against TRUMP. He put himself in the poliutical arena using his sons heroism for his own political agenda. Research Mr Khan before you speak.

          • Not true. Make no mistake, his son was the patriot. Kahn showed himself as having less then honorable ulterior motives. Do not mistake the son for the father. You know nothing about the father before the son’s death and much about the son. The father could have been totally against everything his son did. There are many fractured families. We also now know that the father is promoting Shariah law, which makes him dangerous to our nation. We also know he is on a personal perceived vendetta. More likely one over Trump wanting a temporary ban on Muslims. Instead of Kahn recognizing the danger in bringing these Muslims, who we know for a fact are embedded with ISIS, into America he took it as a personal affront, which was unfair. That was the insecurity in Kahn’s mind, that had nothing to do with Trump. Kahn bought into the Democratic spin.


      • my best frirnd was killed in iraq while trying to find a way out of sniper fire to save his men his mom wasn’t invited oh yeah I forgot he wasn’t a muslim showpiece and yes it does last a lifetime but you go on
        using it as an excuse or a crutch or for a lifetime of sympathy doesn’t sit well with the rest of us

        • shark – republicans didn’t invite his mom to present at their convention either – you gonna get upset with them too? And
          do you also condemn those two women for “using it as an excuse or crutch.”So sad that you missed the main point of Mr. Kahn’s speech – that Muslims also love America – enough to sacrifice their life to protect it.

          • they also love it enough to try to destroy it get over it most of us are done caring what “people” like you think if you think they’re so wonderful and real Americans are so bad move to the middle east I’m sure they’ll welcome you with open arms

          • shark – my goodness – the illogical leaps of thinking that trumpites do is amazing and scary – do you have any education at all -certainly nothing on logical thinking, reasoning, or critical thinking – its so interesting that I didn’t say anything about “real Americans are so bad,” but somehow in your twisted mind you reached that conclusion – how sad that you have to build straw men to justify your absurd rants

          • I’m not sure what you believe a “Real American” is, but I am sure it is not you.

          • Bert, Trump had nothing to do with Khans sons death, yet he was trashed by Khan. T he Bengazi mothers speech had everything to do with Clinton and the sons death because Hillary caused it.

      • There is no acceptable time for mourning. However, have you read about Mr. Khans paper and that he is co-founder of a group who believes in and wants to bring Sharia law here. He is a NY immigration attorney so any stay on immigration could hurt his business. There is more but pull up his bio and read for yourself.

        • VL – please provide a reference for all your accusations- otherwise they are meanigless

          • So typical these days Bert. You challenge someone with no opposing data or anything of substance to support your own challenge.Then you somehow feel entitled to judge and demand from the person you challenged, to accept your responsibility, and do your research for you, supporting your own challenge. Get off your ass and do your own work or shut up. You are a perfect example of why America, is in so much trouble in this election. You pose a challenge to someone elses information or opinion with no opposing, alternative, or contributing information. In other words, without any effort put forth. And show no signs of accepting the appropriate responsibility required to make such a challenge valid. This is not in any way my opinion as to which of you I would agree or not agree with. As stated there is not enough data available to make an informed choice. It is just my reaction to the shallow and non-productive dialogues all to common about this election. I don’t know if people don’t realize how much and what is at stake in this election. Or if it is apathy or complacancy. But this is just too typical of most of the dialogues observed regarding this election. Instead of comprehensive exchanges of new or old, factual information, different perspectives of looking at the same information, differing opinions, but all with the goal of creating positive and optimal consensus on the issues. Instead it generally denogrates to a name callin’, pee’n contest, where no one wins and nothing is accomplished. Sorry Bert, but I truly fear for the republic.

          • Khan had a website to further his business of charging anyone and everyone to get a green card, and pulled his ads since he is being under fire.

      • whatever it might be, you don’t wait 12 years and then advertise it for base political purposes.

      • bert singleton , you need to take your head out of your ass long enough , and have some common sense so you can figure out that Hillary was using this Muslim for her political gain only. That tells me right there Hillary has no feelings for this family & this was way worst then what Trump said.

