After Roy Moore’s Loss, Steve Bannon Remains Emboldened To Fight GOP Establishment


After Judge Roy Moore was defeated in Alabama by his ultra-liberal opponent Doug Jones, many Republican strategists are saying that this unexpected defeat was Steve Bannon’s swan song. The Breitbart News executive editor was a huge Roy Moore backer, and lost big on Tuesday, but refuses to give up on his war against the GOP establishment.

According to a Newsweek report, Bannon described himself as “totally uncowed” following the election results despite the set-back. He plans to rush headlong into 2018, but wants to make sure that future candidates express his message of economic populism more forcefully than Judge Moore.

Bannon, expressing a sentiment similar to most tea party republicans following the election, felt that House Freedom Caucus member Mo Brooks would have been a better candidate than Judge Moore. Brooks came in third in the primary behind Moore and incumbent Luther Strange.

“Judge Moore has never been, really, an economics guy,” Bannon said. “If Mo Brooks had been running here, immigration and trade would’ve been at the top of the agenda – and bringing jobs back to Alabama.”

Bannon plans to get behind candidates such as former State Sen. Kelli Ward in Arizona. She previously lost to John McCain in a primary election last year, but has set her sights on the seat currently occupied by Jeff Flake. Flake announced his retirement earlier this year.

Since leaving the White House where he formerly served as chief strategist, Bannon has been having the time of his life rallying people against the GOP establishment.

“I’m just not built to be a staffer,” Bannon said. “It’s not the way I roll. I’m enjoying this immensely.”

It remains to be seen if Bannon’s presence as a national GOP leader proves to be effective. If Moore’s shocking defeat turns into a national trend, the door may slam shut completely on Bannon’s populist uprising for good.


  1. Most of My Liberal Friends don’t understand the genesis and continuing presence of “The Tea Party” as a voice for”Fiscal Reform” Obviously the author of this misguided and completely erroneous piece is also ignorant of the core position of TTP. Debt…Deficit….Pensions….Medicare & Social Security are the primary concerns of folks who embrace TTP philosophy. Unfortunately the “Freedom Caucus” is so narrow minded and inflexible when it comes to reforming these programs that they become obstructionist who don’t grasp the concept of negotiations but rather embrace the My way or the Highway approach.
    I didn’t vote for Donald Trump! I voted to stop the continuing destructive programs of the Secular Progressive Left and Trump was the only instrument able to effect changes. Unfortunately his penchant for stopping policy advances with his immature tweeting about inane subjects is hurting the Republican Party and unless/until he grows up he may very well cost us the House & Senate in 2018.
    Roy Moore had his 15 minutes of fame when he resisted the removal of the 10 Commandment from a public building. Other than that both He AND Bannon should be considered buffoons and ignored. To characteristic Bannon as a “leader” of the populist movement is rank stupidity and should be rejected by those of us who want to see the Conservative agenda take root.

  2. I kind of miss the days when Andrew Breitbart outed sexual perverts like Anthony Weiner. Instead, Alabama got Steve Bannon who openly supports sexual perverts like Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate.

    • Its seems in America these days the real perverts are the first to call out others without proof. Weiner, Harvey , Matt Laurer, Conyers, Al Frankenstein all called out Trump with fake righteous indignation. We now know better so maybe I’m responding to a pervert right now asshole…

    • Andrew Breitbart always seemed to me a very libertarian-leaning conservative. Something tells me he would be very unhappy if he could see the direction Bannon has taken the publication that bears his name.

  3. The Republican Party is a mess but Bannonism is not the fix. You can’t beat leftist authoritarianism with quasi-right authoritarianism, because they’re basically the same. We need liberty-loving, small government, free market, principled leadership.

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