Rothbard’s Revenge: The Developing Libertarian-Right Alliance to Crush Leftist Influence in Modern Society


The past week has been a wild one in the libertarian movement that resulted in a great deal of soul-searching and reflecting. With left-libertarians triggered and showing their nasty, totalitarian colors under the pressure, many rational libertarians are realizing that this poison must be removed from the movement post haste before even more damage is done.

Anarcho-capitalist author and philosopher Christopher Chase Rachels has taken the lead in this valiant effort. In an apparent response to the growing acceptance of violence, harassment, and mob tactics by left-libertarians, Rachels is striking back. He drafted a manifesto for his new right-libertarian alliance that he published earlier today.

“We as the libertarian right seek first and foremost to promote a society whose prevailing legal system(s) is/are firmly rooted in the private property ethic and the NAP,” Rachels said in his manifesto. “That this is the fundamental core of the peaceful, civilized, and prosperous society.”

Those words sound like doctrinaire libertarianism, but Rachels’ manifesto definitely could appeal to those on the right as well. Rachels cleverly outlined language to satisfy right-wingers who are growingly interested in forming model communities to rid themselves of leftists completely, a noble goal if there ever was one.

“People have the right to pool their property and form whatever type of community they wish based on whatever cultural values they have so long as insodoing they do not violate the private property of others,” Rachels said.

This means that right-wing people could clique up with fellow right-wingers, even if they happen to be white, and form exclusionary communities. While this notion may make a left-libertarian run shrieking to the safety of a lynch mob, right-libertarians understand that this is true freedom. Rachels’ alliance might finally be the vehicle to promote a consistent, unapologetic strain of libertarianism that unabashedly promotes freedom, no matter what the outcome.

Jared Howe of Being Libertarian has provided a great deal of intellectual ammunition on Rachels’ behalf as he embarks upon his new mission.

“When the left organizes, the right traditionally does nothing, though this is rapidly changing,” Howe said. “When the right organizes, the left spergs the fuck out and lapses into hysterical purity spiraling, gaslighting and Kafkatrapping.”

“This tells me that the left is TERRIFIED of the right. As Brexit, the election of Trump, and the rise of the Alt-Right have demonstrated, the left clearly isn’t going to prevail through verbal abuse alone. That’s why they’ve been escalating and provoking violent conflicts with Trump supporters. For them, it isn’t about being right; it’s about survival through parasitism.”

As the libertarian movement inevitably splits along partisan lines, opportunities will arise for libertarians to regroup, strike back, and make a lasting impact. Rachels and Howe clearly understand the need to combat the stasis in the libertarian movement. Their project has the real potential to focus libertarian resources toward achieving necessary ends.

The alliance does not have a website at the current time, but interested individuals are encouraged to email for more details.


  1. I try to look on the bright side: The energy right-opportunist entryists waste trying unsuccessfully to crush libertarian influence in the libertarian movement is energy they can’t invest in turning America into East Germany.

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