    • Yes paid for . Where is there mini mart? Trashy illegals is what crooked Hillary needs. Parasites living off true Americans

      • just read where he’s in the selling of visa for illegals business. figures. too bad the demoncrats can’t seem to get away with any of their little corrupt secrets anymore!!!

        TRUMP 2016

        • what good is it doing with all her corruption being out in the open , her supporters don’t care how big of liar or how corrupt she is .

          • how right you are. they are people who never read anything, who never research anything except when their next freebie will be!

    • I will second that motion , but it should have been more of an outcry on , phony Hillary’s part for her using a dead solider for political gain but no, nothing was ever said about that . She pisses me off every time her ugly devil face pops up, just knowing all the lies she is feeding everyone & what’s worst then that is that her supporters are just to stupid or don’t care how corrupt she is ..

  3. Clinton and Obama got his kid killed over there, and the only other muslim that I have heard about in the military is the one who killed the people at Fort Hood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rodney Furr – omg – you are so far down the rabbit hole of denial -bush started the war and invaded Iraq so Haliburton and other corporations could make billions off the tax payers – did you forget that little fact. If Bush had concentrated on the Afgans, where our enemy was, we vmight of had a real victory. Instead he moved the focus to Iraq because ,as Cheny said, Iraq was target rich while Afghanistan was target poor. If being target rich is a reason to invade, then we should of attacked target rich Europe

  4. so do you have the same opinion of the mother of a slain solider or the mother of a slain police officer who spoke at the RNC…….what a bunch of hypocrites you are to condemn Kahn and not these two for the exact same behavior

    • Oh, really. The DNC had family members speak. Which were raising “THUGS”! Michael Brown, Treyvon Martin and others were thugs.
      Yet, the DNC insulted every police officer of America. For not allowing the loved ones speak who just lost loved ones to cowardly thugs!
      You are an uneducated TROLL! Go back to your hole and bury your head.

      • so instead of providing any facts, you just decide to go on an insulting, childish rant – are you 10 years old? – again – try stating actual facts about your earlier accusations instead of gibberish

        • My understanding, Trump stated, he was going to verify everyone coming into our country be screened. I see nothing wrong with this, it is for our safety! That is the way my family, your family, and Trump family, came to this country unless you are an Indian.
          Also his brave son was buried in Arlington, I have a brother buried in Arlington and it is a great honor!. I also lost a Son, and no, you never really get over it, but this was a dirty, plow and the Democrats should be ashamed to use a person like this. Also, the way they treated one of their own (Bernie).Shame!! The peoples vote should be all that counts.
          Trump won, yet some of his own party did not support him, A bunch of sore losers, I am surprised at the Bush family and Romney. They should be above this action. My thoughts, no more bush or Clintons in the White House. One last statement, the Democrats are blaming Trump over the deals with Russia. Remember the open mike when Obama “quote I will have more flexibility when I am President”. I wish the bashing would stop, both candidates need to tell us what they plan to do for we, the American people, PERIOD!

          • Annie – thanks for a post that is intelligent and well thought out – no cursing or insults. Wish everyone (myself included) could do the same and we could have some decent dialogue

    • Trump did not cause the death of the Muslim. Hillary directly caused the death of Bengazi moms kids.

      • laulau – you don’t seem capable of rationale thinking – lets try again. Mr Kahn was speaking of his son as an example of the patriotism of Muslims in this country – try to stay on that topic
        secondly – if you had bother to read the news, you will have found that in spite of several witch hunts by republican committees in Congress – none proved any fault by Clinton – if anyone is to blame its the republicans who cut funding for embassy security.

        • Mr Khan used the platform to trash Trump. He did not stick on topic of his son. He knows nothing of what Trump reads. He is a member of the Muslim brotherhood, and praises the Koran., and has written articles about how great islam is.
          For hours they asked for help in Bengazi and Hillary ignored it. I read the news too. There were soldiers ready a mile away to help if they got the order, and they did not get it. They were on tv, telling their story. Hillary went to bed.

        • Piss on that Muslum asshole,his son and his wife and his kind. Truth be known,his son may have been a plant in the army and whenever he got a chance was going to sabotage something to get Americans killed. Hillary supporters truly are damn brain dead. The witch hunts were bought off. You are beyond stupid.

