Libertarian Party Sides With ANTIFA, Releases Groveling Letter Following Charlottesville

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The leftward drift of the Libertarian Party continues at a staggering pace. After failing to achieve relevance last year and capture even 5 percent of the popular vote in the Presidential race, the LP is continuing with the strategy that failed Gary Johnson last year. The plan to water down the principled libertarian message while groveling to the totalitarian left at every turn is still very much at hand.

This is evident from the LP’s official post-Charlottesville statement, which lacked the courage to call out ANTIFA terrorists or their state enablers who sabotaged the proceedings, and instead only rehashed the mainstream media talking points about what happened. It was clear that the LP cares not about the truth of what happened, but only about disingenuous virtue-signaling for good headlines.

“There is no room for racists and bigots in the Libertarian Party. If there are white nationalists who — inappropriately — are members of the Libertarian Party, I ask them to submit their resignations today,” Libertarian National Committee Executive Director Wes Benedict wrote in a rambling screed released the week following “Unite the Right.”

Unlike President Trump, the LP did not have the courage to speak truth to power and defend the rights of the lawful “Unite the Right” protesters wishing to exercise their 1st Amendment rights when it counted. Instead, Benedict took the side of ANTIFA and refused to defend the rights of others, demonstrating clearly that the Libertarian Party will only stand up for your rights up until the point it may offend a leftist.

“The Libertarian Party is tolerant and accepting, supporting civil liberties, gay marriage, and freedom of religion for all, including Jews, Muslims, Christians, and atheists,” Benedict said. “The Libertarian Party supports open borders, civil liberties, racial diversity, and free trade—things that white nationalists abhor.”

It remains to be seen how “gay marriage” will align with “freedom of religion” for Muslims who stand militantly against that practice, but Benedict wasn’t going to let any facts get in the way of spewing his meaningless, hollow platitudes. He did offer the Libertarian solution to the madness presently enveloping America though: Sit on the couch, vote for a party that has never achieved success (usually failing to garner more than 1 percent of the vote), and that will really solve things.

“Race wars, class wars, religious wars, and even foreign wars are not inevitable. Stay home from the protests and check out the Libertarian Party. A more Libertarian America will be a more prosperous, peaceful, and diverse America,” Benedict said.

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