Sen. Rand Paul Stands Against Trump, Graham To Oppose Latest Obamacare Bailout

Another Obamacare bailout has been proposed in the legislature, and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is leading the charge to stop it. Familiar swamp rats Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) – aided by the clueless or complicit President Trump – are pushing legislation that would keep most of Obamacare in place while forcing Republicans to own the results of its disastrous failure.

“In all ways the Graham/Cassidy bill is also Obamacare Lite,” Paul wrote in an e-mail appeal to his supporters. “In no way is it repeal the way we promised. I will oppose this bill as I did the other fake repeal bills, and I urge those who want repeal to do so as well.”

Paul pointed out that the phony reform pushed by Graham, Cassidy, and the GOP establishment keeps over 90 percent of the Obamacare tax hikes in place, keeps roughly 90 percent of the Obamacare spending in place, does not repeal a single regulation, and constitutes a blatant betrayal of promises Republicans made to voters on the campaign trail. He is urging people to sign his pledge to stop the fake repeal.

“Make no mistake – Graham/Cassidy keeps Obamacare funding and regulations in place. Oh, it rearranges the furniture a bit, changes some names, and otherwise masks what is really going on – a redistribution of Obamacare taxes and a new Republican entitlement program, funded nearly as extravagantly as Obamacare,” Paul said, mincing no words about the latest health care deception pushed by Congressional Republicans.

The RINOs, special interests, and cronies in Washington D.C. certainly have a powerful ally doing their bidding as they attempt to bailout Obamacare: President Donald Trump. Trump took to Twitter today to deride Paul for making a principled stance on behalf of the American people.

“Rand Paul is a friend of mine but he is such a negative force when it comes to fixing healthcare. Graham-Cassidy Bill is GREAT! Ends Ocare!” Trump tweeted this morning.

Whether Trump is just completely incompetent or has become the unwitting pawn of the corrupt system he was elected to destroy is subject to debate. Nevertheless, Paul will continue to stifle the corrupt influences undermining the economic well-being of Americans even if the President lacks the fortitude to do so.

“I’ll be fighting against this dangerous, deceptive Obamacare Lite bill, and I hope you’ll join me,” Paul said toward the end of his appeal.

Due to procedural rules under reconciliation, the GOP is frantically maneuvering to push this bill through the legislature within 10 days. If they fail to do so, they will need 60 votes to move the legislation forward, a virtual impossibility due to lockstep opposition from the Democrats.

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  1. Rand’s looking good for a 2020 presidential run. Now if he would only find the courage to say that white people have a right to exist, he would be near perfect!

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