          • james hadden – I like how you start with what you believe and then try to make the facts fit that belief, instead of using facts to guide you to what you should believe. So you are saying, Piss on that dead solider – how nice f you
            They do have medications and therapy for people who suffer from delusional thinking like you do – get some help before they have to institutionalize you

    • Are you talking about khan the co-founder of a group to bring Sharia law here. Kahn the NY immigration attorney….read his bio there is a big difference between him and the other parents. Yes they all lost a loved one which is horrible but they were honest about their beliefs the Kahns were not.

    • Piss on that Muslum asshole,his son and his wife and his kind. Truth be known,his son may have been a plant in the army and whenever he got a chance was going to sabotage something to get Americans killed. Hillary supporters truly are damn brain dead. Trump 2016

  5. I’m not sure how the party of lies and deceit came up with this ploy, but ploy it is. Liberals don’t give a rat’s ass about veterans, especially dead ones, they as usual, are playing people for fools. Don’t be fooled.

    • mike Peterson – republicans consistently vote against increases to VA funding, pay raises, and other services for military. The only pro-military action they take is to vote for obscene amounts of funding to go to corporations that build the weapons – they care about their corporate masters, not the solider in the field

      • Are you a liberal. My bad, I thought you were going to say something revelant, but alas, you contrive to go blog to blog of God fearing Americans to spread your dogma of hate and lies and deceit. Who’s writing your checks? It’s not the DNC, is it? Your a fraud and anti-American, go spread your disease some where else, minion.

        • mike Peterson – so, instead of arguing against my points and providing a fact based response, you just devolve into childish drivel. I love how you trumpites see conspiracy everywhere – couldn’t be that someone has a legit point of view – must be part of a vast left wing conspiracy. Try to grow up and post something intelligent next time

  6. How about, since Kahn spoke at the DNC, the “facts” about this “grieving parent”!
    Are y’all aware he has direct ties to; the “Muslim Brotherhood”, the “Clinton Foundation” and to the Abidin Family, (yes, Huma’s family)!
    There are other interesting facts. I thought just these three would suffice for now!
    His using his son as a political pawn is egregious, to say the least! I have no respect for anyone who would do something like this!
    And lastly, for any “VSO”, (Veteran Service Organization), to come to his aid is reprehensible!

    • omg – the absurd things you trumpites believe without any factual basis – please provide a legitimate source of your info if you can.
      Also – so you must also have no respect for the two mothers who spoke at the RNC about their slain sons – that makes you a pretty shallow, small minded person to be critical of these three parents who lost sons

  7. Trump had to know more than the sensational media. Education vs. Nutered sheep. If one doesn’t read a lot of articles one will find themselves gullible to propaganda of the Clinton machine. Nice try democraps

    • s k alexander – well, when you consider that trump supporters tend to be less educated – primarily people without a college degree – I am betting they are the gullible ones. From what I’ve seen so far, trump supporters don’t rely on objective facts very often in their arguments – if they use facts at all, they are from some shady, conspiracy fueled source

  8. You never get over the loss of child. He was speaking against Donald Trumps temporary ban to somehow make all Muslims victims. Trump policy was stated after all the recent terrorist attacks. Trump wants to protect homeland. All American Muslims who love our country and respect the constitution should want to protect our homeland. His son was killed by Muslim terrorists not Donald Trump. He should be coming up with solutions and dialogue with Trump to keep our country safe from Radical Islamic Terrorists in honor of his son who died for this cause.

    • Theresa – He was coming up with a solution – for trump to not demonize all Muslims and instead embrace their contributions to our nation – instead trump makes comments which the radicals use against us by stating that Americans hate all Muslims

  9. Well talk about the police officers that have protected you parasites. Free free free from r government to bring your water a $$ washing here go back home illegals. I have no respect for islam=hillary ++obama. Mexican americans, for TRUMP. DEM-RATS, – r- fraud…

  10. O.K. everybody I actually lost a son !! He was born in 1962 and died in 1981. I agree, what we all witnessed at the Democratic Convention was as phoney as it gets. Yes, as a parent you never forget them and you carry the hurt of that loss forever, but life does go on and It doesn`t stop because of your loss. I can`t believe that no one has asked , where did this guy come from ? This Khizr Khan. well, let me enlighten you. He`s a lawyer specializing in getting as many immigrant muslims into this country as possible. He also happens to work in the law firm that represents Bill and Hillary you know who. There is alot more concerning his role in the Bill and Hillery foundation. scam. This nation has got to wake up to these political tricks and when some one is trying to get undeserved sympathy, Face them down., and put PC aside. They`re phonies.

