Trump’s EPA Chief: All Federal Tax Credits For Wind, Solar Energy Must Go!

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt was appointed despite (or because of) his combative history with the agency. He was an outspoken opponent of the EPA and their job killing policies for many years, and he is working diligently to reverse those harmful policies at the helm of the organization. Yesterday, Pruitt targeted federal tax credits for solar and wind energy firms.

“I would do away with these incentives that we give to wind and solar,” Pruitt said to a crowd at an event hosted by the Kentucky Farm Bureau.

“I’d let them stand on their own and compete against coal and natural gas and other sources, and let utilities make real-time market decisions on those types of things as opposed to being propped up by tax incentives and other types of credits that occur, both in the federal level and state level,” he said.

Pruitt’s market-centered approach differs greatly from the EPA’s usual manner of doing business. Typically, the EPA creates mandates without any regard for private industry and how their capricious rule-making process affects prosperity of Americans. Thousands of jobs were lost due to the EPA’s ‘war on coal’ waged during the Obama administration, and Pruitt is working quickly to make sure that the damage is reversed.

Federal tax credits of 2.3 cents per kilowatt-hour produced for wind energy firms begin to phase themselves out this year, and expire completely in 2020. The federal tax credits for solar energy firms, subsidizing up to 30 percent of investments with bureaucratic handouts, expires in 2022. Pruitt intends to let those programs expire without grievance, but the Congress may have other plans.

While President Donald Trump has not fulfilled his ‘America First’ mandate on every issue, he is making clear progress on the matter of environmental regulation. With the EPA now under the stewardship of Pruitt, the future of American industry is looking better with each passing day.


    • Vincent Downs Why should your tax dollars go to finance a private utility company that has a product so inefficient that they can’t survive without government money? ie. your taxes and my taxes. If these companies have such a great and efficient product why can’t they raise the necessary capital from private investors?

    • Vincent Downs
      Tax credits were basically subsidizing any green energy program. The govt would use tax payer money to offset the cost of a company putting in say solar panels.

      Basically they got to install them for free

  1. Why pick & choose winners vs losers, when we can simply get rid of them all. The market will provide accurate price indicators for investment when not skewed by govt subsidy.

  2. maybe it will spark all the disgruntled agw scientologists to get to work on a viable alternate energy! they will have lots more free time!

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