Roger Stone Claims CIA Is Trying To Stop JFK Document Dump


While the official story has largely remained in tact for decades, questions and theories have still loomed regarding JFK’s assassination. The Warren Commission report concluded a long investigation, but countless pages remain classified. Under a 1992 law, the deadline to release the remaining documents is this month. The only person who can stop this release is President Donald Trump, who can intervene under the law to stop the disclosure.

To this point, the President has not publicly indicated which way he is leaning on the issue of the document dump.

Given the magnitude of the revelations and amount of documents, there is likely a great deal of discussion occurring behind the scenes. The National Archives stated that there’s an ongoing review of the documents. Given the release deadline is drawing near, one can only assume that the documents are being prepped for release.

Trump ally and infamous political figure, Roger Stone believes that there is opposition to the release by the Central Intelligence Agency. The agency itself refuses to confirm or deny Mr. Stone’s claims.

Is it plausible that the C.I.A. wants to prevent the release of the documents?

The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy represents a failure to keep the President safe. As revealed by previous declassifications, intelligence did exist that suggested a plot could exist and apparently was not taken seriously enough. This is an embarrassment to an agency that did not always get along with the late President.

More recent declassifications show the C.I.A. knew it too, worrying years down the road that the official story was wrong. While they did not necessarily believe in some dark, sinister conspiracy involving the government, questions regarding foreign influence began to be raised.

Did Lee Harvey Oswald really act alone when he supposedly shot former President John F. Kennedy?

CIA historian David Robarge stated in a report that there was a cover-up at the time. John McCone, who was at the agency at the time, determined that Oswald acted alone without foreign influence. The agency was directed to provide only evidence supporting that particular theory, ignoring evidence that may have contradicted the official government story.

Information was withheld from the Warren Commission involving C.I.A. plots to assassinate foreign leaders such as Fidel Castro. While targeting foreign hostiles is not necessarily out of the ordinary, this information could have helped establish motivations for Kennedy’s assassination. Furthermore, it could have been a lead to establishing a connection with a foreign government.

Why would the C.I.A. seek to fight disclosures now? Is there more to be known? If Roger Stone’s sources are correct, the document dump may be even more interesting than previously thought.

Whether or not there is some dark and sinister plot at the heart of the Kennedy assassination, it is undeniable there there was a serious intelligence failure. Later congressional investigations and the declassification of documents have painted additional details onto the shaky official story. How can the official story be completely reliable if those forming the story were being lied to every step of the way? Will the remaining pages show us that the intelligence failure runs even deeper than previously thought?

With less than a week remaining before the disclosure deadline, we may finally know the truth soon enough.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


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