    • jack fuller – please provide reputable references for your comments about Mr. Kahn so we can see the source. Also – being an immigration lawyer is not a criminal offense in this country – are you condemning all immigration lawyers or just the Muslim ones

  11. His son may have been a hero (or a covert radical terrorist who was killed being in the wrong place at the wrong time … I pray that was not so).
    Fact: Any practicing Islam (which means submissive to Allah, hence Koran and Sharia Law) will not and cannot take a pledge to support or defend and must attempt to destroy, eliminate kill, murder or subjugate any government, constitution, Biblical believer, or Godly entity that is not satanic (submissive to Satan or Allah)
    It is easy to prove that the Koran, authored by Satan is the antithesis to, and counterfeit of God’s Bible.

    • geneww1938 – I have a feeling you have never read the Bible because, if you had, you would of found just as much violence against non believers (slaughter of heathen children for example) hatred of women (cutting up the body of a concubine) and demand that worshipper obey and submit to God’s power – try actually reading the Bible before showing your ignorance

      • Please visit the dot com site http://www.GodAuthoredBible and then find a similar proof for the Koran.
        Please identify one devout, patriotic supporter of our constitution and country that is an equally devout Muslim… This evil president is a prime example of a covert destroyer of the USA. He could not pledge to our country and sing our national anthem with patriotic pride for a million dollars.!!!

        • gene – your web site isn’t proof of anything. But I don’t want to get into a religious argument – I am happy for you that you find comfort in your religion – wish I could believe too, but believing is a matter of faith and I don’t have any
          Mr Kahn and his wife are two examples of devout, patriotic Muslims who support our constitution – didn’t you listen to his speech? I have several Muslim friends who are also patriotic Americans, including the Imam of a local Mosque

          • It is wonderful that you have an open dialog with such friends. Please discus my bigoted views, have them critique each paragraph of the one page proof on the website and prove who authored the Koran and its proven source of authority.
            This must not be an argument, it should be an honest, scientific, and logical discussion of every fact. I truly wish you would find a Bible teaching church or friend.
            Please return to the website and read “What do you understand it takes for a person to go to heaven” That 15 minutes may be the best investment of your life. Your friend…Gene Waldenmaier

  12. I’m a vet. myself.. Why is the Dems always complaining about the little things Trump is saying & letting Hillary off the hook . You better start thinking more about the future of our country

    The Problem isn’t that Hillary is an unethical, corrupt, lying , criminal dirt-bag – Everyone knows that.
    The problem is that her supporters don’t care how corrupt she is .

    America led by Hillary will be an AMERICA where things get even WORSE than it is now. Higher taxes, rampant TERRORISM and MORE CORRUPTION from Washington, DC!

    • America will not be AMERICA any longer if TRAITOR HILLARY has her way…we will be a WASTELAND withOUT Freedom and merely part of the New World Communist Order/ One World Government ruled by corrupt low life miscreant GLOBALISTS..
      like Hillary!
      Hillary idolizes The evil United Nations and refers to herself as a CITIZEN OF THE GLOBE.

  13. Has anyone looked up Kahn and what he really does? You must check him out thoroughly! He is head of Muslims entering the US, connected to Clinton and Obama and he wants Sheri Law to begin!!! He has a very active past and present in Muslims coming here right now, today, RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK! Besides people have gone crazy siding with Hillary now. Are you people blind. Can’t you see that Hillary is a terrible person and I WILL NEVER ACCEPT HER AS MY PRESIDENT, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!! NOONE CARES A WHIT WHAT SHE HAS DONE ALL THESE YEARS!!!!Trump did not say anything bad or wrong. Many people know the mother did not speak because that is THE MUSLIM WOMEN’S place to not speak and IT IS ONLY THE MAN’S PLACE TO TAKE CARE OF SUCH STUFF. IT IS IN THEIR BOOK!! STOP PICKING EVERYTHING TRUMP SAYS APART. I AM SO ASHAMED OF THE NEWS MEDIA! THEY ARE NOT TALKING THE TRUTH AND THEY ACT CRAZY TELLING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND JUST LIE, LIE, LIE ALMOST AS BAD AS HILLARY! SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE SITTING THERE KNOWING YOU ARE LYING AND ONE SIDED. YOU ARE VERY, VERY UNFAIR. THE GOD THAT MADE US ALL IS LOOKING DOWN AND HEARING YOUR EVERY WORD AND HIS HEART IS HEAVY OVER THE WAY YOU ARE TALKING.

