Senator Rand Paul’s opponent Mayor Jim Gray implies all suspected terrorists are adherents to radical Islam

The battle for the Kentucky Senate seat is shaping up to be a tough battle and it’s escalating. The tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida put politics in a bad place. There is a growing terrorist threat and thus a growing need to address it. The problem with Democrats is their solution is simply gun control. This isn’t an honest attempt to protect America, but rather a vain attempt to push a political agenda.

Lexington, Kentucky Mayor Jim Gray is right there with everyone else in his party.


Mayor Gray recently slammed Senator Rand Paul for not giving up on the Constitution when he voted against using terrorist watchlists as means to deprive constitutional rights. Mayor Gray’s claim was that Senator Paul is blatantly allowing terrorists to legally purchase guns in America. The truth about the matter is the people Senator Paul were protecting were those who have not been convicted of any crime and thus under the Constitution, have rights.

Mayor Gray also has another line of attack against the United States Senator from Kentucky.

Mayor Gray claims that by voting in favor of due process, Senator Paul decided to protect radical Islam and their ability to buy guns. This is a disturbing statement for a number of reasons. Senator Paul’s vote had zero to do with radical Islam. It instead was about the integrity of due process and the ability of those accused of a crime to have court proceedings to contest it. Eliminating due process in America isn’t going to eliminate radical Islam or terrorism, it will just make America less free. It essentially punishes law-abiding Americans for the acts of bad people.

The other disturbing point from Mayor Gray’s statement is the implication about everyone on a watchlist.

By stating that voting for due process protects radical Islam, Mayor Gray actually implied that everyone who has appeared on a government watchlist adheres to radical Islam. This is hardly true. Was 8-year old Mikey Hicks an adherent to radical Islam when he found himself on a terrorist watchlist? While Mayor Gray would likely think so, it’s obviously not true.


Martin Luther King was also on a watchlist and stalked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation because government agents thought he was a communist. Because he was on a watchlist, does that make him an agent of the opposition?

We have due process rights in our country and a law enforcement system in place for a reason. If someone is suspected of a crime, there will be charges brought against them and they will face their accuser in a court of law. If they are indeed guilty of terrorist acts, aiding terrorists, or otherwise working to undermine the United States, they will face punishment.

If someone is caught in the act, they will be detained and charges will also be brought against them. In both instances, due process exists and works.

Mayor Jim Gray’s opposition to the United States Constitution and belief that due process endangers America is outlandish enough. The idea that everyone who is suspected of a crime and thus appearing on a government watchlist is an adherent to radical Islam is even worse. He has proven time and time again he fails to grasp the national security threat and the constitutional structure of our government.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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