Undeterred by Leftist Terror, Based Stickman Plans Return to Berkeley for Patriots’ Day Rally

Kyle Chapman, known popularly as the ‘Based Stickman’ or ‘Alt-Knight’ after a well-publicized beatdown of ANTIFA put him in the news, is heading back to Berkeley for round two. This time, he has some serious backup. He will be joined by Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, Vaughn Neville, and others for a Patriots Day rally scheduled for Saturday.

Heavy leftist opposition is anticipated for the rally. Chapman has already been assaulted this week while filming a publicity shot for the rally in a public park. In the video, Chapman was stalked and harassed by ANTIFA thugs before a fight ensued. Chapman posted that he was arrested for his role in the incident. Nevertheless, he remains undeterred and is ready for this weekend’s demonstration.

“This is another example of left-wing thugs trying to intimidate and threaten real Americans when we try to exercise our First Amendment rights,” Chapman said in a Facebook post. “We CANNOT let that fly. #FightBack #WeAreAllBased.”

Chapman was previously arrested at a March 4 Trump rally in Berkeley last month. When ANTIFA and other leftists crashed the event in an attempt to disrupt free speech, Chapman was prepared for battle. Unwilling to tolerate his rights being crushed, Chapman wielded his stick at the skull of a communist rioter. For his bold actions, Chapman gained national fame and became a polarizing figure–revered by the right and scorned by the left.

The Free Speech rally will be hosted by the Liberty Revival Alliance, founded by Rich Black. He is adamant that this is a patriotic rally with no violent, extreme or racial undertones. All claims to the contrary are leftist defamation attempts, he says.

The event will take place on Saturday, Apr. 15 at the Civic Center Park located at 2151 M.L.K. Jr Way, Berkeley, California 94704. It will take place from Noon to 4pm. Patriotic protesters will be opposed by Berkeley ANTIFA, who are urging their members to hide behind masks.


  1. Y’all are aware that he came to a park, armed and with a helmet and padding, called the people around him (mostly skateboarders) every name he could think of (cocksuckers, cowards, fags, etc.) and, when he still couldn’t get anybody to attack him, just punched somebody to start the fight. Then he got hit in the head with a skateboard and ran away. But you already knew that, right?

    If he’s your superhero, you must be pretty pathetic.

    • Sounds like you’re triggered, buddy. You must be really triggered after how Stickman and company made ANTIFA look like cowards last night. The video of them scurrying away like rats = priceless. They even built a wall, LMAO!

      • Shane,

        I wasn’t really talking to you, but to the supposed journalist who wrote this pile of lies.

        If you view politics as a team sport and root for your team to pummel the other, you’re really too stupid to have an opinion on any political issues.

  2. I mean, even his own video shows him throwing the first punch at a person who, unlike him, is unarmed. And he came for a stroll in the park wearing a baseball helmet and padded clothing, while carrying one dagger, one large stick and one folding knife. After he punched the one guy, another smacked in the head with a skateboard and he ran away like the coward he is.
    Here’s an article that describes what actually happened in his April 10 video. http://www.berkeleyside.com/2017/04/12/based-stickman-arrested-berkeley-fight-skateboarder-man-knife/

    Do all of your heroes come armed to confront and insult people enjoying a day in the park, punch one of them and then run the first time anybody hits them back? You’ve confused cowardice with bravery and non-violence with unprovoked attacks. In short, you suck.

    • It’s an accurate description. The terror tactics didn’t work yesterday because the free speech supporters were prepared to fight.

      • fine, but “terror?” no. goddamned millennial pussies have infested America.

        • People, including the US government, like throwing that word around to describe any violence by people they don’t like. It really only should apply to groups using attacks on civilian non-combatants intended to achieve political gains through intimidation (i.e. terrorizing the civilian population).

          What we had here was two partially armed groups confronting each other in the context of counter-demonstrations by others, most of whom were not interested in violence. The explicit mission of some on the white-supremacist and neo-Nazi sides was to intimidate the residents of Berkeley (probably almost none of whom were involved in the violence) the explicit goal of many on the anarchist and antifa sides was to intimidate the white supremacists to keep them from spreading their doctrine of hate in Berkeley.

          Actually, both of those goals were somewhat terroristic, but almost all of the combat was between groups that came there looking to fight, so crying “terrorism” is a huge stretch here, particularly as applied to a woman we only see running towards a fight, stopping and then getting flattened by a punch from a coward twice her size.

      • In the event described by this article, it was the neo-Nazi white supremacist calling himself “Based Stickman” who threw the first punch.

        I make no claims to know who initiated violence yesterday, but my guess would be that some of the neo-Nazi provocateurs and some of the “black block” anarchists each made unprovoked attacks on people they perceived as being the other side.

        I did, however, see one neo-Nazi charge up and punch a woman in the face before she could even get her hands up to defend herself. Kind of a coward’s move.

        • You forget- in the video, she is running up to try to kick a man down who had fallen on the street- and, on her facebook, she posted about how she was out for violence before the event. She was asking for it.

          • Cool story, but what the video shows is her running up to an area where a man is being beaten on the ground then flailing around like she didn’t know what to do with herself. I don’t know whether the people doing the beating were neo-Nazi scum or black block scum (or who she was thinking about helping), but if Damigo wanted to help the man on the ground, wouldn’t he have pulled away one of the men who was kicking that man instead of punching a woman who wasn’t?

            Legally, what he did could not fit within the “defense of others” defense to the crime of battery. The video shows crimes being committed by Damigo and the group of men attacking the guy on the ground. It shows no crimes by Damigo’s victim.

  3. america needs real men to stand up and take back their country from these pigs , one has stood up with courage many more will too, just how far these libtards think they can push us , when we fight back it will get really ugly

  4. He claimed there was no intention of violence but the event flyer was posted as a call to arms and depicted a man wearing armor and weilding a weapon. It also called the event the battle of berkeley…

    How dishonest

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