  14. OBAMA discredits TRUMP for asking a question about the 12 year dead Captain’s mother. He did nothing wrong. For the Captain I will be eternally sorry. I want to clarify this before my article. I am a Retired Military Veteran decorated and with 3 Purple Hearts.

    NOW! I am not offended by TRUMPS question and statement, hopefully the rest of my discussion statement will clarify it. All this bullshit about TRUMP, so called “chastising Gold Star mother Ghazala Khan and her husband following their poignant Democratic National Convention speech”. REALLY CHASTIZED, REALLY! All I heard was a question by TRUMP after being publicly attacked all because the dirty rotten HILLARY SET THE WHOLE THING UP. The rear end kissing media especially David Muir and George S. plus others in the media ran this wild and twisted everything. Let’s PUT THE BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS, WITH HILLARY CLINTON. Just how low can a politician go. HOW LOW CAN YOU GO HILLARY??? What is bad about this is the fact HILLARY CLINTON because of TRUMP’s stand on vetting MUSLIMS brought a “PLANT” MUSLIM (for votes) to the platform, whose son died 12 years ago and let him publicly ridicule TRUMP for MUSLIM’s (a MUSLIM will do anything to further ISLAM) and HILLARY’s gain. THE NEWS PEOPLE ARE ALMOST ALL AGAINST TRUMP. THEY BLATANTLY SHOW THEIR PREJUDICE OPENLY. If Hillary ever stops short, David Muir and George S will come up with deification on their faces. Being a professional military man I feel sorry for the Captains death. Secondly the fact HILLARY couldn’t let it go and respect the Captains courageous death. Showing HILLARY’s indifference and to win at any cost, she had to use a dead military man for her own agenda. The father is a law professor and democrat. Apparently the father has sold out his son for Islam and to Hillary and it appears the stupid father doesn’t even know it, unless Hillary has promised him a job if she wins. Trump didn’t knock the mother just asked a question! Instead of knocking TRUMP understand, it happened 12 years ago, the mother and father should have not even been there, they should have respected their son and kept him out of politics. It was a dirty rotten, nasty HILLARY CLINTON’s VENGEANCE to put a MUSLIM on the floor to speak. I am glad she did because it shows HILLARY in her true colors of worthless. Why in the hell shouldn’t TRUMP say something back when HILLARY CLINTON STOOPED SO LOW. Everyone knows she hates the military, secret service, intelligence community, state police and local police, anyone that speaks up or doesn’t agree with her, this just goes to prove it. This is what everyone is going to get with another CLINTON WHITE HOUSE, she has mastered lies, deceit, indifference, underhanded dealings, do anything for power and money, back room deals, vengeance, vendetta’s and on and on and on.

    • bushmaster – now, do you have anything intelligent to say to go along with your drivel?

    • Hillary has FANGS and draws Blood to survive…..we need a wooden stake to protect AMERICA from HILLARY TRAITOROUS DECEIT.


  15. this is the way Hillary spins things, of course it’s very sad but Donald Trump did not kill his son. The fact that he now keeps talking about it everywhere makes me believe he has a agenda and I wonder if he is on Hillary’s campaign payroll? I heard today we are gonna make August muslim month well we did worse to the American Japanese they don’t have a month. Hillary is so evil an crooked she just keeps lying to the American people an we’re not talking just little white lies.She flip flops on everything like a fish out of water an she”s been doing it for years an years an to top it off she’s a lawyer so she spins her words for the group she’s talking to. Yes some times Donald just blurts out things but I believe him an he’s a breath of fresh air politically correct has gotten us nowhere we just dance around issues . I want a straight shooter it is what it is and Obama needs to have a little more respect for the process an STAY OUT . In the beginning during the primary he made the comment about Doald Trump during primary that American people are smarter than that,well Mr president here we are an like everything else your wrong an American people might finally get it.

