Libertarian Party Chairman Teams With Open Leftists To Vilify Tom Woods As Racist

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While Libertarian Party chairman Nicholas Sarwark has frequently embarrassed himself during his achievement-less tenure in his post, he has stooped to a new low. Sarwark is working with professed communists to throw libertarian icon, Tom Woods under the bus as a racist.

Using the fallout from “Unite the Right” to attack his critics, Sarwark–assisted by openly-leftist LP members–dug up a quote from a podcast that took place many years ago where Tom Woods congratulated Christopher Cantwell for attacking figures such as Jeffrey Tucker and other libertarians who were attempting to inject leftism into the movement.

“You have been saying a lot of the things that I wish I could say, but for diplomatic reasons and for the fact that I’m too busy to open up more civil wars, like I haven’t burned enough bridges with the rest of mankind already,” Woods said to Cantwell as he appeared on his podcast. “To read what you’ve done and to see how many shares you’re getting, I say ‘Well, the task has been accomplished.’ You’re doing very important work.”

In recent years, Cantwell has shifted from anarcho-capitalism over to fascism and his tears have become a national story after being assaulted and now apparently wanted by the Virginia police for his role in “Unite the Right” carnage. After being brutalized in a Twitter war against Woods earlier in the week, Sarwark saw this as his opportunity for revenge.

“When host tells guest, “You have been saying a lot of the things I wish I could say,” that’s not guilt by association,” Sarwark said in a Tweet. “That’s endorsement.”

Sarwark’s obvious implication here is that Woods is a racist. After receiving a great deal of negative feedback for his pathetic cheap shots at Woods, Sarwark weaseled out of his initial comments and attempted to walk them back.

“I will note again that I’ve never said I think [Tom Woods] is a racist and have no evidence that he is,” Sarwark said in a follow-up Tweet.

Sarwark originally re-tweeted the quote from the “Dankertarians,” a social media propaganda outfit that regularly attacks popular libertarians while regurgitating leftist tropes. The page is run by a proud leftist, Matt Kuehnel, who serves as Secretary of the Macomb County Libertarian Party in Michigan.

“There is no room for fascists like Jeff Deist and Tom Woods in an antifascist party,” the Dankertarians wrote on social media accompanying a meme implying that Deist, Woods and President Trump are members of the Ku Klux Klan. “We encourage everybody who supports the vision of a world free for EVERYBODY not just white people in the imperial west to join the Libertarian Party today.”

As this incredibly unaccomplished gaggle of nobodies attempt to drive successful libertarians from the movement out of jealousy, Kuehnel frequently posts many public quotes indicating his leftism, which is at least tacitly supported by Chairman Sarwark.

“I’ve always been a fringe leftist. A militantly atheist, empathetic [social justice warrior], anti-social norms, recreational drug using, bleeding-heart punk,” Kuehnel said to describe himself.

Kuehnel also indicated that anyone who bashes the leftist terror group ANTIFA becomes “a fascist defender” and frequently contends that “rent is theft” while referring to those who believe in private property as “capitalist pigs.”

“I do want to recruit ANTIFA to the [Libertarian Party]. I won’t lie,” Kuehnel said.

Although this zero may languish away in complete obscurity making no real impact, it is incredibly troubling that the Libertarian Party chair would echo the sentiments of full-throated leftist. If LP members thought that Gary Johnson’s abysmal 2016 Presidential campaign was the lowest the party could sink, Sarwark is proving them wrong with every Tweet.

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