Anti-Drug Flier Campaign From Alt-Right Group Draws Leftist Backlash

Leftists are up-in-arms following a late-night flier campaign done by alt-right activists this weekend. Their anti-drug messages have even caught the ire of Texas law enforcement, who are looking for the culprits.

Fliers that were posted included messages such as “Protect the Family, Reject Degeneracy,” “Tighten the Noose! Destroy Opioid Peddlers,” and “Protect White Lives Now.” The message primarily centered around the opioid epidemic that is sweeping white America, a scourge comparable to the crack epidemic that ravaged the African-American community in the 1980s.

“America’s institutions are at war with white people, and opiates are one of their primary weapons. From the companies that push it on people irresponsibly, to the government that is bought and sold by those companies, to the cultural elite and media that refuse to bring attention to white America’s problems for fear of being called racist,” Vanguard America said in an official statement following the events. They posted fliers in Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maine this weekend.

The fliers caused the biggest stir on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Police gathered surveillance photos of the individuals in question and claim that they will be prosecuted under the law. The potential charges are not exactly clear.

“While SMU strongly supports freedom of speech and expression, the outside group featured on these signs promotes an abhorrent message that is opposite to SMU values,” SMU President R. Gerald Turner said in an e-mail addressed to students and faculty.

The left’s reaction to the situation was motivated by the fact that the group Vanguard America participated in the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, TN this summer and helped organize the ‘White Lives Matter’ rally in Shelbysville, TN last month. Both of these events received a tremendous amount of negative press coverage, with three deaths occurring at the ‘Unite the Right’ fiasco.

“Neo-nazis and white nationalists… everyone expected them to be much more secretive about their actions, but now I think we’re seeing that these guys are feeling emboldened, and they’re feeling willing to post these things online for the attention,” said Kylie Madry, student reporter for SMU’s The Daily Campus, commenting on the fact that Vanguard America gloated on social media about their flier campaign.

One sure-fire way to further embolden activists like those in Vanguard America would be to prosecute them for demonstrating their right to free speech in a public forum.


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