    • What else can one expect from a light weight Anti- AMERICAN COMMUNITY ORGANIZER with No credentials.

      IS ANYONE less competent, less informed, less prepared, less patriotic, less knowledgeable than “Bottom of the Barrel” OBAMA?

      Answer: NOPE!

  16. It is a crying shame when a political party uses a dead soldier for political gains. This father and mother had 12 years to mourn. It is ok, I guess, to use your dead son to attack someone you don’t like. The American people have more respect for their son then they do. These parents are so phony and hypocrites, they should be the ones being attacked for using their dead son for political gains.

    • Eva – so do you feel the same way about the mother of the slain solider and the mother of the slain police officer who presented at the RNC – you need to be consistent

  17. You disgrace yourself using your son’s death to abuse someone who did nothing to you.

    If you really read the Constitution you would know your barbaric 7th century Islam is illegal in America, and it cannot be made illegal either. Why? Based on the Qu’ran’s “…shariah tenets, its core attributes – especially its intolerance of other faiths and disfavored populations and its bid for supremacy over all other legal or political systems, there can be no confusion on this score: As the Framers [of our Constitution] fully understood, shariah is an enemy of the United States Constitution. The two are incompatible,” that comes from the National Center for Constitutional Studies. Considering what I just said about Muslim beliefs, to me that is a declaration that it is the Muslims who mimic the ideology of Hitler.

    Your argument is weak. All the below received deferments:

    •Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Basketball, NBA records for most minutes, most points
    •Elliott Abrams, Government, Asst. Secy. of State involved in Iran-Contra
    •Lamar Alexander, Politician, US Senator from Tennessee
    •Muhammad Ali, Boxing, Floated like butterfly, stung like bee
    •Samuel Alito, Judge, US Supreme Court Justice
    •Wayne Allard, Politician, US Senator from Colorado, 1997-2009
    •George Allen , Politician, US Senator from Virginia, 2001-07
    •John Ashcroft, Politician, US Attorney General, 2001-05
    •Richard Axel, Scientist, Odorant receptors and olfactory organization
    •Gary Bauer, Government, Family Research Council
    •Bob Beauprez, Politician, Congressman from Colorado, 2003-07
    •William Bennett, Government, Former Drug Czar and gambling man
    •Joseph Biden, Politician, Vice President of the United States
    •Don Black, Activist, founder
    •Michael Bloomberg, Politician, Mayor of New York City, 2002-13
    •Roy Blunt, Politician, US Senator from Missouri
    •Neal Boortz, Radio Personality, Libertarian radio host
    •Bill Bradley, Politician, US Senator from New Jersey, 1979-97
    •Phil Bredesen, Politician, Gov. of Tennessee, 2003-11
    •L. Paul Bremer, Government, Director of the Iraq Provisional Authority
    •George W. Bush, Head of State, 43rd US President, 2001-09
    •Richard Carpenter, Musician, The Carpenters
    •Saxby Chambliss, Politician, US Senator from Georgia
    •Dick Cheney, Politician, US Vice President, 2001-09
    •Tom Clancy, Novelist, The Hunt for Red October
    •Bill Clinton, Head of State, 42nd US President, 1993-2001
    •Norm Coleman, Politician, US Senator from Minnesota, 2003-09
    •Pete Coors, Relative, Coors scion
    •Howard Dean, Politician, Gov. of Vermont, 1991-2003
    •Tom DeLay, Politician, Former House Majority Leader
    •Mike DeWine, Politician, Attorney General of Ohio
    •Brian J. Donnelly, Politician, Congressman from Massachusetts, 1979-93
    •Roy P. Dyson, Politician, Congressman from Maryland, 1981-91
    •David Eisenhower, Author, Camp David namesake
    •Daniel Ellsberg, Government, Pentagon Papers source
    •James Fallows, Journalist, Atlantic Monthly
    •Bobby Fischer, Chess Player, Eccentric chess grandmaster
    •Steve Forbes, Business, Owner and publisher of Forbes magazine
    •Al Franken, Politician, US Senator from Minnesota
    •Bob Franks, Politician, Congressman from New Jersey, 1993-2001
    •Bill Frist, Politician, US Senate Majority Leader, 2003-07
    •Max Gail, Actor, Det. Wojciehowicz on Barney Miller
    •Dick Gephardt, Politician, Congressman from Missouri, 1977-2005
    •Newt Gingrich, Politician, Speaker of the House, 1995-99
    •Rudy Giuliani, Politician, Mayor of New York City, 1994-2001
    •Al Gore, Politician, US Vice President under Clinton
    •Phil Gramm, Politician, US Senator from Texas, 1985-2002
    •Lee Greenwood, Country Musician, God Bless the U.S.A.
    •Judd Gregg, Politician, US Senator from New Hampshire, 1993-2011
    •Arlo Guthrie, Singer/Songwriter, Alice’s Restaurant
    •George Hamilton, Actor, Well-tanned celebrity
    •Robert Hanssen, Spy, Russian mole inside the FBI
    •Dennis Hastert, Politician, Speaker of the House, 1999-2006
    •Roger Hedgecock, Politician, Mayor of San Diego, 1983-85
    •Douglas Hofstadter, Author, Godel, Escher, Bach
    •Brit Hume, Journalist, Fox News DC correspondent
    •John Irving, Novelist, The World According to Garp
    •Davy Jones, Singer, Frontman for The Monkees
    •Ted Kaczynski, Criminal, The Unabomber
    •Andy Kaufman, Comic, Brilliant comic, prankster, professional wrestler
    •Bob Kerrey, Politician, Gov. and Senator from Nebraska
    •Alan Keyes, Radio Personality, Illinois carpetbagger

