Megyn Kelly Goes Deep in the Heart of Texas to Land Bombshell Alex Jones Interview

Popular libertarian radio host Alex Jones has said many not-so-nice things about television anchorwoman Megyn Kelly over the years. Because of this long history, today’s photo-op of Kelly in Jones’ Austin, TX studio side-by-side her fierce rival and critic has shocked many onlookers. They recorded an interview today that will air on NBC.

“I just want it known, I’m not doing the interview because she’s a pretty girl, I’m doing it because I can’t be a wimp and turn it down,” Jones said.

Although Jones naturally suspected that chicanery was afoot and an ambush was imminent, he threw caution to the wind and recorded the interview anyway. Thus far, Kelly and her staff have played it completely coy and have been nothing but respectful to the conspiratorial Texan. Nevertheless, Jones remains convinced that this is deceitful ploy to trick him into lowering his defenses.

“I know I’m walking into a trap,” Jones said. He feels that the reward outweighed the risk this time because the mainstream media’s “con game doesn’t work anymore.” He feels that he can reach new people through the mainstream media’s platform, and open their eyes to the evils of corporate globalism.

Jones’ last major foray into the mainstream media was his infamous live appearance on Piers Morgan’s now-canceled CNN television program in 2013. Without producers able to edit the interview, Jones was able to do a formidable job, and his appearance was seen as a considerable hit amongst conservatives and libertarians. However, today’s interview with Kelly was taped and edited. This takes the power out of Jones’ hands, which is not a familiar position for the news maven.

“That would be quite a match, Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly,” Jones’ confidant and infamous political dirty trickster Roger Stone said to Jones on his radio program. “I know you, and I know her. I’m betting on you.”

The interview has been recorded, and it is expected to air in the upcoming weeks on Kelly’s NBC program. “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” airs on NBC at 7pm EST every Sunday.

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