    Continued on next post …

    • Continued from last post…

      •Stephen King, Novelist, The Shining
      •Bruce Kovner, Activist, Caxton Associates billionaire
      •Dennis Kucinich, Politician, Congressman, Ohio 10th
      •Ken Lay, Business, CEO of Enron, 1986-2002
      •Ron Lewis, Politician, Congressman from Kentucky, 1994-2009
      •Lewis Libby, Government, Cheney’s former Chief of Staff
      •Joseph Lieberman, Politician, Former US Senator from Connecticut
      •Rush Limbaugh, Radio Personality, Conservative talk show host
      •Trent Lott, Politician, US Senator from Mississippi, 1989-2007
      •Dan Lungren, Politician, Congressman, California 3rd
      •David Mamet, Author, Glengarry Glen Ross
      •Jim Marshall, Politician, Congressman from Georgia, 2003-11
      •Chris Matthews, Talk Show Host, Hardball with Chris Matthews
      •Mitch McConnell, Politician, US Senator from Kentucky
      •Michael Medved, Critic, Traditional values pundit, film critic
      •Thomas Menino, Politician, Mayor of Boston for twenty years
      •Bob Metcalfe, Business, Co-Inventor of Ethernet
      •John Milius, Film Director, Conan the Barbarian
      •James C. Miller III, Economist, Conservative economist
      •Dan Moldea, Journalist, Muckraker
      •Joe Namath, Football, Football player and pantyhose wearer
      •Ted Nugent, Musician, Rock star, bowhunting enthusiast
      •Bill O’Reilly, Talk Show Host, The O’Reilly Factor
      •P. J. O’Rourke, Author, Political satirist
      •Bill Owens, Politician, Gov. of Colorado, 1999-2007
      •Carl Paladino, Business, Buffalo real estate baron
      •Gram Parsons, Musician, Flying Burrito Brothers
      •George Pataki, Politician, Gov. of New York, 1995-2006
      •John Perkins, Activist, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
      •Dan Quayle, Politician, Vice President under George H.W. Bush
      •Marc Racicot, Politician, Gov. of Montana, 1993-2001
      •Robert ReicH, Government, US Secretary of Labor, 1993-97
      •Bill Richardson, Politician, Gov. of New Mexico, 2003-11
      •Donald L. Ritter, Politician, Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1979-93
      •Dana Rohrabacher, Politician, Congressman, California 46th
      •Mitt Romney, Politician, Gov. of Massachusetts, 2003-07
      •Karl Rove, Government, Political Strategist to George W. Bush
      •Robert Shapiro, Attorney, One of OJ Simpson’s attorneys
      •Ron Silver, Actor, Wiseguy
      •O. J. Simpson, Football, Searching tirelessly for the real killers
      •Richard E. Smelly, Chemist, Co-Discovered fullerines
      •David Souter, Judge, US Supreme Court Justice, 1990-2009
      •Bruce Springsteen, Musician, The Boss
      •Sylvester Stallone, Actor, Rocky, Rambo
      •Ken Starr, Government, Special Prosecutor, Clinton’s impeachment
      •David Stockman, Government, Ronald Reagan’s chief economist
      •John Stossel, Journalist, Libertarian reporter
      •Tom Tancredo, Politician, Congressman from Colorado, 1999-2009
      •John B. Taylor, Economist, Council of Economic Advisers, 1989-91
      •Clarence Thomas, Judge, US Supreme Court Justice
      •Garry Trudeau, Cartoonist, Doonesbury
      •Donald Trump, Business, The Donald
      •Scott Turow, Novelist, Presumed Innocent
      •Steven Tyler, Singer, Frontman for Aerosmith
      •Mark Udall, Politician, Former US Senator from Colorado
      •Douglas A. Warner III, Business, CEO of JP Morgan, 1995-2000
      •Henry Waxman, Politician, Congressman, California 30th
      •Daniel A. Webster, Politician, Congressman, Florida 10th
      •Andrew Weil, Author, New age ethnopharmacologist
      •Bill Weld, Politician, Gov. of Massachusetts, 1991-97
      •Curt Weldon, Politician, Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1987-2007
      •George Will, Columnist, Conservative pundit, baseball lover
      •Joseph Wilson, Diplomat, Ambassador to Gabon, Valerie Plame’s husband
      •Paul Wolfowitz, Government, President of the World Bank, 2005-07
      •Steve Wozniak, Computer Programmer. 11-Aug-1950

  18. Traitorous Hillary and the DEMON Democrats have done nothing that did not result in disaster for Our country….They have WEAKENED the United States purposely!

    With NOTHING GOOD on their plate they have to resort to BRINGING IN THE RINGER to attack TRUMP.

    I find it despicable that they bring in a man …KAHN who is an Attorney, a MUSLIM who is connected to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD….A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION that evil Obama “DELETED” the word “Terrorist” from while Obama loaded up our government with MUSLIM Brotherhood Opperatives to carry out Anti- American actions AGAINST OUR GREAT COUNTRY.

    This man KAHN, connected to SAUDIA ARABIA has a job to Facilitate the IMPORTATION OF MUSLIMS into our country, and HE is a PROPONENT OF SHARIA LAW.


    Kahn FLAUNTS OUR CONSTITUTION and has the audacity to demean and question TRUMP, our Republican Presidential Candidate?

    Kahn disgustingly uses his sons death to take center stage and spew dispersions on TRUMP and our country.

    Kahn has SEVERAL GOALS…to DECEIVE the AMERICAN PEOPLE by bringing in More Muslims to Overwealm our systems and bankrupt America, replace the American Populace, usher in SHARIA LAW….which Every Muslim believes “Trumps” our Constitution and to Steal our Land to form Their CALIPHATE.

    KAHN uses The Freedom granted by our Constitution to TRANSFORM OUR COUNTRY. KAHNS AIMS ARE SINISTER!

    But they are also the Goals of the evil DEMOCRATIC/ SOCIALIST/ COMMUNIST PARTY and Treacherous HILLARY CLINTON.

    It is all Smoke and MIRRORS, Slight of hand, watch one hand while the other knifes you in the back. The old RED HERRING TRICK.

    Kahn tries to draw blood for the Caliphate, the EVIL TRAITOR HILLARY, THE DNC, the NWO/ OWG and the LIBERAL MEDIA, the Enemies of AMERICA within and outside our Government and beyond slither in like Piranhas to take a bite out of the “TARGET”.



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